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In 2014, Apple still needs to take the store offline to change marketing material?
 Imagine how intrigued they'd be with Touch ID on the iPad.  Now imagine user profiles on the iPad, with Touch ID to identify user profiles.  Do that and nobody will care about the 5c.
 The nature of a fishing expedition is that they don't know what they're looking for and won't know if and until they find it.  He seems to think he can request any document or interview any person affiliated with Apple, for any reason.  That's actually the reason Apple filed this motion. N.B.  Bromwich is working for the same "judge" that found Apple guilty before the trial began...
 Start by bringing the Touch ID sensor to the iPad.  Then add user profiles to iOS, leveraging Touch ID for user identification.  Everything will fall into place after that.
Whether Judge Denise Cote "acted within her power when she assigned an external antitrust monitor to Apple" is an interesting question, but not nearly as interesting as whether she's entitled to assign her hand-picked crony for the monitor job (and a wholly unqualified crony at that).
Will this be on World News or 20/20?   Edit:  World News.  Found the info on MR.
 Reminds me of the opening scene of Demolition Man...
 Have the folks at Synology ever gotten around to adding HFS+ support over USB?    "Slow" is an understatement.  We've taken to calling it Amazon Glacier.    In addition to being bootable now, a cloned drive also allows you to back out a problematic OS or application upgrade (provided you cloned the drive before you started).
There's a story about free milk and a cow...
I much prefer SuperDuper! to whatever changes they made a while ago to CCC. As far as a bulletproof backup strategy, I have two dedicated external drives that I periodically* clone from my primary hard drive, that can be booted from any time, and keep one of them offsite at all times. I also keep a large hard drive setup as a Time Machine backup, to recover from any inadvertent file changes or deletes. *Prior to any OS update or any major application update.
New Posts  All Forums: