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Desperation by way of rationalization.If you're a member of the WTO you signed on. Wait until the shoe's on the other foot.Human nature.
What, exactly, do these two things have to do with each other though?
Here's the problem: Congress is essentially made up of lawyers. Lawyers get paid regardless of which side they're on in a lawsuit. Ergo..
(a) Haven't courts ruled that the police must pre-announce these events in the media? (b) How are you going to stop non-Apps from doing the same thing? 3G can deliver the same information over the Internet. (c) I can't imagine a drunken person navigating an iphone app. If I'm not drunk, why would I want to be delayed and/or why would police want me to clog their lanes anyway? (d) Is there an app to avoid having to listen to politicians drunk on themselves?
It's starting to look like RIAA deja vu all over again.
Outside of the Columbia Pictures vault, what technology or product does Sony have that sets it apart from other competing companies?
The more sensors you cram onto a chip, the more "noise" (exitation spillover) you're subject to. The larger chip in DSLR cameras (and the price to go with them) along with the processing algorithms usually mean more than a stark MP count after a certain point.
VINs are unique to a car. So to map that to it's legal owner isn't always an easily done thing. Nor does it tell someone anything about what's in my car, where I drive it, what I use it for, etc... Are UDIDs any more revealing just by their value?
If you have a rather even split between ATT and Verizon, then it's questionable whether you're getting answers that can be generalized the way they're doing here. If 100 people that use ATT are asked their preference, and it goes 50/50, it's highly unlikely you're going to get that same ratio when asking Verizon customers. One would have to see how the survey was conducted and what the exact question(s) were.
(1) the cash comes from private investors by way of corporate bonds. It doesn't come from taxes. These companies pay INTO the treasury. Many of them have been regulated even after '84 by State and municipal bodies. (2) I'm 58. Reagan just finished what was started under Jimmy Carter. Carter was the biggest deregulator of the last 50 years (transportation--trucking, airlines (remember CAB fares?), and telecommunications in particular). I'm not interested in going back to...
New Posts  All Forums: