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Wondering just how random this was.
Triathlete suffers head injuries from falling drone | SBNation.com
 Personally, I find the "free" Amazon Prime content severely lacking.  It's certainly not something I'd be willing to pay for on an ala carte basis. Add the fact that their Instant Video app still(!) won't stream over LTE (or any cellular data) and I'd say it's not yet ready for prime time.  To be fair, they did finally get the Airplay video working from the app, even if you do have to stand up a hotspot to trick the app into using cellular data. If Amazon's streaming...
 And someday even those 3rd gen nuke plants are going to be 40 years old.  They'll have to be.  To be cost effective, the huge costs to build them will need to be amortized over decades of electric rates. I'm sure Fukusima was considered "incredibly safe" when it was built (poor assumptions about being able to withstand tsunami flooding notwithstanding).  What about those built near known earthquake faults?  Or those built on the banks of oceans known for tsunamis?  Or on...
 Never moves?  I travel with my ATV (because hotel room TV content is crap) and some cheaply built wallwart power adapter is the last thing I want to have to account for.  The power cable for the ATV is small, durable, standard, and easily replaced if lost.  And generally I find wallwarts to be bad form, design-wise, YMMV.
 Takes all of two minutes to set up PlexConnect with your ATV, no jailbreak required. But I think he was complaining about the Plex-style UI.
So I checked this out at Amazon.com and they have some nice features but they are definitely missing a few things: No MLB options (in an April release!) No streaming Disney Channel for my daughter No Bluetooth 4.1 No 802.11ac (ATV also is missing this) No gigabit Ethernet (ATV also is missing this) No built-in power supply (wallwart power adapter) No remote app or streaming from iPad/iPhone/iTunes (Kindle Fire only) No GIF support for the lolcat crowd (not that I...
 Did they also tell you most of Microsoft web servers used to run *nix instead of Windows/IIS?  Because that used to be true, too, but hasn't been for a few years now either... You might want to fact check your Microsofties a little more closely in the future.
 Tell that to the people who lived near the Fukushima power plant.  You know, the ones who can never go back to their homes?
 Photos?  Yeah, right.  Users are going to push content such as torrented movies and TV shows from their Cloud Drive to their television sets, and Amazon is going to pretend to be none the wiser.
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