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 In the kid's defense, it's a pretty shitty design that opening the box at even a slight angle lets the phone just drop out.  Worse, it's been like that for ages.
 Fixed. Just a lousy week for the infrastructure support team.  Live stream dubbing issues.  Inability to bring the Apple.com iPhone 6/6+ preorder site online at the advertised time, as well as connectivity problems with carrier sites.  Widespread issues downloading iOS 8.  It's one thing to develop an internal CDN, it's another to have sufficient capacity for a series of rollouts of this magnitude.
 If that bothers you, you might not want to watch the phonebuff drop test video:   
I love Keynote, and Pages is decent enough (though not as Word-compatible as I would need for work), but Apple really needs to scrap Numbers and start over from scratch.
 Yeah, that was pretty tone-deaf for a company of Apple's lineage.  But if you're that offended by this, you might want to turn off automatic music downloads. Edit:  Charlie beat me too it.
 If the new iPads to be announced in October don't get Touch ID, someone in Cupertino should get their walking papers.  Maybe several someones.
Considering how badly they got hacked, and how long it took them to report that they'd been hacked, this takes a lot of balls.
AI, if you are going to run a story based solely on Ryan Smith's story on AnandTech, you owe it to them at least provide a link:    AnandTech | Analyzing Apple’s A8 SoC: PowerVR GX6650 & More
 Because, really, anything would have to be more secure than how retailers like Target and Home Depot store our credit card data, right?
 Well I finally got the email and it turns out my plan will be renewed at the $11.99/year rate for 25GB, so that works out great for me.
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