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If it%u2019s on Verizon then I%u2019m okay with this.
You have to remember that Apple still is the number one manufacturer of any single phone. That alone should say something about how far apple is away from dying.
I'm just hoping this means that apple will stop trying to make things so beautiful at the expense of being cutting edege. You can have both ya know!
I feel that it is a good idea to have a security chip. What it would do is stop the influx of crap devices that can hook up to your iDevice. I think that Apple should bring back their HiFi though.
Ios6 killing off the ipad even though the 3gs is still getting some life out of it.... WTF apple......
My android phone can do this as well. I don't know what makes this so special, especially when the two pieces of technology have also been in other digital cameras for quite some time.... LOL
I'm thinking they are going to call it The New iPhone. Besides that, they have the 5 to get us excited.
I am very glad they didn't use Micro USB because I HATE it. It always breaks for me no matter how careful I am with it.
I think that this is an awesome update. I cannot wait to just plug my computer in and get emails and other updates. I'm confused as to why it isn't done when on battery though. Hmmm. Maybe they could update to do that sometime?
I hate these earbuds. I got the Bose in ear ones for the comfort, and now I use my hearing aids that I just got in January to stream audio to them with the included accessory. Much much much better then what apple offers. I would say that apple might have purposefully made the earbuds horrible so people would go and buy something else, hopefully apple's upgraded ones. Heck, I think people should demand apple give us non crummy earphones. That might make the average...
New Posts  All Forums: