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 Awaiting confirmation...   ;-) (Also, the four additional LTE-TD bands that some networks will partially depend on, i.e. Sprint, US Cellular, many "overseas" networks).
 Unless there was a major policy change at VZW, the "SIM-free" iPhones will not work for Verizon.  Not due to any technical limitations, but because Verizon has had a strict policy to restrict phone activations to only those phones where the IMEI numbers are in their database.  If it didn't start life as a "Verizon phone", they refuse to activate it. Ironically, Verizon 5S/6/6+ iPhones (even on-contract iPhones) come factory unlocked and will work on basically any other...
I shop at the Apple Store less and less.  This, and the lack of Black Friday discounts (sorry, iTunes gift cards don't count) are just some of the reasons.   I did stop in the other day to ask about the sudden lack of tracking in my Health app on my iPhone 6.  At 10:10 am, in a largely empty store, I was told I could make an appointment to come back at 7:00 pm.  I motioned to the empty Genius Bar counter at the back of the store and asked if they were really that backed...
 No kidding, the last Nokia app for HERE maps was awful, a crappy shell over a web-based interface with terrible touch lag.
The lawsuit may lack a plaintiff, but the class action attorneys would clearly be the beneficiaries.  Meanwhile, while everyone who can prove they owned an old iPod will get a pittance on the order of a 49¢ discount on a song download.
I'll believe it when I see it.
 According to the Twitter support page linked above, this is a fait accompli, it's just a matter of one of Jack Dorsey's minions flipping a switch.  They even list steps for iOS devices they claim will disable the feature (opt out, naturally).  Assuming you trust them at their word.  I guess we know now why Twitter is working so hard to kill off 3rd party Twitter apps... Regardless, my original premise stands:  If a high profile app development team was able to sneak...
What is the point of having a review process if Apple is going to allow this kind of spyware into the App store?
The screen on my iPhone 6 got scratched in the vise when I was trying to bend it.    /sarcasm
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