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 Ralph de la Vega?  Is that you?
iOS allows users to turn off location tracking, etc. at the app level (Privacy -> Location Services). And this is why that's needed. "While Using" is one thing, "Always" is something else entirely. There is no valid reason for apps like these to have 24/7 location data. Same thing with Contact data... SMH
I don't understand why people would willingly buy a car built by GM, not after the way they used their bankruptcy filing to ditch responsibility for their (known) faulty ignition switch issues.   Judge rules General Motors is shielded from pre-bankruptcy ignition switch death claims | Fox News
For every blogger who criticized Iljitsch van Beijnum for his Ars article on reverting back to mDNSResponder in Yosemite, I hope that crow tastes good.
Which car models are shipping with CarPlay?
That's one way to reduce demand on their crappy network, drive new customers to the competition...
 So whatever came of that?  I don't think they "revealed" a new keyboard, two months later the current keyboard still has the otherwise-blank F5 and F6 keys and the eject button on the top right-hand corner: 
All the positional accuracy in the world won't help if the POI data itself is crap.
Quote: George H. W. Bush was effectively Reagan's third term.  At least not since the 17th Amendment.  Not that certain states don't still practice the concept of "senator for life"...
So we'll have more greater location accuracy to the wrong places?
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