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I used to have this with Yahoo mail, until Marissa's redo, when it disappeared. It was nice that they had it somewhat integrated into existing accounts.
 Touch ID is almost purpose-built for selecting user profiles on the iPad/iPad mini.
Copycat Frappy Bird app in 3... 2... 1...
 Five years?  How do Flash developers reach mobile users today?
 I live my entire work life "outside the Apple bubble".  I'm guessing the Flash developer among us just outed himself.      And, yes, it is shameful that Adobe let this become their legacy.   On any given day, go to bing.com/news or (heaven forbid) news.google.com, type "Adobe" in the search box, and count the ratio of stories about Flash vulnerabilities to the total.   On second thought, "shameful" might be an understatement.
 And for what?  A bunch of cheezy animated ads?  Shameful that this is Adobe's legacy.
Flash = Adobe's evil twin.
Great!  Maybe they'll figure out a workaround to the iPhoto/Mavericks issue next? 
A travesty of justice. Samsung can't "unsee" that material any more than a bell can be "unrung". The fact that Samsung executives made wide use of the information disclosed in licensing negotiations should have been sufficient cause for action.
  They should sell it for π billion dollars.   What was Eric Schmidt's bit about "adult supervision no longer required"?     
New Posts  All Forums: