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InfoWorld called it a year and a half ago:  Microsoft skips 'too good' Windows 9, jumps to Windows 10 | InfoWorld  
Naming the guy in this story was absolutely shameless.  Was the fraction of CPM really worth this guy's career?  For, what?, a couple of pennies?   I notice whoever wrote this hitpiece didn't have the cajones to put their own name to the story.  "AppleInsider Staff", indeed.   I'm done here.
Be still my beating heart.
What am I missing here?  Did SCOTUS not just vote 9-0 requiring warrants for cell phones?  Is it that hard for them to go to a judge get a warrant?  Shouldn't the top law enforcement officer be willing to follow the law of the land?
 Microsoft paid the NFL US$400 million to use the Surface "iPads" for five years:  http://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-nfl-surface-ipads-2014-9  
Were any chairs thrown?
 Oh I know EXACTLY how these things work.  Implementation plans, internal and external test plans, communication plans, deployment plans, backout plans, kill switches, escalation plans, business continuity plan, the works.  Coordination with the help desk, ticket reporting, log analysis.   If my team waited 80 minutes to pull an obviously failed update, well, we sure as hell wouldn't be a team anymore. And frankly, I doubt this update got anywhere near that amount of...
Twelve hours to release this, and all it contains are the instructions iMore.com posted within the first half hour.  SMH  We must have different working definitions of "quick"...  AppleCare knew there was a problem with cellular connections from this update within the first 10 minutes and it took over 80 minutes for them to pull the update from Software Update.  And, as I said, 12 hours to post the above tech doc.
 My guess, and it's just a guess, is that the 8.0.1 codebase was fast tracked to fix the problems with HealthKit or some such, and bypassed the normal testing process every software update is supposed to go through.  Developers usually get release candidates of these updates before they go out to the real world, in part to let the developers test their own apps, and in part to test the release against real-world hardware.  For reasons that are only known to Apple, that...
  Actually, it was online over 80 minutes by my count.  Given that people on different carriers in different countries lost all cell communication immediately after the update, that's a pretty slow killswitch. Edit: Worse still, it took 12 hours to release a "workaround" tech document: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT6487 Basically says to revert to 8.0.  Exactly.  I've been in IT well over 20 years, and the fast-tracked releases are the ones that cause the most problems.
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