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 Au contrair, mon ami.  Client-side Java installed and updated (or not!) on every Mac created an unacceptable security risk that was unnecessary in most cases.  Good on Apple for seeing that.  If you want Java, it has to be downloaded and installed manually, and any damage at that point is purely self inflicted.
All the more reason to keep Java off your Macs.    IIRC, Apple took a metric crap ton of flak from the developer community when they first decoupled the Java JRE from OS X, deferring back to Oracle for updates.  This only confirms that was the right decision.
With emphasis on "Spring Forward", hopefully they've worked out the iOS DST bugs for this go around. 
Brushing up on my Chinese now...
 If it helps, we feel like second rate citizens using Apple Maps in the US, too.
I tried for months to get the location data for my kids' schools corrected.  They finally fixed one and deleted the other in the process.  I'll be interested to see if this fixes that.     Edit:  Nope.  Not only that, they've deleted another school in the process.
 I really hate that Apple's POI data is still so woefully inadequate, two and a half years later.  That, and bike directions and transit directions are still AWOL.  GSV is fine if you know an address and want to (for example) see what a building looks like, but its all-but-unusable to navigate a virtual walk down the block.  The click-reposition-click-reposition UI looks like it was designed circa 1997.  I tried to use it to find visual cues for an upcoming bike event, and...
All the bugs in 8.1.3 and 10.10.2 and we get new emojis.
Too bad you (still!) can't merge an existing iTunes account with a @mac/@me/@icloud account.  Almost seems like that would be tailor-made for just such an occasion...
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