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 I wasn't aware these were going to have right-handed and left-handed interfaces...
 I feel your pain.  I just want people to understand that, the day their banks do get off dead center and offer support for Apple Pay, the opportunities to actually make use of it is still pretty slim.   (Don't get your hopes up.)
Literally the only reason I haven't signed up for Sling TV is the need to timeshift content. I'm simply not available to watch shows when they are broadcast. It's great that the HBO content will be available on demand, but what about the other networks? For the life of me, I'm not able to figure this out from the Sling TV website.
I'm just hoping any 'iPad mini 4' has the same awesome display as the iPad Air 2.
Why weren't these released on May the 4th?
The problem isn't on the banking side, its on the retailer side.
 Equivalent processor performance.  Geekbench only measures CPU horsepower. Personally, I'll wait for the comprehensive Macworld and/or Ars reviews...
I wonder which shows on HBO will be excluded? http://arstechnica.com/business/2015/03/sling-tv-didnt-tell-users-its-newest-channels-come-with-restricted-content/ 
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