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We're at least a year away from our corporate Office 365 implementation. I'm guessing Microsoft Graph will push that out considerably...
You gotta love the "Enhanced for Apple Pencil" section.  (Apple Pencil not included.  Lead time to order online: 4-5 weeks.)
 Mountain Lion was released July 2012, but your point stands.
 Because Apple should get their own house in order before doing a tvOS world tour to disseminate "technical information on building and designing for tvOS"?  Including features that developers should ideally have access to?
You guys know I'm no fan of Google, but those permissions are whacked.You can spin this all you want to say this is a deficiency in Android (and it is) but Apple is far too high and mighty about privacy to be releasing an app that requires those kinds of permissions.The thing about taking the high road is that then it's so obvious when you don't.Get it together, Apple!
I've said it before, but "Fictional Biopic" isn't an Academy Award category. 
 When people do the copy/paste thing into AI forums, it shows the astroturf posts for what they are, since AI doesn't have proper Unicode support which renders your em-dashes as %u2014.    
 Just an aside, that would be a better assumption if their Remote app worked with the ATV4.  ;-)
 At $199, why would I keep it when it has a worse UX than the $69 ATV3 I already have?  We can already watch Netflix, ESPN, HBO, Hulu, Disney Channel on the ATV3.  And neither the ATV3 nor ATV4 has support for Amazon Prime. What I'm "missing out" on by returning the ATV4 is:A maddening UI for entering login/password information for each service/app. No support for any of my Bluetooth keyboards or Apple's Remote app (a previously solved problem). Basic iPhone apps ported to...
Apple's Remote app doesn't work with the ATV4, neither do Bluetooth keyboards. The "one touch" WiFi setup from an iPhone is great, but the flick-back-and-forth UI for entering accounts/passwords for Netflix, Hulu, and HBO is horrid. I gave up. I'm sending mine back until Apple figures out a usable UI. SMH
New Posts  All Forums: