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Thievery is a pretty harsh term, but the process does amount to a good bit of "We steal your IP/patents and then try to survive the civil lawsuits, and if that fails then we'll try license it on the back end". Unfortunately for Motorola, etc. it's the handset manufacturers that would be on the hook for selling implemented products with IP that Google may have misappropriated. Is it any wonder they Moto is trying to develop their own ecosystem (and why HP bought Palm for...
I don't disagree with most of what you are saying. But what happened in this case is that Verizon and AT&T refused to play ball at all, at any price. The rurals asked the FCC to step in, because ensuring infrastructure gets built out throughout the country is part of the FCC's mission (at least they think so). Verizon and AT&T could've dictated their own terms; they took a calculated risk that the FCC wouldn't extend the voice ruling to include data, and they lost. Back...
Steve would've been a terrible fit. Can you imagine him overseeing the 'Plex ecosystem where "engineer-designed" UIs and a "good enough" mindset are the norm?
They said from the link it was because the guys doing the research had access to an Android phone. I wouldn't be surprised if the iPhone app didn't have the same issues...
Glenn Beck? Is that you?
Pandora sends user GPS, sex, birthdate, other data to ad servers:Full story here: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/...ad-servers.ars (arstechnica.com) So now we at least have confirmation why they got subpoenaed by a grand jury earlier this year, and we seem to know how they are getting paid for providing "free" music.
And those still using an iPhone 3GS.Yeah, pretty much.
Which is Tim Cook's forté.
Moot point. That rural carrier can already piggyback off of the big wireless companies for voice calls. This ruling only extends that existing policy to include wireless data networks. I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying that's the reality.The towers are merely "leasehold improvements" (N.B. the accounting definition) built on properties (airwaves) that the wireless companies hold leases to, but do not own. Policy changes that affect those leases are one of the risk...
There are no touch panels made in the US. Except for that tiny little problem, sure, the US Govt could step in and regulate supply.
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