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The definition of a garbage app. Apple had it right to begin with.
 Here's a thought.  Apple could update the Mac mini with a Haswell chip while waiting for Intel to get their proverbial Broadwell shit together.
 Because the BBC wants to restrict access to their content to Brits (and probably to Brits who have TV licenses)?
I wish I could chose an ABC affiliate from my state, instead of the nearby affiliate from an adjacent state.  That would be groundbreaking.
 Trust:  So hard to earn.  So easy to lose.  
Like putting lipstick on a pig.
 Curiouser and curiouser.
 And the iTunes Festival gives an artist promotion and publicity like the record labels used to provide.  It's up to the artists and their management to determine if that's a value proposition that makes sense for them.  Remember that Apple is absorbing all of the event costs (facilities, staffing, backline, audio and video production, streaming, advertising) without any admission revenues.  For second-tier artists with so-called "360 deals" where their labels take a cut...
You couldn't pay me to listen to what Kanye calls music.  So we're even. 
 You want to build water pipelines to "fix" the problem of too many people living in a desert, in order to be able to properly water your lawns?
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