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  I think you'd be completely wrong there, mate. If you actually use your friend Google, you will see a lot of local Australian press have complained about Apple Maps. This isn't an isolate incidence. The reason this one got national press, is because the guy could have died.  I don't claim that Google is perfect, far from it. But I've never personally had troubles finding a town, or a town marker using Google Maps. I have more than 5 times with Apple Maps. Anecdotes do...
Unprofessional? You don't see the hypocrisy there? So Australian media reporting the truth about a guy who got lost using Apple Maps (because Apple can't put the location of a town correctly) are unprofessional?   And the Australian police warning their citizens that Apple Maps is shit, is not professional? Lets put all the blame on Australian's for being idiots, not the billion dollar company that can't make maps work... :/ haha! :) Why are they tracking down radio...
If Apple can't localise their products, with all their billions and billions of dollars, and can't make decent maps (or just freaking buy maps that already work) - then don't sell your products to our countries!  Apple plays nicely with America, you have nothing to complain about. Try using your maps and going to the wrong place, try checking the weather only to find out it's wrong... Apple's Australian localisation is shit... End of story.
As another Australia, I'd say use reliable mapping data... It seems that the American version of Maps is very good (and also the Chinese version, which has been localised) - perhaps a collaboration with whereis.com (our local mapping service) would be smart? - We have so many towns without 'name markers'.   Apple maps are atrocious in Australia.  
This is embarrassing for Apple! There is no reason for an average user to believe that Apple would have a town in the wrong location. People can accept wrong streets, or house number locations - but wrong location markers for a town, is ridiculous! Apple needs to make their products more localised. We have amazing Australian maps (whereis.com) - which are highly accurate, and probably arguably better than Google Maps. Even the Yahoo weather App is highly inaccurate in...
Socialist? Australia spends less on Welfare to GDP than America does? Socialist? You're an idiot. 
  But before that - the rest of Australia was propping up WA - and you forgot about the vast mines in Queensland - Oh, yeah... and the fact the WA has some of the laziest working hours in Australia. - JUST SAYING...
Love reading the comments on this Apple fan... I mean, Apple News site.
This is terrible for Australian's users too! There are areas of parkland in streets, there are town names, hours from the actual location of the town... some towns don't even have names. Apple, this is atrocious... If you can't make your own maps with your billions of dollars, perhaps you should let Google do it, since they know how.
** ONE of the best in the business... :)
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