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@msuberly, Your blithe defense of this kind of purely self-serving (and likely illegal) wall st. behavior makes me wonder if you are either an idiot or a wall st. sycophant (or both). Although I think it's possible you're just the kind of "persona" that money can buy: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/02/16/945768/-UPDATED-The-HB-Gary-Email-That-Should-Concern-Us-All
Is it jailbreak-safe?
I wonder how this handles checks. It'd be nice if you could verify and submit the check for cashing immediately like I can with my banking App.
  I hereby nominate the retina Macbook Air by the moniker rMBA... anyone with me?  (it's better than my distant runner up - Mac RetinAir)
Just in time for Obama's re-inauguration: "Back in Black"
  No they are maximizing their "earned marketing" by staying relevant. [1]    Sometimes, their findings and ratings are at odds with their recommendations... like the "antennagate" controversy - highest rated phone - no recommend - huh?   I bought a highly CR-recommended fridge and it's had more problems in one year than my old house's 10-year old clunker ... and it's noisy.   Sometimes they're in sync and make complete sense (plenty of other stuff they recommended and I...
Status bar changes when a phone call is in progress - Apps can either handle it or the entire app gets pushed down. I noticed that I can't see the full screenshot anymore on my 4S (need to scroll to see the whole thing) in the new app store app details - a bit annoying.
I've been waiting for this feature for a long time - we'd resorted to sharing a single iCloud account across the family, but now we can just each create shared streams and subscribe to each other's. Now we can each have our own iCloud account. In reality the limitation won't impact us much - the grandmas/pas want to see the tots so we're basically pushing most of the pix.
The LTE yearly plan is amazing. I have absolutely no idea how Amazon is going to foot that bill, or how they got AT
I've long since said that EasyPay, Paypal and the like are going to disrupt retail.   I think the secret sauce here is that Walmart already requires all their suppliers to RFID their pallets.   Next up: RFID tagging for all items.  All you need is a usable way for the customer to buy the items - ie, Easypay on iDevice.   With some RFID built-in it would make the "EasyPay == EasyTheft" problem into a non-issue or at least reduce theft to a manageable cost that...
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