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Only the current DoJ would use anti-trust law to grant a de facto monopoly to Amazon.  And, of course, this is how Amazon behaves as a result.
I guess it can be natural to have your fill of working for one company, but...  Facebook?  What is he going to do, design animations of byzantine security controls that change on a weekly basis?  I hope the money's good.
 Page views.  Specifically, ad impressions.
Why would Apple trust Samsung to hold up their end of the bargain?  Is there anything in the past several years that would indicate Samsung would follow through on any agreement that might be negotiated, or would they continue to copy features on a wholesale basis?
 Sorry, I think I misunderstood what you were saying.  I was pointing out that there ought to be a middle ground between a fullscreen picture and the dinky little circle/icon that replaced it.
 And it has to be all or nothing... why?... exactly?
 Why are the pictures needed?  Why not prefix each response with the user's nickname and have some way to display the names of everyone on the chat on an on-demand basis (some sort of button or link).  Like this:   I agree with Chris_CA, if they're going to implement picture backgrounds for iMessage, they should fix the iOS 7 caller ID pictures first.
 The streaming devices that matter most to me get wired Ethernet.  No reason to float Netflix/MLB.tv/ESPN3/Amazon Prime/Steam game content/etc. over the airwaves when the devices and TV are, for the most part, stationary.  YMMV.
 This.  The "smart TV" feature on my LG HDTV is a complete mess.  I disabled it (e.g. turned off its internet access) within hours of having the TV set up.  And that was before the revelations detailing how LG spied on their customers' watching habits.  The one feature I am glad to have are the 4 HDMI inputs plus one 1080i component input for the cable box.  In fact, all I need is for the TV to provide a decent number of HD inputs and an easy way to switch between them...
 Increased controversy = more ad impressions.  So they encourage the shit stirrers in hopes of increased page views.  Same MO as MR, 9-to-5, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: