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 So whatever came of that?  I don't think they "revealed" a new keyboard, two months later the current keyboard still has the otherwise-blank F5 and F6 keys and the eject button on the top right-hand corner: 
All the positional accuracy in the world won't help if the POI data itself is crap.
Quote: George H. W. Bush was effectively Reagan's third term.  At least not since the 17th Amendment.  Not that certain states don't still practice the concept of "senator for life"...
So we'll have more greater location accuracy to the wrong places?
 Yes, but you need a give out a lot more than just a form of payment to get a cell phone activated.
 This is Google.
 The irony is obviously lost on you. Google has made a living shouting from the mountain tops how they're open and Apple is closed.  Remember the famous Andy Rubin tweet (long since deleted):  It's the hypocrisy of years of criticizing "walled gardens" only to have to (finally) implement their own.
Open!  LOL
I don't care if the new iPhones or iPads come with 4GB or even 8GB of RAM, until Apple rewrites Safari to be less aggressive with tab reloads, the amount of RAM really won't change the web browsing experience.  As a point of reference, the iPad Air 2 suffers from this and it already has 2GB of RAM.   In fact, that's my second biggest iOS 8 complaint, right behind all the wonky Bluetooth/WiFi issues.
I'm curious, what affiliation do you have with Spotify?  The reason I ask is that you seem to be highly emotionally invested in their success:       
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