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Apple store being updated now.  Just a maintenance site update or new iMacs arriving?
$150 for your 4S.  What a deal.  The going rate is at least twice that.  
Yeah I don't get it either. Podcasts are long. A hour or more usually. I have no need to string these together. i usually dont finish one in a sitting. If anything I need the opposite - the ability to split podcasts into smaller chunks. .
Not everything Apple does is niche btw. And by niche I mean making a product that only a few desire. MBP might be niche in terms of market size relative tothe pc market, but the laptop is not a niche market. Everyone has a computerThis type of watch just doesn't seem to have the ingredients to reach that level of acceptance.It isn't valid to debunk a future product by debunking all the use cases that are thrown at it in articles and forums? Absurd. That is all I'm...
  Yeah but you can assign different ringtones to different contacts and be alerted to who exactly is contacting you even if the phone is in your pocket.  If you are driving there is a decent chance you use your phone as a gps and have it out on your dash already.  Even if you don't use the gps  you probably have your phone out and can easily glance at it to see who is calling or texting you.     IF you are jogging you might not even have your phone with you thus a watch...
Yes good luck scrolling through text messages on your watch-sized screen while driving. Similar deal with running. Also means you would have your smartphone with you while running. If you are constantly glancing at your watch in a meeting then might as well have your phone out and glance at that. Same difference. Or do you think it would be years before anyone caught on that you have text messages on your smart watch?Yeah until these things come out. The rude thing...
Seems like a niche product to me thus difficult to believe Apple is close to releasing such a product.
It's all bs. I wish tech sites would make a distinction between products ready for primetime and lab experiments.
Android is on some very low-end phones. And that is in the US. Who knows what they got in other countries. Android on feature phones? If you have a crappy device that can barely get on the internet then you aren't going to be using it. I have an old feature phone that can get on the internet. Do I use it for that purpose? Nope.
Yeah at least they are doing their own thing to some degree.  I just don't see a reason right now to own one.  Not with the support behind the Ipad and the refinement Apple has put into the thing.     Surface will do a few things better though I'm sure.  MOstly because Apple doesn't have said feature.  But I mostly use mine casually for surfing and email checking.  The keyboard cover looks nice,  but they always show it sitting on a table.  It doesn't look like it will...
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