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 Most of my screen rotation issues for 8.0.x were resolved by turning off Reachability.  Mad props to the anonymous MR reader who clued me in on that.  So this was at least common enough over on MR that I was able to find how other people with the same issues who managed to find ways to work around the problems.  And it can't have been too rare if the fix got its own shout-out in the 8.1 release notes: 
 This is fine for coffee, fast food, etc. but how are returns for more durable goods going to work if the app doesn't pull up receipts?  Or do I still need paper receipts for those types of returnable items?
 There are already a bunch of shitty wearables that "beat the Apple Watch to market".  Nobody wants them, and if people think they do then owning one for a week tends to rapidly disabuse them of that notion.  Does Microsoft really want to go down the "Zune Watch" road?  If so, will it have a better marketing campaign than "Because... Cortana"?
  Glad to see it wasn't just me. Apple Pay, Continuity, etc. will all be great I'm sure, but I just want to go back to a quality iPhone experience.  I handed my 7.1.4 iPhone 5S down to my daughter and I've been missing it ever since.
 The screen rotation issues, along with Mobile Safari's inability to actually select text, and the glitchy video playback have been the three most annoying iOS bugs I've ever seen.  All are common use cases, and missing those bugs shows a lack of adequate testing. Hopefully the Bluetooth issues with various car manufacturers have also been worked out. The return of Camera Roll shows Apple does listen, at least selectively. That said, I'm waiting a couple of days to find...
Cellular service is overrated. (Too soon?) .
Man, I love how easy it is to create a bootable clone with SuperDuper!.  I also have TimeMachine backups, but if I need to revert to that point in time before I did a big install or upgrade, nothing beats a cloned HDD.
 Really?  Apple And The Other Most Successful Retailers By Sales Per Square Foot - Forbes.com
 The trick to selling high dollar products is to market it where the money is.  Honestly, I can't get over how colossally tonedeaf Bose has been over the past couple of weeks.  Insist the NFL fine a very popular young quarterback for wearing a competing brand of headphones, give Beats the equivalent of millions in free advertising via the 24-hour news cycle, make every kid want the "outlawed" brand, and have Apple show their products the door.  There must be some real...
 I thought most of their revenues came from the QuietComfort headphones.  Is there a breakdown somewhere of revenue by product category?  Old bald dudes will always have those kiosks inside airport terminals, right?   
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