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 I'm bending my iPhone 6 in anticipation!  
... since Apple updated the Mac mini.
 Color me disillusioned, but, yes.
Stuff I'd like to see fixed in 8.1: Various screen rotation issues, including uʍop-ǝpısdn videos Safari crashes, especially when playing videos Inability to select text in Safari or resize a webpage Bluetooth weirdness where calls don't ring and texts don't notify Horrid iPad performance Return Camera Roll, dammit!   I'd love to see iPay go live, but not if the rest of the OS is going to be substandard.
You guys buying an LG HDTV -- instead of a Samsung -- have a whole different problem:  LG TV phones home with your viewing habits, names of files you screen, even if you tell it not to - Boing Boing   I un"smart"ened my LG HDTV by killing the WiFi connectivity; I recommend you all do the same.
 iPhone 6 on iOS 8.0.2 with Honda Bluetooth, when phone calls comes in I no longer get any notifications.  No ring, no on-screen notification to answer the call, no fade out/fade in, nada.  Likewise, no alerts when I get a text.  All of which worked fine with my 5S on 7.1.2.  In a "general sense" I would say that qualifies as "broken".
Quote: Sorry but I've got Bluetooth and bizarre screen rotation problems on my iPhone 6.  And confirmed rotation problems on two 5Ss that worked fine on 7.1.2. I've had more Safari crashes in the two weeks I've had my iPhone 6 than I had on my 3GS, 5, and 5S combined.  Especially playing videos. I've seen two iPads (one a new Air, the other a 4th Gen) that have horrible performance after the iOS 8 upgrade.  Functionally unusable. And a friend got froggy and installed iOS...
I'm waiting for 8.1 to fix the problems with screen rotation in Mobile Safari on my iPhone 6 before I upgrade any of my iOS 7 devices.
It also broke my wired USB connection from my 5th gen iPod nano to my car stereo.  And bent my steering wheel.  /s
I think iOS 8 took care of that already...
New Posts  All Forums: