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 I track my rides (MapMyRide, RideWithGPS, Strava, MotionX, etc.) but I tend to already know where I'm going.  OTOH, there are apps or bike computers/GPSs that will give you turn-by-turn directions if you need them, but that's different than route tracking. BTW, if you want to see how crazy this tracking stuff really gets, look up the prices for bicycle power meters.
 I bike between 50 and 100 miles with my iPhone as my sole GPS device and have no problem with battery life, even with speed and cadence data via Bluetooth.  The only concessions I make for battery life is to turn off WiFi, don't run unnecessary apps and let the screen turn itself off normally.  I keep looking at the various Garmin devices but its hard to spend that money when my phone and an inexpensive app pretty much already do everything I need.
 iTunes Radio already has a "Buy" button, and saves your song history so you can easily go back to iTunes and buy any of those songs, if you so choose. IMO, the saving grace of iTunes Match is getting commercial-free iTunes Radio, and was the reason I used to subscribe to Pandora.  It's also why I DVR literally ***everything*** I watch, so I can skip through commercials. "Interact with ads" my ass.  Nobody wants that except marketing guys.
 Ugh, I'm sure the advertisers want this, but I would hope Tim Cook and company wouldn't be that tonedeaf.
 If I'm shopping for something I want then, great, Apple Pay is the shiz.  But to get pop-up iAd ads with an Apple Pay button, where the Touch ID and *back* button are the same piece of hardware?  No, this is a terrible idea.  I can't help but hope this is the merely the lunatic ravings of some marketing "Einstein" at DigiDay, and not an actual idea out of Cupertino.
Don't want.
 Now that the new iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPad Air 2 all support 802.11ac, its worth getting an 802.11ac router.  It really is noticeable IRL, not just in benchmarks.
BTW, Joanna Stern at the WSJ apparently dropped hers and broke the screen.  Maybe next generation they should give her something like one of those ultra-padded Kindles they make for little kids instead.   
Iterative, my ass.  If the screen of the iPad Air 2 is anything like the one on my iPhone 6 as promised, that will be reason enough for me to upgrade.   The fact that the three-core processor smokes the original Air is all gravy.
 Yes, exactly.  But it's common at department stores and big box stores to be able to look up receipts based on the credit card used to pay for the purchase.  It seems to me the fly in the ointment would be if Apple Pay/NFC payments lost that ability.
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