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Since I travel with my iPhone and ATV 3, I'm already able to do this, I've just had to go the extra step to set up a hotspot on the iPhone for the ATV to join.  This looks like it will simplify the experience.   I still don't see why the ATV setup doesn't include a basic browser so hotel WiFi networks with login screens would be easier to join.
 Can you mow the lawn while your out there? 
 Because...  It's in beta?  Don't make snap judgements until you know what will be in the shipping iOS 8 bits.
If only the local T-Mobile network around here were even a shadow of the AT&T network.
The TouchID is my favorite feature on my iPhone 5S -- by far.  Can't wait to see TouchID in the next iPads.  :)
 Get the book from iBooks, linked above. 
 Obj-C is still a valid Xcode language.  (Until it's not, ref: the Carbon APIs.) The difference seems to be (and I've looked at the Swift book for all of five minutes) is that you'll choose to use Swift and Playground, by preference.
 Apple develops an improved programming language.  Google copied Java.  Everything you need to know, right there. 
 You know the Supersonics moved to OKC, right? Now that's funny!   
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