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If I wanted to give Google full access to my personal photo library, I'd have already signed up for Google+.
Doomed.  Doomed, I tell ya!
 I reloaded $50 on my Starbucks card app this morning, and I'm pretty sure Apple didn't get $15 of that.
Quote: You know that restricting APN changes affects more than tethering?  No, you didn't?  Yeah, I didn't think so.
   Jailbreaking a phone in the US is legal through 2015, at the very least.   What laws?  You're going to have to cite the actual law being "broken" if you expect anyone to take you seriously.  Otherwise we're all going to assume you're just making this up as you go.
Sometimes Apple does stupid shit.   If I'm paying for 2GB (or 4GB or 10GB or whatever) of bandwidth per month, it shouldn't matter how I use it.  This just allows the carriers to gouge users for an additional fee to use the bandwidth they are already paying for.   I've really been loathe to go the whole jailbreaking route, but this could very well change my mind...
Apple does really dumb shit sometimes.
 I should have bought a 3rd generation ATV with the $25 rebate last week. Shoulda...  Coulda...  Woulda...
 It's an Apple story because it primarily affected Apple traffic: Hmm...  Was there a major Apple streaming event that just happened to coincide with this outage?  Yeah?  You don't say...  
 IMO, a BT keyboard makes using the ATV interface far less frustrating.  Almost Apple-like...    Yes.  The guy at who wrote the original article at afp548.com is an educator who manages his school's network part-time.
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