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I'm assuming this will automatically download to my iPhone in 3...  2...  1...
I just love the AI accounts with about a dozen posts over the course of a decade.
 There was a huge ad buy over the weekend, basically all of the college football games on Saturday and again for the pro games on Sunday.  We're talking all of the major networks:  CBS, ABC, Fox, ESPN.  Serious money was spent trying to generate traffic at the box office.
 Welcome to AI, Terry. FWIW, your "copy/paste" post would seem a lot less "copy/paste" if you fixed the Unicode characters, specifically the typographic (open/close) quotation marks and typographic apostrophes, etc. highlighted in red.
It would help if I had more places I could use it.
This way the product goes live at the same time the reviews -- and new apps -- create buzz. My guess is that it'll be something of a typical Apple Internet feeding frenzy for about two days. We'll know if I'm right in about 10 hours...
BTW, I'm holding off until I can figure out if that extra 32 GB is going to be useful IRL.
Reviews are queued up, waiting for the moratorium to end at midnight. At that point the interwebs will be awash in Apple TV reviews along with the first wave of apps.And forum comments everywhere will be filled with, "Does everything always have to be about Apple?" complaints...
 $200K, but the point stands.  You'd think he makes more than that for his cheesy Cadillac commercial
 Now ask your self how bad a writer Walter Isaacson must be to screw up a book that should have practically written itself.
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