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The problem is AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile and Sprint don't charge overage for going over your limit - you get stepped down to 2G speeds (which might also pose a problem for ESPN frequent users, I suppose but isn't nearly as bad as being charged overage, IMHO). That, combined with TMO's awesome family plans, is why I ditched VZ and ATT for our family (5 phones between 2 carriers). Telecom giants can go screw themselves.
Apple, please f*cking buy Waze and keep FB out of my car.   FB + Waze = monetized directions? Ugh.
Gotta say, the TMobile HD Voice is pretty sweet. Got two iphones for me and my wife, and our evening commute calls are a whole lot more comfortable over our previous AT&T/VZ iphone calls. Hope it comes to all carriers soon - will be nice to actually hear people's tone and emphasis (as opposed to just 8bit voice) over a phone line. Makes a huge difference.
Galaxy core - amusing. What's next, Galaxy ARM? How about spiral
  And that's the cutthroat android market for you - Scamsung's Note 8 will die a quiet sales death, while Acer's Iconia A1 @$169 will be heralded as the "iPad mini killer".   And how do these manufacturers maintain any margins at all?
What's the draw of a MetroPCS iPhone? With TMO's family plan pricing, even 2 ppl is as cheap on TMO as it is on MetroPCS, right? I'm hoping that TMO rapidly pushes out more GSM/LTE service through it's newly acquired towers from MetroPCS.
Please fix capitalization: IOS = Cisco's router OS, iOS = Apple's mobile OS. I know a former Cisco guy who flies off the handle every time he sees this mistake - hard enough to find Cisco IOS search results in google, when all the references point to Apple stuff
Clearly Apple is pandering to it's republican base /snark
This sounds like the PodMaps patent/idea I remember hearing about much earlier (circa 2008-ish): http://appleinsider.com/articles/08/02/14/apple_seeks_patent_on_podmaps_concept Wonder if it's the same one? It's a good idea - pervasive data is one thing, but you can almost always suffer from bad latency - a pre-stored map route on your system would be as responsive as the GPS.
You mean like their Time Capsule?  External USB drives are usually to fuel Time Machine.  What's more profitable than a $300-$500 Time Machine companion (compared to your average $150 for USB drives)?
New Posts  All Forums: