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What i really don't get is why apple has not updated their slow disk drive to at least make them be able to run at 32x or faster.... Why haven't they upgraded em yet? As for blue ray? Why hasn't apple come out with it? Simple: if you want HD go buy from iTunes. Simple. Who doesn't want to try and get people to buy from you? What would be nice is if apple were to come up with a good video compassion codec that they could use that would allow for near Losless video from...
Too bad iBooks will get fixed by the jailbreakers. It is a very simple fix and so i can continue to buy my books just like usual.
The issue is that google is allowing the fragmentation to happen instead of laying their hand down and saying "here are the standards you have to meet" and then leaving it at that. That's what they should be doing. By doing this although it might still look like there is lots of choices and stuff, it all works together. Heck, when there is an update you should be able to get it and not have the phone makers dealy it so that their crummy interfaces have to follow suit....
I'd much rather have any networking speed then have not signal. That's why I'm sticking with Verizon I don't know about you but if ATT works in your area then go with them In my area however it is not as good.
I think that this data center is for all the mac apps that will be coming out in the next few months. They need a place to store all the crap and this could be the place. They must be expecting a ton of apps so that's why they are doing this. This is my guess.
I think that apple may make lion a free upgrade because they will integrate features that work with the mac app store. They will want people to buy their stuff so they will subsidize the cost by making the OS free and then making back the money via the apps. That's my guess.
I hope this means that apple won't get overtaken by apps in the store and no more apps not in the store. I see that this move was probably made with the new air in mind. I'm super excited. I hope that lion has more features that are not iphone like though.
I think that this will allow many people to make free calls to other people I love the idea.
I think the reason most people do not want to jump ship is the huge price tag that comes along with it. That's why people are saying they don't want to jump ship just for the iphone. Anyone agree with me?
no your not. This person is:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFlSpM1cnvQ And I think the iparticlegun is from this music video Ah ha! I figured it out ROFL.
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