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"Kudos", my ass.  More like: "It's about damned time!" 
 I'm not up to speed on the publishing houses, but in the music industry the labels are now writing so-called "360 deals" that allow them to take a cut of virtually any revenue stream to recover record deal advances, and some are coming after other assets including houses, spousal retirement accounts, etc.  The days of advances that don't have to be paid back appear to be over.
And yet the DOJ uses the Sherman Act to grant Amazon a virtual ebook monopoly.  Shameless...
Too busy courting IBM to think about negotiating NFL Sunday Ticket support for the Apple TV platform?
 Sorry, but I'm calling bullshit on this.  The Android you could potential build from source is a ghetto.  There's no Samsung bits, there's no Google Play bits, all of the AOSP apps you can build are basically abandonware on the part of Google.
I couldn't be any more disappointed.  Dumping Aperture and joining up with IBM in the same month?  Is this why TBWA had to go?    This will do nothing except tarnish the brand Apple worked so hard for so many years to build.    :smh:
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About time. The Yelp POI location data has been nothing short of an embarrassment, and the decision to rely on it was disgraceful. If Apple wants to be in the map business (and it seems they do) then they need to belly up to the bar and do a full court press on their POI data. It's time to them take some accountability for this and get it fixed.
 Don't I wish! Although I've completely jettisoned Java, I do unfortunately have to run Flash on occasion.  The answer in this case is to run a Flash blocker so the content doesn't auto run.  Important because a lot of Flash content isn't sourced or controlled from the websites that tend to host it.
I've been out of accounting for many years now, but this is all addressed in the credit agreement between companies.   Generally, terms for a company with an adequate credit rating would be "Net 30" which means payment is due 30 days after invoicing.  The other thing that used to be popular was "2% 10, Net 30" terms which would provide a discount as incentive for early payment.  I worked for a company where we streamlined our payment processing to take advantage of 2%...
New Posts  All Forums: