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 For all the talk about "smart" TVs, all I really want is the ability to customize the news crawl (what they used to call a chyron) to eliminate all the stuff I don't give a rats ass about.  And yet ESPN apparently still can't get that right in their app?  I'm guessing the network has some overriding vision of themselves as data curators.  The net result is that I don't turn their channel on for months at a time...
At one point the ESPN app started to get "needy " and required too much information from me, so I abandoned it in favor of their mobile website.  (I know, right?)  Same thing with the Yahoo Sports app.  The thing for me is that during hockey/basketball seasons I pay almost zero attention to sports.  But something to think about for the future.
What could go wrong?
  Worked fine for me.  Pay -> Reload -> (pick an amount) -> Pay -> Confirm -> (Pay with Touch ID).   Used my default Pay credit card.  iPhone 6 w/ iOS 8.1.3.
Well that was overdue, but appreciated none the less.
Can a foreign bond offering be used to fund a stock buyback based on stocks traded on a US exchange?  Seems like another Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich tax avoidance scheme.  I guess we'll know in short order.   As to the 0.5% interest rate, I literally don't see an upside for the investor, who gets a bond holding that is, what?, payable in Swiss Francs?  In that case, why not just hold Swiss Francs as a liquid asset for essentially the same currency risk (and...
The best of everything except Aperture...  SMH
Where are all the people who thought Photos would have Aperture featuress?
 I wouldn't.  There's no way back once you upgrade, and graphics is known to be laggy on older iPads.
 Unlimited "No Service"?  Sign me up!  /sarcasm
New Posts  All Forums: