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The current generation of Beats headphones is actually pretty good. Anyone harboring an opinion of these based on previous Beats headphones would do well to check out the current crop; especially the Solo2 models. Whether they're worth the coin, or whether a pair of Solo2s is a deal compared to past Back-to-School promotions, I'll leave that for you guys to argue... ;-)
That UI...   What has been seen cannot be unseen. 
Glad to see this returning in iOS 9, but I really would've like to see this corrected in 8.4.1...
Wait for the updated iPad mini this fall.
I'm not seeing the new feature here.   Today I went to Subway, woke up my still-locked phone, hovered it over the NFC logo, Touch Pay asked for my fingerprint, payment completed using the default card.  All without ever unlocking the phone.  Running 8.4.
 Recently Closed Tabs has worked that way on the iPhone in 8.3, and probably earlier.  IIRC, I first came across it from a Rene Ritchey article on iMore (tip #9).  It originally came from the iPad, which had it as far back as iOS 6. FYI, Safari in private mode obviously doesn't show anything under recent tabs (as that would defeat the purpose of private mode).
Is AngryBirds even still a thing?
 Almost 10 hours later, they still haven't corrected this? 
Amazon Prime Garage Sale. LOL. The good stuff was gone almost instantly, the rest is just clearance junk.... Even the few Kindles that are on sale are the older soon-to-be-replaced models.
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