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The biggest omission in iOS continues to be the lack of bicycle directions. Fact.
Probably moved up since, sadly, there won't be a postseason for the Giants this year. Similarly, the new Apple TV arrives about a month too late for that shiney new MLB.tv app for tvOS that was demoed at the Civic event.
 Best Buy's rewards program comes with extended return periods, with tiers based on annual spending.  I get 30 days on everything except 14 days for cell phones (which is why I buy cell phones directly from Apple).  YMMV.
I would like an option to filter content linked to paywalls.
Yeah, I love what Woz did for Apple, but add my voice to the chorus that doesn't believe a word he says these days.  Anything to raise his own flag.
 Exactly.  OneDrive used to be more like DropBox, then Microsoft changed it into the abomination it is now by neutering the way it syncs.  Probably was a requirement for all the NSA data gathering built into Windows 10. Bottom line, if iCloud isn't sufficient for you (and how could it be?), don't look to OneDrive as a possible solution.
Apple needs to stop worrying about what's convenient to their Finance team and start worrying about what's convenient to their customers.  :-(   I'm on a legacy 25GB plan for $11.99/year, and while the new 50GB for $0.99/month is a better deal, I hate being nickled and dimed for monthly subscription charges.  I don't want to be in a situation where I feel like I constantly have to monitor additional monthly credit card charges...   At the very minimum, allow for payments...
It's a shame Apple Music didn't get more time for "polish".Just saying…
 I think that's 100% on Apple.
What happens the day my Apple Music subscription lapses? What am I left with if Apple Music in the cloud "matches"/overwrites my purchased music with DRM'ed tracks? I could theoretically re-download from the iTunes Store (and manually fix hundreds of playlists) but many tracks are no longer available to download. As just one example, any Zeppelin tracks bought before the recent 2014/2015 remasters are unavailable to download.Again, not a big deal to transient listeners...
New Posts  All Forums: