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 Uh, no, that pricing was announced but hasn't been made available yet.  I know, because I just recently paid the 20GB for $40 rate.
Bono demands sacrifices of others that he refuses to make himself.
128GB iPhone?   I had the 64GB iPhone 5 and found it was overkill.  When I bought the 5S, I opted for the 32GB model and haven't regretted it, even with literally a thousand vacation photos on it (temporarily, of course).   OTOH, the iPad has been a completely different story.  32GB hasn't been nearly enough to store movies, and I would opt for a 128GB model if Apple would just make one with a TouchID sensor.
The definition of a garbage app. Apple had it right to begin with.
 Here's a thought.  Apple could update the Mac mini with a Haswell chip while waiting for Intel to get their proverbial Broadwell shit together.
 Because the BBC wants to restrict access to their content to Brits (and probably to Brits who have TV licenses)?
I wish I could chose an ABC affiliate from my state, instead of the nearby affiliate from an adjacent state.  That would be groundbreaking.
 Trust:  So hard to earn.  So easy to lose.  
Like putting lipstick on a pig.
New Posts  All Forums: