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  They drive up the cost of imported goods for all Australians?  ;)
A money grab by government bureaucrats.  And they wonder why goods imported to Australia costs 50% more...
  I'd be curious to find out if LinkedIn misrepresented their data collection techniques under oath.
And everyone was bitching about the June 1 deadline to sandbox Mac App Store apps?   Given recent developer behaviors, I'd say we need more app sandboxing, not less.
    My guess is that you'll be able to use the Google Maps iOS app that Google will likely release, but it won't be the default Maps application called by the iOS APIs.
Apple needs to  implement an iOS-wide ad blocking system, similar to how ad blocking software for browsers work.  
  Are you volunteering to work for less than minimum wage?  Are you willing to take up the slack for the infrastructure demands that a low-wage workforce puts on its community?
That's going to sell a lot of Visio HDTVs!
There is no placating some people.  Greenpeace is more about getting their name in the press and generating donations than they are about the actual environment.  Apple could disconnect completely from the NC power grid and Greenpeace would still bitch that they weren't contributing green power back to the community.   Maybe they should change their name to Greenpress...
To mix metaphors:  Greenpeace has jumped the shark.
New Posts  All Forums: