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  It does highlight poor management and incentive structure though.  If you have folks who are incentivized appropriately, it will make a huge difference - especially considering that the iPhone is still the most popular single phone in the US.   So if VZ is giving their salespeople higher incentive to sell Android phones - they're going to suffer if they've signed a deal with Apple to sell X million phones that they can't actually meet.
Exactly the new "share" plans from both AT&T and Verizon are shit deals compared to what Sprint and (especially) T-Mobile offer.  I have 5 iPhones on my TMobile line, and aside from equipment loans (i.e., interest free payment plan) for some of the phones, my service costs $110+fees - each phone has it's own high-speed (LTE or 4G - some are older iPhones) data pool of 500MB, no data overage (just slip into 2G), and unlimited talk/text.   T-Mobile's iPhone5 deals (esp.  if...
  I've had great luck with both.  Of course, I only ever use them as backup targets.  Are you using encryption on your time machine target?
  Of course, this is an app, whereas on iTunes it's non-DRM music track.  So it's almost just a teaser. I'm sure anyone who actually likes this album (I take it there'll be a lot of em), could buy it.   Yeah, all of the above about pirate sites are exactly why credit card companies (Visa, MC) are denying payments to VPN providers.  The establishment not only wants you to want the music, but to prevent you from trying before buying.
I love my Pebble - but I've lost my charger and it's proprietary. Worse off, they won't let me buy a replacement... I've been bumming off my coworker. Hopefully with it going mass market they'll have this problem solved. Imagine not being able to buy charging cables for your new iPod after having lost your original - quite frustrating. Also, this watch will do much more for me once iOS7 hits - right now Apple's APIs for notifications lead to flakiness for my pebble...
Remember, Ultrabook = MacbookAir clone. Clones are by definition/practice, inferior to the original.
  And therein lies the rub - MBP Retinas are not only beautiful, but also functional.  Remember design isn't just looks - it's how the device works.  Part of that "how it works" is what it can do, and how much effort it takes to make it do that.
No, it's the pricier 11" model.  I just went to the store - there are 2 11" models split by processor grade.  On the pricier, faster 11", you can get a 512GB SSD, just like on the pricier 13" model.   Pretty sweet- I have a 512GB SSD in my old-ish MBP - but it's nowhere near a svelte as the 11" Air.  Sigh.
Enjoy AT&T users. I ditched for t-mobile and have been enjoying FT over LTE for a couple months now. Will be nice to see all my friends on AT&T being FT capable though.
Great updates. AppleTV is a great device, and priced appropriately. Lots of small businesses love the AppleTV for the conf room. Sure, Google, Microsoft, Sony, et. al. may want into the home market, but the only real competitor for Apple is Roku, which can't compete with Apple's offerings in many ways ...though there are things the Roku can do in my experience (have both RokuHD and AppleTV2) it doesn't do it nearly as well as the AppleTV.
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