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Apart from your dramatic use of words 'user terrorism' I agree with your sentiment (:
Well dude, it's a fair call. It's hypocritical to give Apple a golden ticket, when our beloved company also messes things up!  
It feels like the same version to me, with a few new apps.  Sorry dude, Siri/Dictation is synonymous to me... I know it isn't the same feature. Just wrote the wrong thing. :P And seriously... Why do we pay $20, when people would get this update for free on iOS?  
I'm sorry, being an iPhone user, Siri/Dictation is synonymous to me. My bad. Well, I don't understand the very slight update, because these functions are given on iOS for free as an update... So to me, I feel ripped off. Just being honest!!! Kudos to Safari being improved 100%... but again. This is a free App.  I wonder if we'll get a refund when Google sues Apple for notification centre? lol
So I downloaded Mountain Lion, installed it... It's no different from the previous version, except it has SIRI and Notification centre and some sharing options...  This is software Apple already has developed on iOS and just polished for desktop version... WHY do we pay for this on MAC? When they give it to us free on iOS?  
Let's be honest now... While the look of a device is important, nobody notices it when they're using it, unless the design in part of the use (not he case in tablets)... I wonder when the digital frame companies will sue Apple for making the iPad look too much like a picture frame? Beyond a joke... 
Same could be said for Apple stealing notification bar. And ultimately on a screen should never be patentable... Because that's all it is.
Patenting an idea like "unlocking a phone" should not be patentable... Although, the code behind that, YES! that should be patentable... 
I don't understand how you can call it 'better than the nexus' when they aren't even released yet... You might be entirely right. But the point is, you don't know. I don't understand product bashing... especially when you clearly don't own a particular product.   
New Posts  All Forums: