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Are both of the computers in question fully up to date with software updates?
What OS are you running? What version of HandBrake were you using? What version of QuickTime were you using?
Have you tried opening Font Book and using File >> Restore Standard Fonts... ?
Good call. I figured they had probably dropped the usage of fb.db. Oddly, my fontd daemon does not seem to be accessing an SQLite database. Guess I'll close and relaunch Font Book a few times and make some changes in activated/deactivated fonts and see what changes.
It does appear that there is a system file in that directory, but it does not seem to be the database for Font Book. Of note: Unless they changed the name in Lion, the database used to be a file named "fb.db".
Has anyone been able to locate the Font Book database in Lion? It seems Apple decided to relocate it.
For those who enjoyed the features of MobileMe that seem to be on the chopping block: http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx.html.
Many of the books sold via iTunes/the iBookstore are readable by Adobe's "Adobe Digital Editions" application.
Bluehost is a decent option.
While it is true that the Home Sharing feature can be used to share/copy any media within one iTunes library to another, what I was pointing out is the fact that the automatic synching features of Home Sharing function only with items purchased through the iTunes Store.
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