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Travel Time is still AWOL...
 Thanks for posting this, I was going to type the same thing.  :) Edit:  Also: Fn+Delete for "forward delete"...  For those who don't own one of the Apple chargers or haven't seen one, they come with six batteries, so enough for a wireless keyboard, a pointing device (wireless touchpad or mouse) and a pair of spares to keep charged up at the ready.
And I'm experimenting with not using Twitter.
I'll believe when I see it.
 And the truth is that Apple's POI data isn't in nearly good enough shape to implement something along the lines of a Places API.
It looks like TAG Heuer finally woke up to the strategic risk the Apple Watch is bringing to their industry.  It's a shame about the Google Gear partnership, though.
 That's only true for the more recent iPhones/iPads.  Older devices that can't run iOS 8 are left in the lurch, because Apple doesn't provide updates to iOS 7.x or earlier.
LOL at Google's "Walled Garden"!
And yet the new MacBook doesn't come buried with shovelware and malware (cough, cough, Superfish, cough)...
 IDK.  I have apps purchased using one Apple ID on an iPhone currently connected to the iTunes and App Store with a different Apple ID.  Updates, etc. work fine.  IMO, apps shouldn't be phoning home to Apple in order to run, which is what the article implied (quoted in my original post).
New Posts  All Forums: