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 Recently Closed Tabs has worked that way on the iPhone in 8.3, and probably earlier.  IIRC, I first came across it from a Rene Ritchey article on iMore (tip #9).  It originally came from the iPad, which had it as far back as iOS 6. FYI, Safari in private mode obviously doesn't show anything under recent tabs (as that would defeat the purpose of private mode).
Is AngryBirds even still a thing?
 Almost 10 hours later, they still haven't corrected this? 
Amazon Prime Garage Sale. LOL. The good stuff was gone almost instantly, the rest is just clearance junk.... Even the few Kindles that are on sale are the older soon-to-be-replaced models.
 GPS in the Touch would've been all kinds of awesome.  So, of course, it's nowhere to be found.   
Wait, weren't we told (rather condescendingly, I might add!) that this was user-error?http://m.imore.com/no-apple-not-adding-drm-songs-your-mac-you-already-ownAnd still no fix to the scrambled metadata problem...Software quality at Apple is a hot mess.
Cool, I can't wait to see what else they're going to take away iOS 9 and then add back later!  /s
 Typically because the test team only tests the happy path, leaving edge case bugs to be discovered by the users.
That's a relief considering how many playlists I have based on four or five stars. At first I thought they replaced stars with a favorite "heart". :-o
New Posts  All Forums: