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 They left out the box that says "Copy whatever Apple is doing".
I thought all manufacturers other than Apple got a pass on this? Did DanWatch not get the memo? /sarcasm
Oprah impressionist:  "YOU get 200MB, and YOU get 200 MB, and YOU get 200 MB..."
 Everything about Google's half-assed Gmail IMAP implementation is "odd".  It doesn't surprise me that the rewrite of the Mail application would have issues with the strange way Google retains messages in that pseudo phantom folder implementation. What kind of bizarro world do we live in where Outlook.com now has a more correct and complete IMAP implementation than Google's Gmail?
The lock mechanism itself looks like the same insecure bumpable cylinder design that the lock makers have been selling for decades.   If so, anyone with a filed keyblank can open locks of that type, no "hacking" required.   
As I posted over in the other thread, there is no secret to which carriers are going to support the new iPad Air or retina iPad mini, it's posted for all to see right on Apple's website: http://www.apple.com/ipad/LTE/
Old news:
The PCIe-based flash storage is noticeably faster at I/O based operations compared to the last generation SSD drives (let alone spinning discs).  Booting, starting applications, loading/saving files, etc.  Geekbench is great at processor-based metrics, but IMO doesn't adequately take I/O speed differences into account.
I'll be interested in seeing how this shakes out in the real world.  Do you only get the first 200 MB a month if you're already signed up to be billed at the 201st MB?   What speeds can those people who are not in one of their LTE markets expect?  Edge?
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