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 Yes, yes she is. And yet...  She has the clout most artists do not, due to their contracts with the record labels.  The nature of the so-called "360 deals" means the artist is still fully on the hook for all of the costs of their albums and promotion, and those liabilities don't magically go away for the three months that Apple wanted to give away their music -- and give it away to people who by the definition of music subscribers, who have zero interest in ever buying...
SMH!  How can Apple be so tonedeaf with Jimmy Iovine on staff?  "Taylor Smith vs. big mean corporate Apple", how did they not see that coming in Cupertino?  I guess Eddy didn't want to be the subject of a TS breakup song on her next album... 
 Yes, their anti-corporate street cred with their fans went up a few thousand percent this morning.  As well as a million people who'd never heard of them before.
 If it gets under the skin of people like you and Scooter63?  Offhand I'd have to say, yes, that's probably the intent of this particular band. But you have the guy's Twitter handle, you (and Scooter63) can take this up with him directly.  @antonnewcombe
 I think that's a great name for an indie psych-rock band.  FYI, indie rock isn't supposed to be some huge corporate thing.  Nobody in that target demographic is likely to go see a band called "Business Acumen and the MBAs"... Edit:  And I'll just point out that PScooter63 isn't exactly the most button-down username on the AI forums.
 That said, doesn't Mr. Newcombe realize that his band's music -- including full albums -- is currently widely available on YouTube for free?  http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Brian+Jonestown+Massacre
Can't wait for the inevitable bend tests with that big-arsed curved display.
Nothing creepy about Eric Schmidt's minions having real-time security footage from your home. /s
 The 1m (and 0.5m) cables are $19/€19.  The 2m cables are $29/€29. 
Pot calling the kettle black...
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