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At one point the ESPN app started to get "needy " and required too much information from me, so I abandoned it in favor of their mobile website.  (I know, right?)  Same thing with the Yahoo Sports app.  The thing for me is that during hockey/basketball seasons I pay almost zero attention to sports.  But something to think about for the future.
What could go wrong?
  Worked fine for me.  Pay -> Reload -> (pick an amount) -> Pay -> Confirm -> (Pay with Touch ID).   Used my default Pay credit card.  iPhone 6 w/ iOS 8.1.3.
Well that was overdue, but appreciated none the less.
Can a foreign bond offering be used to fund a stock buyback based on stocks traded on a US exchange?  Seems like another Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich tax avoidance scheme.  I guess we'll know in short order.   As to the 0.5% interest rate, I literally don't see an upside for the investor, who gets a bond holding that is, what?, payable in Swiss Francs?  In that case, why not just hold Swiss Francs as a liquid asset for essentially the same currency risk (and...
The best of everything except Aperture...  SMH
Where are all the people who thought Photos would have Aperture featuress?
 I wouldn't.  There's no way back once you upgrade, and graphics is known to be laggy on older iPads.
 Unlimited "No Service"?  Sign me up!  /sarcasm
 It doesn't go live until tomorrow, according to the story at 9-to-5Mac.com:  http://tinyurl.com/n9tbkwq  Quote: Yes, and we have been for a long time.  Its quite literally the price to be paid for the four-carrier pseudo competition model blessed by our very own FTC and DOJ.
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