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 I have this annoying issue where touch scrolling on my iPhone 6 will select text inadvertently, then won't let me unselect it.
 The 6 is 1334 by 750 pixels.  1080p is 1920 by 1080 pixels.
 This paragraph needs some help from an editor: 
Since my iPhone can generate reminders when I leave my home, why can't it, for example, automatically turn on Bluetooth and turn off WiFi as I leave, and vice versa when come back?
 I missed the 48 hour $19 sale price and it's back up to $39.  No way I'm paying forty bucks for one of these.
When stores To pay with a credit card, you'll have to carry a Walmart store credit card.  At that point they will no longer accept bank cards.  Likewise for Best Buy, Target, etc.
 You want Eric Holder and the DoJ to sue Apple again?
 I always bring an ATV and router when I travel.  I find it preferable to watch movies on a 42" HDTV vs. my iPad or iPhone.  Obviously, YMMV.
 Ars is saying that AMZN is sitting on US$83 million of unsold Fire Phone inventory.  Morons indeed.
 Streamed ESPN is probably the holy grail.  The thing is, ESPN gets on the order of $3-$4 dollars/month for their basic channels (ESPN and ESPN2) from the cable/satellite companies for every single subscriber, regardless of whether subscribers want it or watch it.  If ESPN were to offer ala carte subscriptions, the cable and satellite companies would drop ESPN in a heartbeat, and that's where ESPN gets the majority of the revenue they use to pay for the high-dollar sports...
New Posts  All Forums: