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Dear Apple,   Your POI data is a hot mess.  Please fix that first.   Sincerely,   John.B
 At least the Apple implementation of split screen mode for tables is worthy of being an Apple feature.  Meaning it's intuitive and obvious, at least once you've seen it.  Not that they've all been homeruns (and frankly there have been too many pop flies of late), but quick access to my blue bubbles, notes and email is definitely hitting one out of the park. Bonus points for not needing a stylus.  ;-)
 The problem is with websites that have Flash-free versions, but only load them for platforms that don't support Flash. Too bad Safari on OSX doesn't let you maintain specific default User Agents for specific URLs. While I'm dreaming, I'd also like to be able to specify which URLs open in Private Mode and which open normally...
 Sounds like a broken business model to me...
 Bike trails typically don't go anyplace people actually need to get to, which tends to make them poor replacements for bike lanes and bike friendly streets.
It would be nice if GPS/location based apps could all be restricted to "When Using".  Too many apps are still all or nothing.  There is no reason a traffic app (for example) needs to spin in the background using up battery when I'm at home or work.
 Drive, Walk, Transit:  YesBicycle:  No 
Hello?  Bike directions?  thump thump  Is this mic on?
New Posts  All Forums: