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crap... after reading this all I could say was "damn it.. now where do I go and buy my underwear??" LOL it was too easy to say that.... giggle but no I don't wear women's undies.. rofl
capacitive multi touch is a good thing in my opinion: I can buy gloves which work with my iphone (so usefull) and then I don't have to worry about the damn screen being pressed in just the wrong spot in my pocket... Oh and here's another thing which gives iphone the edege: The simple fact that everyone else is playg catch up http://forums.appleinsider.com/images/smilies/lol.gif What I want to see in a phone is: an iphone like touch screen, with some way to detect the...
shows just how shitty AT&T is. They KNEW something like this was going to happen and they tried to cover it up, and when things happened they did nothing, charged people more and let the network go down. Why the hell don't I just buy an iphone without a plan, and then mod it to work on verizon? that might work.....
so apparently the 2 gb of memory on my mbp ends up being more useful by default due to the requirements of the mac os vs the PeeCee os, and the peecee users cannot really upgrade their memory to something really usefull anyway.... gee microsoft now you wonder why your OS is so sloooooow!
What apple did with the iphone was to test the waters with multi touch and now that it is a proven technology, all we have to do is wait for them to make the screen larger and the device more powerful for us to see a desktop. Not only that, but I feel that apple has in store a laptop which does someting with touch that goes beyond what the widows 7 demo has shown us: I'm thinking that apple will elminate the keyboard and decide to use a multi touch screen on the bortom of...
sorry about that dang typoes and great comment!
Um. this is just unfair for all the student's who's parents got them a mac becasue they needed it, and now can't get it!
This makes me think about 4g on verizon when AT&T will be stuck at 3G...... Does this mean that apple might move to Verizon at all?
I've got it! Apple is going to come up with a product which allows ANY electronic device to have wireless capeablity, such as your camera, your printer, your speekers, your headphones, your ipod, your dvd player, your VHS player, your brand new Storage device, anything, and that's becaouse "it's in the air", and whatever it is, it can now be wireless!
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