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 Nope.  Currently $4, and worth every penny.
 Still waiting for TouchID enabled iPads, with profiles.  :)
 Yup.  Fixed. Now, if Apple would just allow OTA updates over the LTE service I pay so much money for...
 Life is about more than work.  Nobody on their deathbed ever wished they had spent more time at the office.
Dear Pete:   Please take Bill Campbell with you.   Signed,   All Quicken for Mac Users
Aesthetics.  That thing has none.
I hate to interrupt all the snark, but can someone post a build number for 10.9.2?
 And yet, the Broadcom press release title calls it "5G WiFi" mobile chip: Broadcom Introduces First 5G WiFi 2x2 MIMO Combo Chip for Smartphones, knowing full well the confusion it will create in the minds of average consumers who have been marketed "4G" celluar phones. Shameless.
 No F***ing Chance.
New Posts  All Forums: