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My car can already communicate over BlueTooth.  WiFi wouldn't be a stretch.  Why shouldn't that device-to-car interaction be able to happen wirelessly?   FTR, I'm only talking about 3G/4G for device to cloud communication, but I can already upgrade my iOS version that way, why not simpler stuff?  Just because it's always been done with a wired proprietary connector doesn't make it right for the future...  
Great news!  This was only thing holding me back from buying a new 13" MBA.  I have a number of FW800 drives used for my Lightroom Library and full backup rotation, which I've been unwilling to replace until more FW800/USB3 drives are available (most FW800 drives are still USB2).
  And why can't those functions be done over WiFi/BlueTooth (and 4G/3G in the case of the iPhone/iPad) instead of a connector cable?  This is 2012, after all...
You missed one.   In 1985: The suits had taken over control of Apple, to its deteriment.   Disclosure, in those days I had a hotrodded IBM XT that I only upgraded to a 386 when Windows 3.0/Excel 3.0 came out.  
Yeah, I'm not understanding why a proprietary 8-pin connector would be any better for iPhone users than one of the already-standard mini-USB/micro-USB connectors.  At least the 10-year old 30-pin connectors are ubiquitous.  
Careful, you're reaching so far you might pull a muscle if you aren't careful.  LOL!  
Have you forgotten that 1985 was the year The Suits on Apple's Board of Directors ran Steve Jobs out on a rail?  LOL!  
Can I re-download MP3s after matching, or does this only work with their Cloud Player?
I never met Steve Jobs, but I know the marketing and advertising that came out during his tenure were never anywhere near this bad...     ... but this guy did know Steve Jobs and worked with him for years as creative director at TBWA\Chiat\Day, and this was his impression of the ads:   Former Apple Ad Man Slams 'Genius' TV Spots as "Landing With A Thud" (macrumors.com)
I think these ads are terrible.  They make Mac users look completely inept.  I can't believe Steve would have approved them...   If we're taking a poll, count me in favor of firing TBWA/Chiat/Day.
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