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It looks like TAG Heuer finally woke up to the strategic risk the Apple Watch is bringing to their industry.  It's a shame about the Google Gear partnership, though.
 That's only true for the more recent iPhones/iPads.  Older devices that can't run iOS 8 are left in the lurch, because Apple doesn't provide updates to iOS 7.x or earlier.
LOL at Google's "Walled Garden"!
And yet the new MacBook doesn't come buried with shovelware and malware (cough, cough, Superfish, cough)...
 IDK.  I have apps purchased using one Apple ID on an iPhone currently connected to the iTunes and App Store with a different Apple ID.  Updates, etc. work fine.  IMO, apps shouldn't be phoning home to Apple in order to run, which is what the article implied (quoted in my original post).
 That is just all kinds of bullshit.  Mobile app devs that actively link back to the Apple domain before their apps will open should be publicly shamed.
 The new MacBook seems to forgo Thunderbolt entirely.
 Au contrair, mon ami.  Client-side Java installed and updated (or not!) on every Mac created an unacceptable security risk that was unnecessary in most cases.  Good on Apple for seeing that.  If you want Java, it has to be downloaded and installed manually, and any damage at that point is purely self inflicted.
All the more reason to keep Java off your Macs.    IIRC, Apple took a metric crap ton of flak from the developer community when they first decoupled the Java JRE from OS X, deferring back to Oracle for updates.  This only confirms that was the right decision.
New Posts  All Forums: