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So I checked this out at Amazon.com and they have some nice features but they are definitely missing a few things: No MLB options (in an April release!) No streaming Disney Channel for my daughter No Bluetooth 4.1 No 802.11ac (ATV also is missing this) No gigabit Ethernet (ATV also is missing this) No built-in power supply (wallwart power adapter) No remote app or streaming from iPad/iPhone/iTunes (Kindle Fire only) No GIF support for the lolcat crowd (not that I...
 Did they also tell you most of Microsoft web servers used to run *nix instead of Windows/IIS?  Because that used to be true, too, but hasn't been for a few years now either... You might want to fact check your Microsofties a little more closely in the future.
 Tell that to the people who lived near the Fukushima power plant.  You know, the ones who can never go back to their homes?
 Photos?  Yeah, right.  Users are going to push content such as torrented movies and TV shows from their Cloud Drive to their television sets, and Amazon is going to pretend to be none the wiser.
 That's not Apple's doing.  Blame the UK labels.  Part of the cost/benefit of national sovereignty.
 I'm sorry, but Numbers is horrid, IMO.  Apple really dropped the ball on that one.
I think that a lot of people around going to balk at $99/year even if that does cover 5 Macs/PCs and 5 mobile devices.  Especially since every iPad can open any docx/xlsx/pptx document natively at no additional cost, and the availability of many Office-compatible iOS apps at a fraction of this price.  I guess time will tell.
And there you have it:  http://www.pcworld.com/article/2113980/microsoft-announces-office-for-ipad-extending-productivity-to-all-ios-devices.html
Such and IBM-esque problem:  Provide a full iOS version of Office and risk cannibalizing Microsoft tablet/PC sales, or don't provide an iOS version and risk driving their flagship productivity software toward irrelevance.   My guess (and it's only a guess) would be that Ballmer wanted to put the tablet PC first and Nadella will instead want to tap into the potential iOS revenue stream.    
If I wanted to give Google full access to my personal photo library, I'd have already signed up for Google+.
New Posts  All Forums: