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  Actually, it was online over 80 minutes by my count.  Given that people on different carriers in different countries lost all cell communication immediately after the update, that's a pretty slow killswitch. Edit: Worse still, it took 12 hours to release a "workaround" tech document: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT6487 Basically says to revert to 8.0.  Exactly.  I've been in IT well over 20 years, and the fast-tracked releases are the ones that cause the most problems.
 Photos isn't a shipping product.  Not for at least another month.
  You guys need to check your sarcasm detectors.  I think they're broken.
 Patience.  Unless you are a doctor, in which case, yes, it is good to have patients. j/k!
8.0.1 was pulled from Software Update just now.
"You're upgrading it wrong."
Still showing up under Software Update on my iPhone 6.  Really, Apple should have pulled this release by now...
Clearly this is Bono's fault... 
 You can always unlock it with the passcode.
 Because it appears to be affecting a lot of people?
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