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if Google actually cared about security, they'd draw a line in the sand and publish a date where all ads on the Google ad networks must support https. No ifs, ands or buts. That they don't tells you everything you need to know, right there. This is just prioritizing revenue over security. And shame on Apple for allowing the "workaround " in the first place.
The number one single complaint I have with Apple Music is Apple's insistence on co-mingling purchased music with iCloud music in the same iTunes library. Until that's fixed, none of the other things matter. The thing is, it was such a boneheaded design decision, and one that someone who was passionate about their music collection would never have made in the first place.
My favorite thing about Amazon is that virtually all of the big box retailers now price match them, free two-day shipping not required.
Hobby my ass.  This is nothing but typical Apple benign neglect.   Other than sharing the the odd AirPlay video from someone's iPhone/iPad, anymore we only use our Apple TVs for Netflix and MLB.tv.  If Roku would ever pull their collective heads out and get a decent Netflix interface on their box (and TBH Apple's isn't much better) we'd switch in a heartbeat.
"Google has also been working on porting a Chrome OS feature called tab discarding, which can force a tab to "sleep" if memory is running out." The single biggest annoyance with Safari, now ported to Chrome. SMH
Given the bozos running the USPTO, anything is within the realm of possibility.
  For those wondering, this was where I got off the Parallels train:  Turn off ads in Parallels Desktop - Mac OS X Hints That was a pretty shitty way to treat your paying customers, if you ask me.
 Both Fusion/Parallels will require a paid update for coherence/unity mode with Windows 10: Year-old Parallels and VMware software won’t be updated for Windows 10 | Ars Technica BTW, Fusion was upgraded to version 7 on September 3, 2014 and the last update was version 7.1.2 on June 15, 2015, which was an OpenSSL security patch.   Source   (Just an observation, but righteousness and indignation come off a lot better when you have your facts straight.) Which doesn't answer...
Requisite "Does this version of Parallels include ads?" post.
This is DOA without heartrate tracking.
New Posts  All Forums: