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Show us the numbers, Shin. Is that "fine" as in smooth [1]? [1] http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/151854/quite-smooth-samsung-actually-sold-1-10-of-the-2-million-galaxy-tabs-it-claimed-in-2010
Has any one tested their Pebble with iOS7? I'd love to see some better integration
I thikn this was more of an F-U move to FB and Apple, both who could probably use Wazers more than Google (which has that feature in Android, IIRC).
Not a big fan of the design, but AC is pretty nice. Have an AC router already, and it'll be nice to get a new MB Air with AC support.
Love the flat design for the most part. Icons are a bit too gaudy. Control center - finally - one feature most Android phones have (with horrible UI), that Apple needed to implement. Looks perfect - esp. from lock screen.
Holy Crap, @Tallest Skill - so you're saying we're gonna get AppStores for my Time Capsule and iCloud - that'd f*ing rock. [/snark]   A TV-based AppStore supporting the current AppleTV would definitely rock the casbah.
  But what does Google think about this?  That's what confuses me, is Samsung Google's champion, or problem?
Of course - they don't dare complain about Google's sleeping with Samsung a lot more than it does with the other manufacturers in it's "harem" - if I were HTC I'd be royally pissed about the "google" S4 and that valuable keynote advert/shoutout. The Android hardware scene looks pretty unstable with the 800 lb Samsung in the room. Is Google/Samsung going to become WinTel all over again?
  To kill off competition of course... welcome to the new Microsoft, er, Google.   Larry Page's Google is no longer kinder or gentler.  
Meanwhile, I have facetime on TMO right now. Tried it outside my house which was always a horrible mobile experience on ATT and it was almost as good as wifi. Given the prices I was paying on ATT vs. TMO, I am surprised anyone sticks around (I'm paying about half what I did on ATT and no overages) - the "unlimited" soft cap at 3GB is only 500MB more than my current TMO plan, and I have tethering to boot, all for a lower price and just as good data coverage. If your area...
New Posts  All Forums: