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avoid |əˈvɔɪd|verb [ trans. ]1 keep away from or stop oneself from doing (something) : avoid excessive exposure to the sun | the kind of place that Robyn would normally have avoided like the plague.• contrive not to meet (someone) : boys lined up to meet Gloria, but avoided her bossy sister.• (of a person or a route) not go to or through (a place) : this route avoids downtown Boston.• prevent from happening : make the necessary adjustments to avoid an accident.2 Law...
The two OS's are usually updated at the same time. I am not actually certain about the Magic Trackpad, though.
It's become obvious that he's either a troll or a halfwit. Either way, he's not worth the time.
I believe they are running them through a microcell (likely with some filters in place), though. So it's not a "real" 3G connection to AT&T's network you're getting. It's a moderated 3G connection to impress users without showing them the ugly side of Apple's mobile products (AT&T's network). If Apple has not implemented filters on the 3G access, then that is a major oversight on their part.
No, most likely you'd be sued on a number of property-related counts (including trespass and destruction of property).(Of note: The aforementioned reaction applies to most companies that retail electronics [or software], not just Microsoft.)
No, it isn't obvious that Apple "did not thoroughly test their software." Do you have proof of this? iOS 4 actually runs well on most devices. Quite frankly, those with older devices should be happy that Apple sees fit to bring them new features at all. Attempting to make mobile software that runs on current generation phones (read: iPhone 4) and on considerably older generation phones (read: iPhone and iPhone 3G) is a daunting task. Those devices have quite disparate...
Yea, that's what I've been doing. Guess I'll keep doing that and hope the next version of Pages adds a little more templating ability.
Is there some way to make Pages documents update when their template(s) are updated? Basically, if I change a paragraph style in the template for documents A, B, C, & F, I'd like for those documents to update all instances of that style when I next open them. Any help with this will be appreciated. Thanks.
Is there some way to insert a PDF as a text link (click link >> open document) in a Pages document? Pages defaults to an image of the PDF (which is relatively useless). If there is some way to change this default behaviour (or some other way to hyperlink to a PDF that doesn't result in an image) it would be much appreciated if someone would point it out for me. Thanks in advance.
That hurts me...just a little, but it still hurts me.
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