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 OS 9 + OS X 10.0 + 10.1 +10.2 +10.3 +10.4 +10.5 +10.6 +10.7 + 10.8 + 10.9 + 10.10 + 10.11 ≃ OS 21 
 $1299 in 1998 dollars would currently be $1891 in 2015 dollars:  http://www.in2013dollars.com/1998-dollars-in-2015?amount=1299 That's a heck of a lot more computing power and speed for what amounts to an extra Benjamin.
Quote: Of course, the one nice thing about using rechargeable AAs is they can be replaced when worn out without replacing the mouse/trackpad/keyboard. That said, I see at least the new trackpad in my future.
 According to 9to5Mac (yeah, I know) the patent for this goes back to 2007, and includes the use of a fingerprint sensor in laptops.
https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204592  I haz a sad.   
 I agree, it seems like a natural extension of the Touch ID from the iPhone.  Apple has a campus full of smart people, and are sitting on a dragon's lair of cash.  If they can build a secure Touch ID for the iPhone, and the password-based File Vault for the Mac, surely there's a viable solution for Touch ID on the Mac itself.  Even if only for normal login access or periodically verifying my iCloud passwords (which I've seen more of in 10.10.5 that any other version...
 The Redmond Pie article you linked to above acknowledges that only the privacy features are firmware enabled: 
This is tragic news.  Michael Bromwich is going to have to find a real job.  /s
 Why would you rely on a highly fictionalized account to make a judgement?
In a limited release...  Four theaters.   This is a fairly common film industry trick to get what looks to be a high per-theater average box office.  More sorrid Hollywood chicanery.
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