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 Typically because the test team only tests the happy path, leaving edge case bugs to be discovered by the users.
That's a relief considering how many playlists I have based on four or five stars. At first I thought they replaced stars with a favorite "heart". :-o
 I'll miss my Apple TV (3)
 So how does this work for people who already have iTunes Match?  Do they pay twice?  And for those who don't, do they only match those songs available on Apple Music?  Does the three month trial include iTunes Match? For the epic fail that was the "One more thing..." for the Apple Music rollout, there was a lack of substance that would've been time better spent over a bunch of unprepared artists on stage or prerecorded.
 You do realize that nothing on that page spells out how Apple Music will or won't work for those people who already have iTunes Match?
 That's it?  WTF? And nothing at all on the iTunes Match URL:  http://www.apple.com/itunes/itunes-match/ Even the people on Twitter that Eddy responds are confused:  https://twitter.com/cue/status/614350132918644736 More fun in the comments for iMore's "Apple Music FAQ":  http://www.imore.com/apple-music-faq
Does it retain your data?   What about apps that are no longer available on the App Store?   Or apps purchased under a different Apple ID?
As I said earlier, this is Apple's response to customers saddled with a 16GB iPhone?
iOS 9 allows users to temporarily delete apps to free up space for software updates | 9to5Mac So this is Apple's response to those who bought the 16GB iPhones?  SMH
I would like to see Apple universally change location settings options in iOS 9 to either "Never" or "While Using".   The problem is the "Always" permission.  There is no reason that apps like Uber, MapMyWhatever, Waze, etc. need to know where I am 24/7, nor do they need to be using up battery life (via the GPS radio) in the process.   To go with that, I'd also like to see a kill-all-running (and non-running) apps feature.  Or at least a...
New Posts  All Forums: