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 You know the Supersonics moved to OKC, right? Now that's funny!   
I created a contact named "Text Spam", when I get a spammy text or a telemarketing call I automatically add the number to that contact, which is on my blocked contacts list.  Not a perfect solution, but pretty easy to implement.   FWIW, reporting text spammers to my wireless company turns out to be WAY harder than it has to be.   I agree with monstrosity, I'd like a feature where all unknown/blocked numbers went directly to a pre-recorded message.  Apple could...
 "Low bar" is right.  I'm just hoping they update the Mac mini with Haswell processors.  Seriously, how hard would it be to spec bump the one Mac left on the prior generation processors?
Really getting tired of the "So excited about the great products we have in the pipeline" speech from Apple execs.  Spare us the PR hype machine and just release the stuff when it's ready.
 I logged in because I was going to post the very same thing.
Gotta love class action lawsuits:  A pittance to the plaintiffs and a big payday for the lawyers.   SMH
 I can't decide if this is more Dick Tracy or Maxwell Smart.   
Only the current DoJ would use anti-trust law to grant a de facto monopoly to Amazon.  And, of course, this is how Amazon behaves as a result.
I guess it can be natural to have your fill of working for one company, but...  Facebook?  What is he going to do, design animations of byzantine security controls that change on a weekly basis?  I hope the money's good.
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