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If we're talking SKUs, Amazon could add 6 models of Kindle Fire quite easily just with a variation of 3/4G option, color and storage sizes.
  Wake me up when the Windows 8 tablets are here and can be compared.  Always the "promise" with Windows/WinPhone/Android/etc.  When the shipped product arrives, then the downsides are exposed and a real comparison can be made for battery life, screen quality, fit&finish, and other factors that a spec sheet does not cover. 
The real story is that, for AT&T, the iPhone is too successful. People don't buy AT&T anymore, they buy the iPhone (in large part), and the power and profits are shifting to Apple... sure they make more money, but they're desperate to regain the narrative.
You forget the software players, notably, Microsoft - who's quite comfortable with Intel. Of course, Microsoft has also spent 10+ years trying to get into the mobile space. This of course, dovetails very tightly with Windows 8 tablets and fending off Apple's recent incursion into the PC space with the iPad.
Not sure it wasn't Barack himself. He does do speechwriting, and he's been a Mac user for years.
All of them (aside from the ones from Ahnold and Eric Schmidt) are really heartfelt. The one from Obama said it most clearly to me.
So THAT's why the cables are so expensive and have powerful connector-chips built-in. The thing they're not saying is that current Tbolt cards are still only 4 or 2 lane PCI-e, it would take more lanes to increase the throughput.
Apple has learned well from the iPhone4/Gizmodo fiasco. Expect this to be the new normal going forward... the Apple (dis)information leaks will leave your head spinning
That would be seriously f*cking cool. But to be a shuffle, it would require super-accurate and non-clunky voice control mechanisms. It is possible, but would probably require Apple to acquire Nuance or the equivalent. On a side note, an iPod Nano running actual iOS with accessibility like this would probably fit the bill.
I am much more interested in a dedicated hotspot (esp. if it's 4G). An internet hotspot device which allows access for your phone, tablet, ereader, and spouse/kids devices as well is looking like it's worth the monthly.
New Posts  All Forums: