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IIRC, they can post his likeness but not the contents of any speeches.
What's the take per employee, compared to the take per lawyer?  This case epitomizes everything that's wrong with class action lawsuits.
Now he'll be known colloquially as the "father of the glassholes". 
 The '12 minis -- especially the i7 quad-core models -- were a great value, but I doubt you'll find many open box or NOS (new old stock) models at firesale prices since the '14s are all dual-core only.
 Exactly.  Let Time Machine work its magic in the background, then periodically clone bootable backups.  I've been using SuperDuper! since the days of OS X Leopard but the most recent version of Carbon Carbon Cloner got quite the UI makeover.  For anyone thinking of rotating cloned backups offsite, FileVault is an option, although external HDDs with built-in hardware encryption are very inexpensive these days.
Having the only backup in the same machine may be a bad idea, but it's fine for a dedicated Time Machine backup as long as you've taking periodic cloned drive backups via SuperDuper!, CCC, etc.
Wondering why the top level 21" iMac doesn't offer the same 2TB Fusion drive option.
Glenn Fleishman put together a summary of some of the most glaring iOS and OS X bugs that haven't been fixed but should have never passed QA/UAT (scroll about halfway down to the "iOS Software" section):   http://glog.glennf.com/blog/2015/1/6/the-software-and-services-apple-needs-to-fix   So many silly little bugs, of things that just don't work quite right, or in some way seem unpolished or not well thought out.  If I see them every day, then someone in Cupertino has...
 Meijer is actually listed on the main Apple Pay website:  https://www.apple.com/apple-pay/   Even though Target stores are the proverbial poster children for NFC payments, they still seem hellbent on going the CurrentC route.  Mostly because they are addicted to tracking and aggregating people's buying habits and Apple Pay could reduce their ability to do that.
The easiest way to tell if Beats copied Monster:  If the price of a replacement cable is more than the headphones themselves. 
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