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BTW, this guy is pretty happy with Siri:   Siri Saves Tennessee Teen After He Gets Pinned by Truck - NBCNews.com   Maybe today wasn't the best day to call Siri "nearly useless"?   Not that AI would cover a positive story about Apple...
 The difference is that someone can't look over your shoulder to see your Touch ID...
I can't imagine why stuff is more expensive in Australia vs the rest of the world...  /s
 Pretty ballsy considering their whole "Scroogled" ad campaign.
 Cisco does build in back doors, and they do get exploited:  Attackers are hijacking critical networking gear from Cisco, company warns | Ars Technica
The update almost has to be Apple Music related, though I'm hesitant to update my 7th gen nano just to see what's different.
But still no bike directions...
I've said this before, but anything to make the costs transparent to the customer benefits the customer.  The "subsidized phone" model hides the cost of the phone but it also hides the cost of the subsidy and many people don't understand that, after 24 months, they are paying a subsidy for nothing if they don't upgrade to a new phone.  This puts an end to that.    My guess is that iPhone users that decide to buy an Android will be back on an iPhone in short order.
This would be great if any of the places where I use my corporate Amex actually took NFC payments...
New Posts  All Forums: