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 My son loves his X5.  Much bigger battery than the X3.  The upside is better bass response, the downside is that it needs a separate AC charging transformer vs. the X3 which charges via USB.  Bluetooth pairing wasn't really designed for what it sounds like you're trying to do. You could go with a Sonos system at the high end. Or if you already had power speakers you could go with one or more Airport Express units and use Airplay from your Mac or virtually any iOS device.
I believe Apple's intent was to link Messages only to the iMessage/SMS messages of the person who is currently logged into the Macbook.  Yours seems to be a fairly unique case.  I'm not sure there are that many people who would want to share their SMS messages with someone else.
 This one?  http://www.amazon.com/Philips-Bluetooth-Wireless-Portable-Speaker/dp/B00AERGEW2 I picked up the black version for my office last year, the day our department instituted a "no links to company assets" policy.  Nice little unit for the ~$39 I paid, and it only pairs music which means voice calls stay with my iPhone, a huge plus.  Loud enough for background music in my office without disturbing those around me.  I could've spent spent several times that amount but...
 I'm sure calling the people willing to help you "zealots" has a real positive impact on your experience.  SMH
 That was about Bose filing a lawsuit against Beats over noise-cancelling headphones (after Apple acquired Beats).  With the lawsuit settled, Bose products are back in Apple Stores.  If you'd actually been in an Apple Store recently, you'd know that.
I looked at any number of Bluetooth speakers this past Christmas for presents and wound up buying the Sony X3 and X5 over the Bose, Beats, UE, JBL, etc.   I thought the Soundlink Mini was weak for the $200 price point.
 iTunes is really metadata-driven, not folder/location-driven.
 So...  ...open?
I turn off incoming connections as a matter of course, and got this error dialog starting iTunes 12.1 tonight: ... with the option to Ignore or Open Firewall Preferences (default).
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