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We know Time Capsule works with PC's but obviously we can install software if we need to use one. But does anyone know if we could backup our music, photo's etc on Time Capsule and then it would mount as an external drive on a PS3 which would then be able to see those files or would we still have to turn on our Macs and stream it to the PS3? Someone might own both on here and have tried it. Also, does anyone know if it can be used as a regular NAS? Cheers.
I've sorted it out now. I pretty much did everything until in the end all I ad left was to phone Apple support. It was, as I suspected, a System error, so I did an Archive and Install with Leopard and everything now works fine. Looking back, I don't think I could have done anything differently as I would rather go through everything than just go right ahead and install a new system. The only thing I'd say is it just shows that even new systems can get corrupt very...
It booted up fine from the boot cd. No speed issues at all and Apple Hardware Test was quick too.
Hi I have a 2 month old Aluminum 24" iMac, 24.Ghz, 500GB HD, 3GB RAM (2GB of which is Crucial RAM). I'm running OSX 10.5.1. I've had zero problems until I tried to start it up when I got home from work last night and it just wouldn't boot up. When I try to boot it up it takes about 20 minutes to get past the grey Apple logo screen and then it just sits on the blue screen and that's it. I can leave it for an hour and nothing else happens. I've booted it up from the...
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