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 Equivalent processor performance.  Geekbench only measures CPU horsepower. Personally, I'll wait for the comprehensive Macworld and/or Ars reviews...
I wonder which shows on HBO will be excluded? http://arstechnica.com/business/2015/03/sling-tv-didnt-tell-users-its-newest-channels-come-with-restricted-content/ 
What about HIPPA laws?
 I disagree.  PDF is a platform for rendering pages independent of the OS/application/printer/monitor.  If the layout of the page is critical, PDF is by far the best option.  Can also be useful where color rendering is critical (such as CYMK color separation).  And MacOS can display PDF natively. FWIW, 90% of what a PDF can do, can now be accomplished with software from other than Adobe (MacOS, CutePDF, etc.)
 Yes, but historically, why?  Early on in the computer age, what Brit would use it?  I wonder if the $ symbol didn't wind up in various scripting languages (and the "anchor" character in 1-2-3, Excel, etc.) **because** it was accessible on so many keyboards worldwide.  Similar tohte pipe "|" character and the caret "^" character.  How much are they in use today because they were available on the earliest computer keyboards (and typewriters before that)?
 Scroll up six posts, the USB ports on our Mac minis are all in the back of the unit.  SMH
 I see why the British keyboard replaces the # (which used to be called a pound sign in the US, representing weight) with the £ symbol, but I've never understood why the British keyboard historically kept the $ dollar symbol.
 FWIW, the new Macbook doesn't need 100w of power.
 Plug in a USB A connector, it doesn't fit.Flip the plug over and try again, it still doesn't fit.Flip it back over and realize you had it right the first time. That's the real world scenario most people are discussing.  But thanks anyway for being pedantic...  SMH
New Posts  All Forums: