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 Only to launch, not for the program to run.  If you thought Adobe -- of all companies -- would be sensitive to this sort of thing, you'd be wrong...
 I advise users to dump Flash from their Macs as quickly as possible. 
Where's the damned mini refresh to Haswell/HD5000?
That's great, but it's only half the equation, iPads still need user profiles for Touch ID to be a real home run feature.
Typical class action case, ensures the lawyers get paid.
And still, no update to the mini...  :(
 Bring Touch ID to the iPads integrated with user profiles and people will literally line up around the block to buy them. You listening, Tim?
 Google built a data center near here that gets all its power from a coal plant.  They claim that buying offsets from wind farms on a different grid makes that data center "green".  That's a far cry from powering a data center with actual renewable energy.
So passengers can't send texts?  The Bluetooth feature in my Honda can read texts.  Works with both iPhones and Androids.
Add Touch ID (and user profiles via iOS 8) and ship it. 
New Posts  All Forums: