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All the bugs in 8.1.3 and 10.10.2 and we get new emojis.
Too bad you (still!) can't merge an existing iTunes account with a @mac/@me/@icloud account.  Almost seems like that would be tailor-made for just such an occasion...
SMH that it took the threat of a class action lawsuit to make Apple capitulate on fixing such an obvious problem:  
 Yes, disappointing that a company that is, by any measure, a financial machine, has such buggy releases for OSX 10.10 and iOS 8. Hundreds of staff adds for a self-driving car (if AI is to be believed) but not enough staffing for a proper QA team? How is it even possible that the quality of their software isn't the second most important thing in the world, right behind the quality of their hardware?  SMH
   No signage in the front window, for the past couple of weeks now:  WTH?  Seriously, what other Apple Store has no window signage over Valentine's Day?  Who is running this store?  I wonder if Angela Ahrendts knows this is one of the faces of her Apple Stores...
 You're making the classic mistake of assuming people disappointed with Apple are automatically Samsung/Google fanboys. I don't "love" my Samsung store.  Excluding my work-provided Galaxy 4, I have one Samsung product in my entire house, a small TV probably 5 or more years old that does dual duty as a second TV and monitor for one of our Mac minis. And yes, as recently as this past weekend, the local Apple Store looked tired.  Busy, yes, but tired.
The front window display area for my local Apple Store has been barren for weeks.  The Genius Bar in the back where they used to work with customers seems abandoned, like an afterthought, since they have moved that function to one of the tall square tables.  IMO, what they have now lacks the panache they used to have.  It looks exactly like what you might expect to happen over time if left on autopilot, ignored, not given further attention.  Frankly, the Samsung...
 Tesla has not only taken on the car manufacturers, they've also had the cojones to take on the car dealer establishment which has turned out in a lot of ways to be the bigger challenge.  It's one thing to compete on economics, but taking on the political machines in each of fifty states?  Easier said than done.
If Apple can staff up for an automotive project, then they can staff up to work on the buggy iOS 8 and Yosemite releases.
 Except for Numbers, which is perpetually terrible.  The "good news" is that you won't need to worry about feature compatibility.  Apple's method of achieving parity is to remove advanced features from their desktop apps.  :-/
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