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Wut?  Makes no sense to me...
 Only to launch, not for the program to run.  If you thought Adobe -- of all companies -- would be sensitive to this sort of thing, you'd be wrong...
 I advise users to dump Flash from their Macs as quickly as possible. 
Where's the damned mini refresh to Haswell/HD5000?
That's great, but it's only half the equation, iPads still need user profiles for Touch ID to be a real home run feature.
Typical class action case, ensures the lawyers get paid.
And still, no update to the mini...  :(
 Bring Touch ID to the iPads integrated with user profiles and people will literally line up around the block to buy them. You listening, Tim?
 Google built a data center near here that gets all its power from a coal plant.  They claim that buying offsets from wind farms on a different grid makes that data center "green".  That's a far cry from powering a data center with actual renewable energy.
So passengers can't send texts?  The Bluetooth feature in my Honda can read texts.  Works with both iPhones and Androids.
New Posts  All Forums: