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 Apple should've held back the Apple Watch from Worst Buy until Apple Pay was available. Disclosure: I'm an "ElitePlus" member.
If true, this would be great news.  We passed on the mini 3 because it was a poor value, processor-wise, compared to the Air 2, keeping the exact same processor as the previous mini 2.
Unlike Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, etc. won't scramble my existing iTunes Library.
Improved CPU: Check.Improved GPU: Check.Improved battery life: CheckSecond USB port?
Only the Accord? Get your shit together, Honda...
 I believe if you read through to the end of article he readily admits that he failed by not backing up his library before installing Apple Music. That said, holy shit, Apple!!!  WTF were you thinking, deleting music files not specifically (and accurately) tagged as Apple Music DRM'ed files?!?!?  Why in the f*** would you even store them together, vs. in a parallel directory structure (i.e. separate "owned" iTunes Music vs. "subscription/DRM'ed" Apple Music) ?!?!?    *...
 Widely debunked.  They did a teardown of a knockoff.  Digitaltrends should know better, but apparently didn't.  Dolts. Edit:  And, I see AI forums have beaten me to the punch!   
 Some of us remember the Sony back in the day with impeccable design sense.  My one knock against the 7506 is that they look hideous: 
The current generation of Beats headphones is actually pretty good. Anyone harboring an opinion of these based on previous Beats headphones would do well to check out the current crop; especially the Solo2 models. Whether they're worth the coin, or whether a pair of Solo2s is a deal compared to past Back-to-School promotions, I'll leave that for you guys to argue... ;-)
That UI...   What has been seen cannot be unseen. 
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