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Good on 'em, that's the right thing to do. I got a similar notification recently that my iTunes Match subscription was ripe for renewal...
Do we know the battery run time for this new "Bluetooth and Wi-F connected" Hero+?
A great UX doesn't require a "mini site" to explain how to use it. Just saying...
 The iOS 9.0 update failed for a lot of people, myself included, due to an issue where the code at the "Slide to Upgrade" prompt was unresponsive. In fact, the fix for that update bug was the number one item in the list of 9.0.1 bug fixes:  What color is the sky in that fantasy world you live in?
Dude realized he was alienating the one demographic likely to actually pay to see his movie.
 I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see the Woz soaking up some spare change off this movie...
Sorkin is just another in a long line of Hollywood attention whores. Does anyone believe the timing on his little rant in that Hollywood rag was an accident?
Yeah, this will be the first one-star content blocker in the App Store by tomorrow morning.  The developer clearly doesn't understand they are selling "trust".
9.0.2 dropping in:  3...  2...
Bike directions in Google maps have some pretty glaring errors around here, including a completely obvious issue literally in the shadow of one of their own data centers. There is literally no way you could use their maps and miss it.
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