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I like Apple, I like iPhone - but it's all copied from other devices. When will they REALLY release something new?!
People are so hard on AI... this is 'free' news... you shouldn't be expecting anything. The reporting style here, even if it's regurgitated is far strong than competing sites. Also. I like to know how Apple is doing in comparison to the competition... Apple is in competition with Samsung. Samsung news is relevant to AI readers.
Chinese Government? This is no different to the American Government accusing Huawei of spying on America... America continually accuses the 'Chinese Government' of all these anti-Apple crap. All countries are suing Apple for stuff... Not every company/business in China is 'controlled' by the Chinese Government...
The Gmail App interface is a joke. The sidebar is far too wide, so makes it uncomfortable to read mail on (iPad Mini) Furthermore the text rendered in the actual messaged is pixelated - this is the biggest joke. Apple's Mail App, isn't the best App in the world, but at least you can read your message without pixelation, and at least you can see your message, without having to scroll every 2 words. For as mighty and great as Google is - their attention to detail is...
... and you're saying this, because?
Even 'made in Australia' movies are cheaper in America... Go figure?
It's defiantly unfair for us Aussies. I think Apple is pretty fair with the prices of their products and Apps in Aus. It's not perfect, but it's far better than other companies. It is the 'other' companies that sell Apple their digital content that are %$^&ed!! lol... Apple's apps are priced similary to US prices, alongside their hardware. I hope the AUS Government go after movie companies and record labels too.
Shareholders want more money! They'll do anything, including change Apple's core strategy! lol
Australia continually gets ripped off! I can understand some small differences due to import taxes, GST, logistics... but not the extra amounts they continually charge us! I will keep buying as many products as I can internationally, and hopefully prices will get fairer. Or perhaps a boycott will be in order
We do know that there is more than one provider in this area. Whereis.com, Tom-Tom, the Australian Government information, and we have many hard-copy mapping services in Australia, in this instance MelWay, which I believe also do digital mapping now.   Apple chose a EUROPEAN mapping company for Australia (Tom-Tom), not one of the countless Australian services they could have chosen... There are more, of course, I just highlighted the most used services. I'm certainly not...
New Posts  All Forums: