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Didn't we already know this a month ago? Microsoft Said to Back Off Plans to Debut Smaller Surface | Bloomberg.com
I've said this elsewhere, but I think the fact that hitting the "Y!" on the lower left corner of the stock Weather app (accidentally or intentionally) would prompt you to change your default search engine to Yahoo was bullshit.   Besides, if I wanted to have Bing be my search engine, I'd just use Bing and cut out the middleman.   Apropos of nothing:  I prefer Weatherbug to anything else out there.
 Sorry to have offended your Victorian legal sensibilities... The max value of the original suit per plaintiff was $500,000, the lawyers offered to "settle" on "behalf of the class" for what is being projected at $4000 per plaintiff -- after the lawyers take their "fees" projected at $85 million.   So about 1% of the original amount to the plaintiffs, give or take, for not trying what amounts to a slam-dunk case.  Clearly this is acceptable the bizzaroworld that is the US...
Typical legal shenanigans. Michael Devine filed a lawsuit, the lawyers co-opted it into a class action and effectively took all the proceeds for themselves, leaving the actual plaintiffs with empty pockets (or useless "vouchers"). I wish more class actions were subject to a smell test vs. simply being rubberstamped.
 Does Skype still route all calls through Microsoft's NSA-friendly servers?
DOJ sues Apple in 3...  2...  1...
 Pro bono?  Class action -- by its very nature -- makes lawyers money at the expense of the plaintiffs, who usually get some meaningless token such as small discounts toward some future purchase.
Cutting Google Search from the iOS experience pie, one slice at a time.
 Apparently parents will have the option to not buy apps from developers who don't agree to support Family Sharing.   
 I don't believe I've ever heard those words phrased together that way before.  
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