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"Skate to where the puck will be..."Adobe could've easily been the premier (small "p") developer of leading-edge HTML5 tools. They probably still can be, with the right amount of focus and effort.IMO, it's risky on Adobe's part to ignore a developing market with a huge upside, but it's sheer hubris to ignore it over a spat with Apple over Flash on iOS devices.
My only question is why Adobe wasn't out in front of HTML5 tool development from the beginning.
The early iPhone revenues were amortized over two years which made the early quarters smaller than they otherwise would've been and later quarters larger than they would've been.
When asked in 1997 what he would do to fix Apple's problems, Michael Dell infamously told a crowd of IT executives, "What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders."As context, it was the week after a Steve Jobs keynote where he defended some drastic decisions (as interim CEO, no less) that included shutting down projects and even the Apple clone market in an effort to turn Apple around.
Except it was Steve Jobs who pushed the record labels into delivering DRM-free music, which meant you could play iTunes purchases on other hardware.
Successful, even ruthless, supply chain management is no where near sexy sounding as Precision Aluminum Unibody Enclosures or Retina Displays, but it's a huge part of Apple's success. Tim Cook should get more credit for what he brings to the table.
I guess we'll have to add "PC Tax" into the vernacular!
Great post, as always, nagromme. To many switchers insist that the green "zoom" button should be "maximize". Unfortunately, what may make sense on a 13" laptop screen can be ludicrous on a 30" monitor.This. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
You do know you can turn off the ribbon in Office 2011? That it's completely optional? Or that Office 2010 (for Windows) users don't get that choice.
Especially since part of the "smarts" of Thunderbolt are built into both ends of the cables.I'm waiting to see if OWC makes a Thunderbolt miniStack for the new Mac mini with an optical drive and 3.5" HDD storage...
New Posts  All Forums: