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If you do an exact clone of the old hard drive to the new one (it would greatly help if the two are also the same size) there is a chance you'll be able to boot Windows on the new computer. Windows is very picky about its partitions and moving it from one computer to another is hit-or-miss sometimes. In regard to the rest of your post: Have you reported this via Apple's customer feedback avenues? I'm sure a simple firmware or software update will remedy the issue if it...
Sounds like a codec issue. What codec was used to encode the video(s) in question? Try to play the same file(s) in VLC and see if they play correctly.
You can login to your account and deauthorize all currently authorized computers. Then simply reauthorize those you wish to be able to play the music. You won't lose anything and the procedure takes only a few clicks on each machine.
Insofar as I know, there is no way to actually tell Screen Sharing to remember login information. What you may have been able to do is to tell the OS to remember your login information for accessing files/folders on the remote machine ("Connect As..."). Screen Sharing is actually giving you access to the remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it. Consequently, Keychain won't be able to save your login details as you are actually working on the remote...
Are you insane? Do you have any idea how long it would take to upload a video of more than a few minutes on the average US Internet connection? Just use HandBrake, like others have said and ignore this crazy talk of uploading massive files to then have to download them again.
They can do the work at the store, but they probably had to order parts.
Have you tried Mailbox >> Rebuild, yet?
Repair times for Apple Stores are usually within a week or so (max); however, I don't think many people will be able to give you an estimate for a non-Apple repair shop.
It's not necessarily a dead hard drive, but we should test the hard drive to make sure.Follow these steps:Reboot your computer (hold down the power button).Immediately. after you hear the boot noise, left click (yes, on the mouse).Once the disc ejects (it should, if it doesn't we have more trouble) shut down the computer again.Boot the computer and reinsert the disc.If you can get to the installer, click the Utilities tab at the top and select "Disk Utility".Run "Repair...
As much as I love doing your research for you, here:Halliburton's connection to the spill (they were the ones performing the capping operation):http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/gree...onnection.htmlSome basic information on BP's operation and revenue-/profit-by-segment:http://www.wikinvest.com/stock/BP_(BP)[If you have access to Scientific American, this is worth a read:http://www.scientificamerican.com/ar...nergy-leaders]A bit of information for you on the relatively minor...
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