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Bumping this thread... Funny (as in, ironic) quote from the head of the Eff Bee Eye:FBI Director to citizens: Let us spy on you | Ars Technica Basically admits to doing it without lawful authority.
 I doubt it.  Though I would expect they would be the largest creditor.
The bankruptcy judge needs to add all the c-level executives the 700+, then turn over the Finance dept. files to the SEC to investigate those who sold a bunch of stock right before the stock price crashed.
 Yeah, checking my own assumptions here, a quick surf over to Newegg shows that both Seagate and Sammy are now shipping 2.5" 9.5mm 2TB drives.   Though that doesn't solve the fault tolerance problem, it might at least address AnalogJack's needs.
 The advantage of the previous generation of Mac minis was that they supported two mirrored internal drives, which were perfect for the Macminicolo environment because the boxes were self contained units with just the one adapter for the second Ethernet port.  Designing for fault tolerance is a good thing where you can't easily put your hands on the computer hardware.
 Well there are no 2TB 2.5" form factor (i.e. "laptop") drives at this point, and it's looking like the new Mac mini internals only support one 2.5" drive and one small flash drive.  We won't know for sure until someone like iFixit tears one down in the next few days (these aren't actually available just yet). Edit:  I was wrong, there are 2.5" 9.5mm 2TB drives..
 Fixed.  This is really going to limiting for the Macminicolo, etc. crowd.
 Confirmed, no new Mac minis at the Apple store today.  Likewise for the Retina iMacs.
 Bah!!!  "1-3 days" or "ship to store".   I thought these were available today?
Woohoo! New Haswell minis! Driving to the Apple store now!
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