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Fox guarding the hen house.
Do you ever start writing, and put in a placeholder for something you meant to go back and look up, so you didn't lose your train of thought, then forget to go back and fix it?
 So, sometime next week?   
Which means they'll also give up the "standard" vendor lock-in (carrier locked phones), and that leaves them to compete on marketing and/or price.  As more wireless companies roll out LTE and consumers can switch between low-priced carriers as often as they want while keeping their phone numbers, this will become a race to the bottom.  Nice for consumers, but I suspect a "lose" for AT&T, etc.  I don't know that his shareholders are going to appreciate this, but it seems...
Don't all Crackberry communications go through Cannuckistan?
  Last I checked, I couldn't access BBC content. That's not Apple's fault.
Turning this off is as simple as turning off Bluetooth.
  Half of all statistics are made up on the spot.       
Boo.  :(
 They actually run a sister site named 9to5google.com They're in the same business as AI, MacRumors, Gizmodo, Engadget, etc.:  Controversy generates page views, page views generate ad revenues.
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