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[quote]Originally posted by moki: mmmm, that would be interesting, wouldn't it?
Moki, I just love it when you whisper sweet nothings in my ear. [Laughing]
It's not often that I reply to threads, but the opinion of Mother Merrill is one that I will speak of. I used to be a financial advisor with ML and know what I speak of. 1) Merrill's research, and that of any firm on the street, will be overly pessimistic on any firm that is considered a risky investment. Being burned by Spitzer and all of the lawsuits brought by investors will make everyone think twice about beating a drum on risky investments. 2) Reinstatement of...
[quote]Originally posted by GardenOfEarthlyDelights: What helpful tidbits. I now know more about salt than I care to. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but sometimes there's no use flogging a dead horse. I wish these insiders would stop beating around the bush, going off half-cocked. They should call a spade a spade if there's really a G5. But maybe no news is good news. And then again, is a G4 in hand...
[quote]the mountain pass melts...
Well, I'm thinking color on this one. Seems to me the era of White, or Snow, is about to leave.
[quote] Originally posted by shannyla: (anyone remember the Apple Server running A/UX? Thought not...)
[quote]Originally posted by JLL: That's propably because they didn't run A/UX - they were (ours still is) running AIX.
Just to ensure accuracy, Apple's WS 95 ran A/UX, a version of AT&T's Unix that ran on the 68040. It was a slick little unix machine. The Network Server 500 and 700 ran AIX. As mentioned before, it...
The hoaxes are getting more and more elaborate it looks like. My guess goes along with the palm merely being used as a monitor. If you notice, you never get to see if there is anything attached at the bottom of the palm. My guess is there is a cable attached and the palm is merely acting as a screen for a desktop cpu. It would be easy to syncronize the stylus movements with mouse movements elsewhere.
[quote]Originally posted by Eskimo: [QB]Like some others posted the capital investment necessary to build a cutting edge fabrication facility for high end semiconductors today is beyond the reach of any small company. Therefore the only companies with the capability to produce high end CPUs are already in existance.
I think it is safe to say that this comment is correct, unless you factor in government involvement. Just look at the jetliner industry and...
The whining around here is absolutely out of control... You honestly believe the iBook is no better than the original clamshell?
The whining around here is absolutely out of control... You honestly believe the iBook is no better than the original clamshell?
Here's something to think about... nvidia states that their next video card is going to be totally extensible and SIMD based. Doesn't this suddenly allow Apple to use any PPC chip sans AltiVec since those functions can now be offloaded to the uber-SIMD nvidia card? Obviously this would bring IBM back into focus... what about some consumerr variant of Power4. what about AMD? What about anyone?
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