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It would be nice if GPS/location based apps could all be restricted to "When Using".  Too many apps are still all or nothing.  There is no reason a traffic app (for example) needs to spin in the background using up battery when I'm at home or work.
 Drive, Walk, Transit:  YesBicycle:  No 
Hello?  Bike directions?  thump thump  Is this mic on?
 Report: Chinese company faulted on bridge project - Yahoo News 
Quote: So this means the Thunderbolt port will support charging with an "active" Thunderbolt 3 cable or only over a "passive" USB 3.1 cable? (Obviously power over optical is out...)
 USB 3.1 will support garden variety passive cables, where the higher throughput of Thunderbolt 3 will require expensive/proprietary cables with embedded circuits (which has been true for all Thunderbolt cables since the outset).  What will be interesting to see is whether Thunderbolt 3 devices are going to have backward compatibility to USB 3.1 if used with passive cables. Edit:  From the Ars article linked below: 
My question is whether the next generation of 5K/retina iMacs will support target display mode once they are updated with Thunderbolt 3.
Brushing up on my Mandarin now.  
 Ralph de la Vega?  Is that you?
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