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 I desire to not share my home automation details with the Googleplex, thankyouverymuch.
Just how big are the new large iPads going to be? 
 Who in their right mind would trust Google with that information?  
 12 or 18 payments.  For a locked GSM phone.  With questionable coverage.  For the privilege of buying an "unsubsidized" phone on payments, you are allowing AT&T to lock it to their network...
In a related story:   http://www.pcworld.com/article/2597421/new-browser-extension-warns-you-when-articles-are-paid-for-by-advertisers.html
 There is a small banner that shows if it's a text or iMessage.  It's visible in the screenshot fom the first post:  
I'd like to be able to whitelist the accounts I choose to get iMessages from.  Blacklists and "report text spam" are nothing more than a texting version of whack-a-mole.   While I'm thinking about it, do the same for Mail.
Are Moneydance and iBank still Java based?  Java is a security blackhole and I refuse to have it on any of my Macs.
Do we know if the file format is compatible between Windows and Mac versions?  Or is that asking too much?
New Posts  All Forums: