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Do we know if the file format is compatible between Windows and Mac versions?  Or is that asking too much?
Knock me over with a feather...   And all it took was giving Bill Campbell his walking papers?  Go figure.
 Is it going to be easy?  Of course not.  That's part of delighting your user community.  Mask the complexity with a UI that just works.  Apple's been doing that for decades.  Remember, a touch screen phone without lag was hard too, not all that long ago.  Why would you need one fingerprint tied to more than one profile (and you have 10)?  Also, OS X has had avatars for years, not sure why that's a big deal.  And, yes, you will still need a passcode for certain situations...
 And not just what's selling, but who's buying it.  Why would any retailer, large or small, give Amazon a list of their paying customers?
Uber appears to be run by a bunch of spoiled children.  No way am I giving a company like this my money.
 Thailand may be slated for first day release of the iPhone 6, but I'm betting not for the version that comes after that.   
Does it come with a built-in hardball negotiation feature? 
 Wait until hackers figure out how to activate smartphone kill switches, then get back to us.
Doesn't matter unless the POI data is both accurate and complete.  The fact that this still references Yelp data isn't exactly encouraging.
Nope.  https://twitter.com/gruber/status/497932648321650688
New Posts  All Forums: