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Or political dissidents. 
 Wow, that was SERIOUSLY uncalled for.  What's worse, you knew that and went there anyway.   SMH.
Anyone who entrusts their anonymity to Facebook deserves what they get.
 Apple created this expectation problem themselves last year, when the iPad mini 2 had the same processor, memory, etc. as the iPad Air, the only difference was battery capacity and screen size.
As if on cue, the Sony Smartwatch 3 w/ GPS chip and music:  
Seems like a company that specializes in sapphire products should've known the risks?    Apparently the c-level execs at least knew when to cash out.   I still think there needs to be an SEC investigation of those stock sales right before the company declared bankruptcy.
 I would really like to be rid of Adobe.  Ironic, since they were once one of my favorite companies, but IMO they have really lost their way under Shantanu Narayen (and the vestiges of Macromedia) and I don't expect them to ever find their way back. I've committed to really trying to use the OSX version of Pixelmator this winter to see if I can't at least move completely off Ps.  TBH, I'm not interested in paying a monthly fee in order to access my own work. YMMV.  And,...
 I get what you're saying, but there is a pretty huge difference between a usable iPad screensize and usable iPhone screensize.  I'm sure they could find a way to shrink down the UI, but it would be a lot of work (look at the differences between the iPhone and iPad versions of the old iPhoto app).  My guess, and it's just a guess, is that they wanted to concentrate on the platform that had the most bang for the buck.  The devil's in the details, but as long as pictures...
 Also useful for those of us who aren't serious athletes but want to improve.  My big thing is riding distance, and my Stages power meter really helped me understand how to properly train and to pace myself.  I hadn't ridden a century since my 20s, now I do weekly rides in the 400-700 mile range all through the summer.
New Posts  All Forums: