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I haven't gotten the email yet, but the iCloud storage on my iPhone shows my 25GB plan with the new $11.99 pricing, good until next summer. My question is, Why isn't there an annual payment option?
 Uh, yeah, not buying it.  These are going to be backordered everywhere for months.  The delay for the Chinese market may be an issue when production catches up to demand, but I suspect that's going to take quite a while...
 News flash:  Off-contract iPhones start at $649.
But I want built-in inductive charging for my iPhone...
 "You're tapping it wrong."    j/k!  I'd like the ability to tap+hold to open in a new tab as well!
 I've been waiting two decades for a whitelisted email service that would replace SMTP.
  Great minds think alike.    Seems like you would be better off getting a notification on your iOS devices that someone had just logged into your iCloud account from the web, vs. an email to an IMAP account (or Gmail, for those so inclined) that could easily be deleted.  Still not perfect, but IMO it would be far more likely to alert the actual account owner to a potential problem. 
It's a start.   It's actually encouraging IMO to see them doing something before tomorrow's keynote.  But there is more work do to do.  As I said in a thread a couple days ago,it doesn't matter how many bits of entropy your password has if someone can reset it by looking up your Mom's maiden name or Dad's middle name from Ancestry.com, or your birthdate and favorite sports team from Facebook.  Don't get me wrong, this is better than nothing, but it's not "fixed" yet.  If...
 If theocracies weren't able to make that happen, I doubt the modern world ever could.  It's called the "human condition" for a reason, otherwise you wouldn't need the rules in the first place.
Quote: Woosh!  Right over your head!   
New Posts  All Forums: