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Aesthetics.  That thing has none.
I hate to interrupt all the snark, but can someone post a build number for 10.9.2?
 And yet, the Broadcom press release title calls it "5G WiFi" mobile chip: Broadcom Introduces First 5G WiFi 2x2 MIMO Combo Chip for Smartphones, knowing full well the confusion it will create in the minds of average consumers who have been marketed "4G" celluar phones. Shameless.
 No F***ing Chance.
 It's a pretty easy fix.  Curly braces, folks, even where they are not technically required.  Details here: https://www.imperialviolet.org/2014/02/22/applebug.html
 "Open" is at best an exaggeration, though I'm sure they'd like people to think that.  Adobe retains key DNG patents, which allows them to pull the license of a third party at their whim.  There is no upside to C or N giving Adobe that kind of control, especially when .cr2 and .nef files can more directly support the sensors for specific cameras.  And the "standard" doesn't necessarily account for advances in sensor technologies. Also worth pointing out, the newest Camera...
Additional stock buyback in 3... 2... 1...
 A lot of times the total "price" number gets adjusted to include the value of stock, cash on hand, etc.   If Zuckerberg was really all that, Facebook would've developed this internally, not overspent 19 billion on what amounts to an SMS app.
Anyone using WhatsApp was, by definition, not using messaging options from Facebook (or Google).  I'm not sure how this creates "new" Facebook users.  Many WhatsApp users will likely move to by the time Facebook integrates this into their "experience".   And speaking of experience, there is no way that Facebook (or for that matter, Google) could monetize a deal like this without bring ad revenues into the mix.  So either the...
Patiently waiting for an iPad mini with support for multiple profiles and Touch ID to select between them. 
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