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 A lot of times the total "price" number gets adjusted to include the value of stock, cash on hand, etc.   If Zuckerberg was really all that, Facebook would've developed this internally, not overspent 19 billion on what amounts to an SMS app.
Anyone using WhatsApp was, by definition, not using messaging options from Facebook (or Google).  I'm not sure how this creates "new" Facebook users.  Many WhatsApp users will likely move to by the time Facebook integrates this into their "experience".   And speaking of experience, there is no way that Facebook (or for that matter, Google) could monetize a deal like this without bring ad revenues into the mix.  So either the...
Patiently waiting for an iPad mini with support for multiple profiles and Touch ID to select between them. 
 If the goal is to make the world safe for iPhones, Apple has already taken care of it with iOS 7, no legislation required.  All that is needed to enable this is to set up a lock code and use an existing Apple ID or create a new one, which iOS asks the user to do when they first power on the iPhone.  iPhone 5S users can lock the phone with Touch ID, the lock code is only needed after a power cycle.  To reset to another SIM card, a thief would have to sign in with the Apple...
 Exactly.  An email whitelist.  If I wanted email from you, I would've added your account already.  If they can't authenticate email sources (i.e. spoofing), that would be the next best thing. Come to think of it, I'd like that for my cell phone as well.
 As if on cue:  Firefox to start putting new ads in new places | Ars Technica I rest my case.
 The "industry" includes companies who want to spam you and other companies who want to track you.  The RFC process has proven to be ineffective in cases where there are competing interests (ref: Adobe/HTML5 and Google/Do Not Track).
I used to have this with Yahoo mail, until Marissa's redo, when it disappeared. It was nice that they had it somewhat integrated into existing accounts.
 Touch ID is almost purpose-built for selecting user profiles on the iPad/iPad mini.
Copycat Frappy Bird app in 3... 2... 1...
New Posts  All Forums: