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Especially since part of the "smarts" of Thunderbolt are built into both ends of the cables.I'm waiting to see if OWC makes a Thunderbolt miniStack for the new Mac mini with an optical drive and 3.5" HDD storage...
They had me at "versions". You guys can futz with iWork all you want but I need 100% Office compatibility as that's the only way I can have a Windows-free household.
Google built Java?
Paired with one of the new Thunderbolt Cinema Displays as a home docking station and maybe a MacBook Air SuperDrive for importing disks and you are golden.I'm wondering if OWC will build a custom miniStack unit with both an optical disk and room for a 3.5" desktop HDD...
Unlawful? Are you even aware that the intellectual property clause is enshrined in the main body of the US Constitution?
I wonder how Google would feel about "sharing" their patented search and indexing algorithms?
Pretty interesting thread at MR where 2011 MBA owners are comparing what memory (and display) came with various models here: MacRumors.com - 2011 Mba Owners, share your ssd model and display model here
So... The non-removable batteries aren't so bad after all?
The value in Netflix to me is, and always has been, in the content of their DVD delivery service. Streaming content was their own version of a "hobby" as far as I'm concerned -- almost a throwaway -- and I don't see that changing any time soon. So, yes, the combination of the two did go up 60% and, no offiense indended, but you'd have to be a pretty big ATV2/Netflix apologist to overlook that.There's no value add in what they've done here. They've just raised their...
For a supposedly smart guy like yourself, you tend to assume a lot, don't you? We have a Windows-free household. The only products from Redmond in our house today besides Office for Mac is our Wii (which nobody bothers to play anymore) and a few DSs. You want to know what Apple products I have, Mr. Smart M&A Lawyer Guy? Figure out what those letters and numbers in my signature mean...As for the Apple TV being an amazing product, well, we thought so too -- at first.But...
New Posts  All Forums: