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 Mobile Safari on iOS 8.0.2 crashes several times a day on my iPhone 6, usually playing a video or trying to render a webpage with embedded video.
 Qwest became CenturyLink.  Different companies.  You're thinking of Cingular. But to answer your question, at that time Verizon insisted on having control of the cell phone experience for phones on their network, with their branding/logos everywhere, as well as their steaming pile of shovelware.  Cingular caved in exchange for a five year exclusive.  Simple as that...
 Quoting that guy as an "expert" ruins any credibility you may have had...
FWIW, Colin was wearing the same pink Beats Studios after tonight's game as last week, but with piece of white tape over the Beats logo.    
 LOLWUT? I think you have your manufactures and model numbers mixed up!   
 Steve would've said that you were pocketing it wrong. 
Blame where blame is due:  Nokia failed to react to a competitive threat.   On the upside, it gives the next generation of MBA students great fodder for SWOT analyses.    
 I don't consider that 9-0 SCOTUS ruling a "clever little gotcha". Yes, even bad guys have rights.  That's what makes them "rights".  Sorry if this makes your job harder, but it's now settled law.
 What's changed is that that definition of "lawful" is now being subject to scrutiny.  A 9-0 SCOTUS ruling recently determined that fishing expeditions through someone's smartphone are not legal, they'll need a warrant first, and that warrant will have to spell out the probable cause.
 This was all about Bose trying to make their old-guy headphones seem appealing to a younger demographic.  To do that, Bose has to take on the king of that demographic, which is Beats.  The Bose marketing types had to know this would be the net effect when they signed the exclusive deal with the NFL.  But it's not like it's magically going to buy them street cred, no NFL player is going to want to rock a pair of Bose QC25s at a post game press conference.  Bose is always...
New Posts  All Forums: