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 I think what drove Netflix to change their stance was that the Instant Video app for Amazon Prime recently got AirPlay functionality (though, in that case, the video quality is fairly suspect).
Start here. An outgoing iMessage text shouldn't sit in a queue with no timeout and no straight-forward way to restart the process.
 Thanks, iaeen!  I knew I had to be missing something!  I delete texts so infrequently, but lately I've had a few undelivered iMessage texts that lost their context after not being sent for hours (e.g. "I'm on my way") and, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to get rid of them! 
I've seen this a lot the past few days, where a message to be delivered gets "stuck", as though there isn't a timeout setting or something.  Rebooting the phone does seem to fix the problem, but it's such a Microsoftian solution.    Also (and I may just be being daft today), did we lose the ability to delete individual texts in iOS7 Messages?
Buh bye!
 If someone looking over your shoulder watches what PIN you entered and subsequently steals your wallet, they can empty your account without recourse.  That's why I don't use PIN transactions.  (And because I don't live in Europe, I don't have to.)
 And yet, Anandtech is reporting the Iris Pro OpenCL performance (which is what's going into the lowest-end iMacs) is pretty good: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6993/intel-iris-pro-5200-graphics-review-core-i74950hq-tested/17  Check the IO throughput of the current crop of 5400 rpm drives against the previous generation 7200 rpm drives.  You might be surprised. FWIW, I temporarily put a Momentus XT hybrid drive in my son's Alienware gaming PC and was underwhelmed with the...
The Mailbox.app Gmail client for iOS that so many waited in "virtual line" for turns out to have a security vulnerability that allows unfettered Javascript to run inside an email client:   http://miki.it/blog/2013/9/24/mailboxapp-javascript-execution/      
 One of a dwindling group of Blackberry disciples, bitter that their beloved BB/RIM is now circling the drain...
 You are right, of course, but I've done that dance as far back as Leopard/Snow Leopard, and I've just found it easiest to roll with the new OS preinstalled on a new Mac whenever possible (esp. in the age of recovery partitions. etc.).  As always, YMMV.
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