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Microsoft announced something that Apple had been developing for months?
And let Google have a copy of every text you've ever sent or received?
I'm excited too! I can't wait to see Microsoft -- once again -- try to shoehorn an OS designed for desktop/laptop computers into a smartphone form factor. The problem isn't the processor horsepower, it's the UI! I'm baffled that Microsoft continues to be so averse to using the touchscreen OS in Windows Phone 7 for tablets. It's like it's Groundhog Day every day in Redmond.
After Apple releases the iPhone 5, I'll "only offer" to do business with non-AT&T wireless providers. If that means Verizon, then so be it.
Did you miss the part where Google has alienated HTC, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, LG, ZTE, etc. by, once again, reaching into direct competition with their partners.Forget the two-sentence "happy face" press releases for a minute. (Gruber called them the "Stepford Handset Makers". ) Do you think for a second that their Android partners don't realize the ramifications of having Google build their own Google Android hardware to sell to Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T as well...
I honestly don't know. The hardware side of that business is completely toxic to their partners. But they vastly overpaid for it. Thinking out loud for a moment...Maybe Google sells the hardware business -- including cross-licensing for all the patents -- at a massive loss (since the 60% premium over market value is gone and Google would've kept the patent assets). So they are selling a money pit stripped of it's most important assets including potentially even the...
What an original idea!
If Google walks away from the deal with Motorola, then Motorola pockets $2.5b and still retains the ownership of MMI and their patents and immediately goes back to suing the other Android hardware manufacturers. That's a given.No, if Google is going to "put up or shut up", they're going to have to give that licensing away. And destroy key parts of that MMI IP they paid $12.5b for in the process. If they try license it to the other Android hardware manufacturers, who of...
Motorola wouldn't sell just the patents. Motorola made Google buy the whole of MMI -- or nothing.Remember that part of this was precipitated by Motorola threatening patent lawsuits for all of Google's other Android partners.Google was PLAYED! Helluva trial by fire for Larry, though. Bet he longs for the day when it was only about "free" software and ad revenues from web search.But, hey, really, how hard can hardware be for a software company?
Carriers' lofty claims of 4G speed put to the test: (MSNBC)http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44148462...ence-wireless/TL;DR? Verizon by a landslide, then T-Mobile, then Sprint, with AT&T dead last.My previous post is as germane as ever:
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