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What's the draw of a MetroPCS iPhone? With TMO's family plan pricing, even 2 ppl is as cheap on TMO as it is on MetroPCS, right? I'm hoping that TMO rapidly pushes out more GSM/LTE service through it's newly acquired towers from MetroPCS.
Please fix capitalization: IOS = Cisco's router OS, iOS = Apple's mobile OS. I know a former Cisco guy who flies off the handle every time he sees this mistake - hard enough to find Cisco IOS search results in google, when all the references point to Apple stuff
Clearly Apple is pandering to it's republican base /snark
This sounds like the PodMaps patent/idea I remember hearing about much earlier (circa 2008-ish): http://appleinsider.com/articles/08/02/14/apple_seeks_patent_on_podmaps_concept Wonder if it's the same one? It's a good idea - pervasive data is one thing, but you can almost always suffer from bad latency - a pre-stored map route on your system would be as responsive as the GPS.
You mean like their Time Capsule?  External USB drives are usually to fuel Time Machine.  What's more profitable than a $300-$500 Time Machine companion (compared to your average $150 for USB drives)?
Typical shakedown - where's the alleged app(s) that are offensive? Or is it Apple's profits that are so "offensive" to the greedy chinese government? I guess every major government has it's corrupt officials you have to bribe - and if you don't you get too much "attention".
The "FacePhone" would have one major selling point - you might never have to dial or type an email address again. Hell they could even market it as your social advisor. Never underestimate the willingness of the public at large to give up vast amounts of their privacy and security for convenience.
It'll be interesting to see how they manage to compete with Apple and Google on the core apps like Mail, Calendar, etc. I'm sure a few strategic acquisitions may help in this regard, but rolling it all together - and who would buy an Amazon phone? I don't really see a major market here. Of course, AMZN can make $7M (not B, M) in quarterly profit (or hell, post a loss) and the stock still goes up%u2026
For all those of you who say you'd never use it and think it sucks, be glad it's there. It's like public transit - you may not want to ride the bus or train (or use this app), but because it's there, many folks will use those services and leave the roads (checkout counters) free. Roads will never disappear and can only get so wide. I'm glad for any progress that makes my life easier - whether I'm directly using the service or benefiting indirectly.
  You do realize that this is exactly how it works in Korea as well, too?  It's just that here in the USA we pretend it doesn't exist or that it's legitimate in some way (lobbying and "campaign finance" instead of bribery and kickbacks).   Samsung knows this game well and has profited handsomely from it's own local grafts.
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