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 I logged in to post this.  Mandarin and Cantonese are separate spoken languages, but share the same written language.
 I can't believe people continue to gush about "secure" open source, given some of the recent high profile vulnerabilities. For all the eyes that didn't bother to look at the code in OpenSSL, the Heartbleed vulnerability was widely and blindly implemented in many applications. And Apple's goto fail bug in their SSL/TLS code base shows it's not difficult for a motivated, well placed programmer to thwart a well documented/published codebase, even if it's not "open source".
 That's really a step in the right direction.  Good on them for moving forward on this.
My biggest knock against Android is that it doesn't allow access to privacy features including location, contacts, cameras/microphones, etc. to be turned off individually to applications.
Still a "hobby"...
The whole WiFi Sense "sharing" thing is a disaster just waiting to happen, IMO.  How anyone at Microsoft thought "opt out" was sufficient for this "feature" is beyond me...
As hard as Steve worked to rid iTunes of DRM'ed music, my major objection to Apple Music is the way it's hell bent on co-mingling its DRM music with my non-DRM'ed tracks.  There really is no reason Apple couldn't have put their DRM'ed tracks in a separate, parallel set of folders and left my iTunes library alone.
10 million free subscribers.  Just sayin'...
 Apple should've held back the Apple Watch from Worst Buy until Apple Pay was available. Disclosure: I'm an "ElitePlus" member.
If true, this would be great news.  We passed on the mini 3 because it was a poor value, processor-wise, compared to the Air 2, keeping the exact same processor as the previous mini 2.
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