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 The 1m (and 0.5m) cables are $19/€19.  The 2m cables are $29/€29. 
Pot calling the kettle black...
 Every news site is curated.  Even Bing.com/news and news.Google.com are curated by someone or something (algorithm).
While I don't want to see the Mac and iPad merge, I do appreciate when they share paradigms like this, or share data and processes like with Continuity.
I don't normally use Waze because the location services settings option are either "Always" and "Never".   I don't need a traffic app draining my battery in the background unnecessarily when I'm home, at work, grocery shopping, etc.   N.B. The Waze app hangs if you happen to start it when its set to "Never".
Dear Apple,   Your POI data is a hot mess.  Please fix that first.   Sincerely,   John.B
 At least the Apple implementation of split screen mode for tables is worthy of being an Apple feature.  Meaning it's intuitive and obvious, at least once you've seen it.  Not that they've all been homeruns (and frankly there have been too many pop flies of late), but quick access to my blue bubbles, notes and email is definitely hitting one out of the park. Bonus points for not needing a stylus.  ;-)
 The problem is with websites that have Flash-free versions, but only load them for platforms that don't support Flash. Too bad Safari on OSX doesn't let you maintain specific default User Agents for specific URLs. While I'm dreaming, I'd also like to be able to specify which URLs open in Private Mode and which open normally...
 Sounds like a broken business model to me...
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