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And the constant squeeze on their customers continue. I use 300MB/mo average mobile (most of my data is through wifi), and so does my wife (she's usu 200MB). My parents who are lines #3 and #4, use close to zero. At t-mobile, I'd be paying $50 $30 $10 10 = $100/mo if I bring my own devices. Each line gets 500MB at 4G/LTE speeds and then steps down to unlimited 2G speeds%u2026 or for $10 extra, 2GB at high speed. At AT&T I'm looking at $20 $50 $50 $50 $50 just for the...
I fully expect pricing on 5c will come down over the next few months (or be subject to Walmart style sales bursts). However, the 5S will keep the margins up by staying barely (or completely) out of stock and never reducing in price. the 5c/5s split seems likely to *increase* margins not lower them.
Wait (checks location bar) this isn't TheOnion.com?
Does this affect Audible's file limit, that's killed my commute before - Audible failed to update @home, and I lose my place as I have to wait to get to work/wifi to get my book fix. Grr.
 Requires subscription if you want to bypass Ads.  Just like iTunes Radio.  iTunes Radio probably has more songs though - and costs less (and you get the locker service - Match as a freebie).
Still kinda miffed that there aren't more lightning iPad and dual-connector iPhone docks out there. Hoping that changes now with the 2nd generation of lightning devices.
Feedly is my reader, now that Google Reader has gone to the "G ate my lunch" wayside (seriously, Google lost and Facebook won - Google is now trying to be Facebook at all costs). One benefit from using Google's authentication mechanism is that you get free 2-factor auth, but I don't see Feedly depending on it much longer. IF you don't know what Google Reader was, you've probably never heard of Feedly
Ballmer is vindicated. Too bad they can't re-release the Zune brown "squirt" edition.
AppleTV App Store in some format is what I'm hoping for. A new frontier.
Larry%u2026 surely you jest. Ellison: "Who am I winning for? Am I winning for Oracle shareholders or is it simply a matter of personal vanity? I'll admit to it. Mea culpa. An awful lot of it is personal vanity." Yes, maybe Larry Page "did evil" in some abstract but tangible way. But Ellison, you're just a greedy SOB and you admit it. No wonder it's not exactly one of the "best places to work".
New Posts  All Forums: