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Let me guess... You were a buggy whip salesman in a past life?
In other news, the Sun rises in the east... ETA: /sarc
"Adult supervision" definitely required.
Good Lord! What would the haters bitch about then? Oh, yeah, Blu-ray...
Well said, Orlando.
Apple's numbers include a lot of retail wages in that figure.They published a mean without glancing at the standard deviation. Numbers only tell a story if you look at what they have to say. What a shame journalists have been replaced by reporters. Don't believe me? Check the in-depth reportage on their home page, they are the Bay Area web equivalent of the USA Today. Gator, you read that tripe?It's far easier to sue a hardware manufacturer, because there is a...
I agree 100%.I've been around enough businesses that extended themselves beyond core competencies to recognize the danger signs,
Google: We paid $12.5 billion for what???? They may need to go back to that whole "adult supervision" thing...Reminds me of a discussion Orlando and I had about this deal a couple of weeks back:I'm voting for whatever choice is "not brilliant". :P
Lebron probably sucks at football. Or soccer. Hell, Michael Jordan sucked at baseball once pitchers figured out he couldn't hit a curve ball. Just because Google is good at search and ads doesn't automatically make them good at running a hardware company. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
"Share the spectrum?" Google's history seems more inclined to share what belongs to others than sharing out what they themselves own. Let's see how Google handles the intricacies of a hardware company first, before we let the little darlings that can't cook their own meals try to run a wireless company.
New Posts  All Forums: