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I bought a Nexus5 the other day, hoping to see what all the hoopla was about. Here are my unvarnished opinions in comparison to my iPhone5. * 5" Screen is very nice and text is crisp - win over my iPhone5, but not as much as I'd thought. * Setup was ok, hiccuped a few times (had to reenter my wifi pwd twice, once for setup and once for update) - iPhone was flawless. * Can't add widgets to lock screen in KitKat 4.4 (yes, I've checked the security settings and enabled...
Gawd, finally. The existing iOS6 functionality on my pebble was just embarrassing compared to what it could do in Android (coworker upstaged me!) This'll be really nice. Overall, very happy with iOS7, notifications like this should've existed in iOS6, but glad we have them now. And no, I don't think Apple will ever make an iWatch (at least not like the Pebble).
It's an asinine cover. a) they're showing Obama, when they really should be referring to Obamacare or ACA (a half-rendered portion of that text would be good) b) it's a client crash - what they should really be showing is a web page 500 error.
I had no idea that was possible - how can I ring someones landline using FaceTime?
Just another goddamned hit-piece. iOS7 has been no problems for me, and lots of goodness. It could use refinements, but what can't?
Why is AT&T still in business?
My only gripe with t-Mobile is that I can't add more devices with data plans (I'm limited to my 5 phones), though since they offer free tethering for all lines, I can get data on my iPad but often I don't like tethering because I don't want to burn battery on both devices.
And the constant squeeze on their customers continue. I use 300MB/mo average mobile (most of my data is through wifi), and so does my wife (she's usu 200MB). My parents who are lines #3 and #4, use close to zero. At t-mobile, I'd be paying $50 $30 $10 10 = $100/mo if I bring my own devices. Each line gets 500MB at 4G/LTE speeds and then steps down to unlimited 2G speeds%u2026 or for $10 extra, 2GB at high speed. At AT&T I'm looking at $20 $50 $50 $50 $50 just for the...
I fully expect pricing on 5c will come down over the next few months (or be subject to Walmart style sales bursts). However, the 5S will keep the margins up by staying barely (or completely) out of stock and never reducing in price. the 5c/5s split seems likely to *increase* margins not lower them.
Wait (checks location bar) this isn't TheOnion.com?
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