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 My 6s+ will be my de facto iPad nano until the iPad Air 3 or iPad mini 5 get the same 3D Touch implementation w/ Taptic engine as the 6s/6s+.
 Bullshit.  If Apple is going to replace other map apps with their own (a move I support, BTW) then they can damned well get up to speed and offer feature parity with those other map apps.  Stop treating Apple Maps like a side project or hobby, and deploy whatever resources it takes to get this right.  Nobody said it was going to be easy.  If that means millions of hours over the course of a decade, then get a project plan in place so a staffing plan can be deployed and...
 It copies the shitty Apple Music interface.
 What BT 4.1 features were you hoping to get, that wouldn't require new hardware (i.e. strictly via firmware update)?
So according to an article over at Ars, the BT 4.2 features that are implementable in a firmware update are the privacy features, "Privacy features may be available via firmware update, but it does ultimately depend on the manufacturer implementation. With Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth beacons attempting to connect to and track your device can't do so unless you've given them permission."    As far as the other features, "The increased speed and packet size features will...
Even further off-topic: I can't believe people are still so incredibly butthurt over an optional $1.99 update from eight years ago! You guys slay me! SMH
Off-topic, but could the mobile Safari experience on AI be any worse? Ironic that this would be so terrible at an Apple-focused website.
It's also entirely possible Apple slipstreamed BT 4.2 hardware into the latest iPhone 6/6+ hardware (built after the 6S/6S+ were released) without updating model numbers or product IDs. It would be a bad thing to do IMO from a software quality assurance perspective, but that doesn't mean they couldn't have done it.If that were the case, you might still have BT 4.0 in your iPhone 6/6+, but a new iPhone 6/6+ could have BT 4.2.
 The point is to make it configurable.
Update on Lightroom 2015.2 / Lightroom 6.2 Release  That is some king-sized hubris right there.  Apple-grade, Photos-level hubris.  Approaching Final Cut-level hubris. Now, just for fun, read the responses.  Twitter is, well, a-twitter over this change. Also, the crashing "bug" under El Capitan?  That wasn't a bug?  Apparently has been promoted back to a bug again:   Because who would want to use the 'Add Photos' screen in a DAM?  SMH
New Posts  All Forums: