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Good news for those few who still have grandfathered Verizon unlimited data plans. And lousy news for those of us who have to share bandwidth with them.
 What would be nice would be to have all sites open in private mode by default, except for a user configured whitelist of domains.
Not very Apple-esque in implementation.
InfoWorld called it a year and a half ago:  Microsoft skips 'too good' Windows 9, jumps to Windows 10 | InfoWorld  
Naming the guy in this story was absolutely shameless.  Was the fraction of CPM really worth this guy's career?  For, what?, a couple of pennies?   I notice whoever wrote this hitpiece didn't have the cajones to put their own name to the story.  "AppleInsider Staff", indeed.   I'm done here.
Be still my beating heart.
What am I missing here?  Did SCOTUS not just vote 9-0 requiring warrants for cell phones?  Is it that hard for them to go to a judge get a warrant?  Shouldn't the top law enforcement officer be willing to follow the law of the land?
 Microsoft paid the NFL US$400 million to use the Surface "iPads" for five years:  http://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-nfl-surface-ipads-2014-9  
Were any chairs thrown?
 Oh I know EXACTLY how these things work.  Implementation plans, internal and external test plans, communication plans, deployment plans, backout plans, kill switches, escalation plans, business continuity plan, the works.  Coordination with the help desk, ticket reporting, log analysis.   If my team waited 80 minutes to pull an obviously failed update, well, we sure as hell wouldn't be a team anymore. And frankly, I doubt this update got anywhere near that amount of...
New Posts  All Forums: