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 Bah!!!  "1-3 days" or "ship to store".   I thought these were available today?
Woohoo! New Haswell minis! Driving to the Apple store now!
**insert joke about needing a Mandarin translator here**
This Reddit? http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/10/03/iworm-malware-controls-macs-via-reddit-more-than-17k-affected
 It's actually pretty lame that Samsung's Exynos SoC can't compete with Qualcomm's Snapdragon in Samsung's own flagship products.  But, hey, keep those snarky ads coming...
16GB is as lame on Androids as it is on iDevices.
Finally, the iPads get Touch ID.  Now if they'd just get to user profiles...
I suspect if any network could make a go of this, it would be HBO.  Not sure that this is a model a lot of other networks are going to be able to follow.  ESPN, for example, holds the cable/satellite companies hostage for revenue from every household, whether the people want it or not.  I think it would be hard for Disney to move to an ala carte system if that would mean the cable/satellite operators would drop their ESPN channel bundles.   (Note: I'm not saying I'm not...
 Mobile Safari on iOS 8.0.2 crashes several times a day on my iPhone 6, usually playing a video or trying to render a webpage with embedded video.
 Qwest became CenturyLink.  Different companies.  You're thinking of Cingular. But to answer your question, at that time Verizon insisted on having control of the cell phone experience for phones on their network, with their branding/logos everywhere, as well as their steaming pile of shovelware.  Cingular caved in exchange for a five year exclusive.  Simple as that...
New Posts  All Forums: