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The PCIe-based flash storage is noticeably faster at I/O based operations compared to the last generation SSD drives (let alone spinning discs).  Booting, starting applications, loading/saving files, etc.  Geekbench is great at processor-based metrics, but IMO doesn't adequately take I/O speed differences into account.
I'll be interested in seeing how this shakes out in the real world.  Do you only get the first 200 MB a month if you're already signed up to be billed at the 201st MB?   What speeds can those people who are not in one of their LTE markets expect?  Edge?
Thanks a lot, Adobe.  There is no longer any way to buy Lightroom upgrades except online, then you don't bother to properly secure that information.
  Jeez, guys, is it possible that people use the ATV in more ways than to just plug into their home TV and connecting to their home wireless internet?  It's a remarkably portable device.  Just because you don't take advantage of that fact doesn't mean nobody else does.
 I think what drove Netflix to change their stance was that the Instant Video app for Amazon Prime recently got AirPlay functionality (though, in that case, the video quality is fairly suspect).
Start here. An outgoing iMessage text shouldn't sit in a queue with no timeout and no straight-forward way to restart the process.
 Thanks, iaeen!  I knew I had to be missing something!  I delete texts so infrequently, but lately I've had a few undelivered iMessage texts that lost their context after not being sent for hours (e.g. "I'm on my way") and, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to get rid of them! 
I've seen this a lot the past few days, where a message to be delivered gets "stuck", as though there isn't a timeout setting or something.  Rebooting the phone does seem to fix the problem, but it's such a Microsoftian solution.    Also (and I may just be being daft today), did we lose the ability to delete individual texts in iOS7 Messages?
Buh bye!
New Posts  All Forums: