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Sorry, Tim, no Haswell Mac mini, no sale.
 People love to be promised things that aren't theirs.  I'd bet your neighbors would to love to get in on a CL giveaway day with all the stuff in your house, but that wouldn't make it right.
 The authors have existing publishing deals with Hachette, not Amazon.
The DOJ should waste no time in opening another investigation into Apple...
 Bill Campbell continues to be an embarrassment on Apple's board.  He needs to go, regardless of his previous status as FoS.  Quicken Mac products have been a cruel hoax on Mac users for far too many years.  If Campbell won't resign voluntarily, Cook needs to show him the door.
 I get this a lot with Bing Streetside:   Entire sections of Europe are missing even the most basic street detail, and the Yelp POI data has been abysmal.  I think "a couple years behind" is too generous.  If Apple really wants to be in maps (and it seems they do) then they're going to have to devote the resources needed to do it right.  They aren't going to be able to halfass it with a small team, then kill it off later, a la Aperture.
Any thoughts on a replacement for Logic?  I don't need Pro Tools compatibility...
Apple stopped development of Aperture a long time ago.   Makes me question using Logic...
Every day I'm more convinced that Apple is only interested in the integration pieces, like they are doing with HomeKit, and that we'll never see an iWatch device.  From the reviews of the Android watches I've read and the one Gear device I've tried, maybe that's for the better.  You can't seem to combine the watch form factor in a size large enough to be useful to have a usable/readable/touchable display without having some huge device hanging off your wrist that looks and...
New Posts  All Forums: