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 People...  Glass houses...  You know the drill...
Bose gave free headphones to every member of the Jaguars this morning, and presumably the other teams as well:   https://twitter.com/Panthers/status/520580340214419456   Do they really believe that will remove the fat old bald guy stank from their products?
 Until now, it's been the banks that have been largely responsible for taking the hit, unless they could prove negligence on the part of the retailer. But this all changes in October of 2015, when the implementer with the lesser technology becomes responsible for chargebacks.  If a retailer still uses swipe-and-sign but the customer had a chipped card, the retailer eats the cost of fraud.  Conversely, if the retailer had a chip and/or NFC terminal (which are functionally...
To be fair to the Bose brand, they DO have the "fat old bald guy on an airplane" demographic locked up...
Clearly an organization such as the NFL that can sign exclusive league-wide endorsement deals such as the Bose or Microsoft Surface contracts have long since evolved into a solely commercial enterprises.Ironically it's their blackout policy that will wind up getting the exemption pulled, but AFAIC, a win is a win.
It cost Julius Thomas $1732 less to throw an intentional chop block that could have ended Calais Campbell's career.An exemption that needs to be repealed. And there is growing support to do just that.He wore pink Beats to honor his grandmother who is a breast cancer survivor. You know, the whole "wear pink in October" thing the NFL pushes to make their brand more acceptable to women? Except where an exclusive marketing deal gets in the way...
 Or same talent agency?  Maybe they saw him on the Coin Kickstarter and sought him out?
 Not if you call from India, it seems:  Skype is hanging up on calls to landlines and mobiles in India
Apple is doomed.
Google curated newsfeed? Pass.
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