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How much are additional fobs (great for contractors)? How difficult is it to replace batteries? - and how do I check batteries? Does it have Zigbee? Can I disable the manual lock? (I have other ways to get into my house - rather not have a bumpable main lock) I suppose I could always use the superglue broken key approach to permanently disable manual - thought that's a pain to make it look good.
I think the biggest reason the 3G->3GS improvement is so dramatic is that the 3GS introduced tap-to-focus - which was phenomenal when I got the phone - it allowed me to take shots that I still can't replicate easily on a modern DSLR (7D - it requires a bunch of futzing with focus points) - a focus point will reset exposure, so it's not just about blurry or not - it could be the difference between all-dark vs. recognizable. If you look at the originals it's pretty clear...
Does anyone like FB credits/Microsoft points? I think there's a reason that the successful mobile platforms (iOS, Android) don't use virtual currency. People hate having to deal with currency that's not what they use everyday. They put up with it when they get rewards (ie, rewards points/miles) or when they get gift cards. But if you have to purchase something and you're forced to "buy points/coins" then it's a huge friction point for the sale. Amazon is the last...
I use and love 1Password on the desktop, but it's been unusable for me on iOS - having to manually copy and paste the passwords into apps is frustrating, and my relatives can't even figure it out (they did use it somewhat on the desktop). I either hope Apple opens up their mobile keychain or provides functionality similar to what 1Password is offering for apps like what you can get with password sync for Safari.
Does CloudDrive photos work seamlessly for my Mac where I import all my pix from my 7D's CF card? I'm guessing not. Still has a bit of ways to go. Apple, please provide an optional delay for photostream so I can edit/delete the dupes from my last photoshoot before it uploads - this would make my life a lot easier.
The problem is AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile and Sprint don't charge overage for going over your limit - you get stepped down to 2G speeds (which might also pose a problem for ESPN frequent users, I suppose but isn't nearly as bad as being charged overage, IMHO). That, combined with TMO's awesome family plans, is why I ditched VZ and ATT for our family (5 phones between 2 carriers). Telecom giants can go screw themselves.
Apple, please f*cking buy Waze and keep FB out of my car.   FB + Waze = monetized directions? Ugh.
Gotta say, the TMobile HD Voice is pretty sweet. Got two iphones for me and my wife, and our evening commute calls are a whole lot more comfortable over our previous AT&T/VZ iphone calls. Hope it comes to all carriers soon - will be nice to actually hear people's tone and emphasis (as opposed to just 8bit voice) over a phone line. Makes a huge difference.
Galaxy core - amusing. What's next, Galaxy ARM? How about spiral
  And that's the cutthroat android market for you - Scamsung's Note 8 will die a quiet sales death, while Acer's Iconia A1 @$169 will be heralded as the "iPad mini killer".   And how do these manufacturers maintain any margins at all?
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