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I looked at any number of Bluetooth speakers this past Christmas for presents and wound up buying the Sony X3 and X5 over the Bose, Beats, UE, JBL, etc.   I thought the Soundlink Mini was weak for the $200 price point.
 iTunes is really metadata-driven, not folder/location-driven.
 So...  ...open?
I turn off incoming connections as a matter of course, and got this error dialog starting iTunes 12.1 tonight: ... with the option to Ignore or Open Firewall Preferences (default).
 Google co-opted Java (which, as an erstwhile Java programmer, I would opine has far more than its fair share of faults) for Android.  Eric Schmidt was (a) very familiar with the language and APIs and (b) too afraid to roll out his own language and associated APIs for Android, afraid that nobody would develop for it.  Compare and contrast that to the work that is happening at Apple with Swift as a first-class programming language for OSX and iOS... As far as what Java and...
That's just crazy talk.  The next thing you know, they'll insist "unlimited" data really means unlimited.
Quote: I was thinking more along the lines of the Eastern European mafia types.  If you're an average Chinese citizen, do you want to put your money in a bank that's going to be such an obvious honey pot for financial theft?
If governments have access to backdoors, so will hackers.  Simple as that.
I didn't have to re-pair with either of my two Bluetooth speakers or in my Honda but I did forget to check whether the update turned Bluetooth on automatically, like past iOS updates have done.  Doh!
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