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"iPhone crash of 2008"? Seriously? Has everybody forgotten the subprime mortgage crisis already? That's why AAPL's value was halved in 2008. People thought the world was going to end. Every stock suffered tremendously as people wanted to protect their money (or needed money to pay for skyrocketing interest). There is ZERO similarity to 2013, where the economy was slow throughout and the stock markets boomed throughout. 2008 had nothing to do with Apple. 2013 had...
2 Watt? That's a lot for a single I/O chip in a laptop.
Apparently DRM-free? If so, who cares if you can buy it from iBooks or Sony or not. Just download it and use it anywhere!
I'm pretty sure this is intentional. The charge time already is pretty long. I'm sure Apple rather loses a few per cent capacity than adding two full hours of frustrating waiting. Imagine the battery taking two more hours to go from 95% to 100%. (That's just half an hour of battery life.) People would complain about that pretty loudly.
Glad the iPad 2 didn't go down to 8GB. I hope 2012 will be the end of 8GB devices.
Really? Only 20 million in an entire year? With all that talk of Samsung overtaking Apple I honestly thought their iPhone killer would be selling better. So where do they get the smartphone crown? By selling cheap smartphones to feature phone users?
Must be true. Otherwise we'd be seeing a developer preview of iOS 6 just about now.
Can I send and receive messages for my phone number? The iPad currently can send only from an Apple ID. That's annoying, because you end up with two separate threads of communication.
You can always double the resolution (like on the iPhone). Then that's not a problem... But its funny how the article keeps talking about 4k video. Like that's the use case! Most movies currently can't even afford to shoot in 4k! This is all about text rendering...
Wait... they're arguing the opposing attorneys should be disqualified because they might not be giving a 100%? The opposing attorneys? It's the Chewbacca Defence!
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