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Open up Activity Monitor and select the "System Memory" tab at the bottom. What are the statistics listed there? Particularly, your Page ins and Page outs.
I do not know of any way (short of an Apple Script or some external application) to automatically sync media files from one iTunes library to another if said files were not purchased from the iTunes Store. Items purchased from the iTunes store on one computer can be synched to any other computer using the same iTunes Store account with the Home Sharing feature. As for moving/copying your iTunes library, here is some...
MailFile >> "Import Mailboxes..." Self-explanatory from here. Address BookExport information from Entourage. File >> "Import..." in Address Book iCalFile >> "Import..." >> "Import from Entourage..." Self-explanatory from here.
Does your school not have an available WiFi network to which you could connect both devices? If there is an available WiFi network, but connecting both devices to said network does not enable them to find one another then there is a configuration problem with (or intentional filtering of) the WiFi network and you'll have to speak with your school's IT department/person.
So, I changed the password for my user account on the Mac mini back to the password I was using previously...and now Time Machine works again. I checked to make sure it wasn't any of the characters in the password that were causing the problem, and even changing the password for my user account on the Mac mini to "Password" caused Time Machine to encounter the error mentioned supra. Perhaps at this point I should revise my question: Does anyone know how to do the...
Well, I made a different user and attempted to run a backup under that username/password combination...and it worked. Still cannot get it to work with my actual login username/password.
So, I have my backup disk (a DroboPro) connected to my Mac mini. I backup my MacBook Pro to a partition entitled "Backup" on the DroboPro. Just recently (in the last couple days) my MacBook Pro has been unable to initiate any back ups. The only thing that has changed is that I updated my password on the two machines (my user account and password combination is the same on the MacBook Pro and the Mac mini). Whenever Time Machine attempts to make a backup, I received the...
What OS version are you currently running? 10.6.5 fully updated? or something else?
Back to My Mac with MobileMe is another option.
Open AirPort Utility. Select your device and click "Manual Setup". Click the "Internet" tab. Click the "NAT". Make sure that "Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocl" is checked. Reboot the router. If this doesn't work, you may have to simply assign a static IP to the XBox and then make it the default host or setup port forwarding for the port ranges you wish to use with your various devices.
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