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Too bad Apple didn't threaten Intel with a 'wake-up call' over crappy IGP performance, while they were at it.
What are you talking about? That has been gamed by the SEO crowd to the point of uselessness, at least if you're a legitimate business:http://blumenthals.com/blog/2009/02/...mmers-winning/
Antitrust is about misuse of monopoly power. I'd be shocked if there wasn't enough of that in most of their business since, as you say, web ad revenues fund most of the "free" products that Google uses to drive others out of business.
If there's going to be an antitrust investigation of Google, the FTC needs to start with search + ads before they get to Android. IMO.
Yes, since day one.
Good luck trying to unring that bell, Google. This should finally put a stop to that whole "Don't Be Evil" fiction, since the Lindholm draft "outs" Larry Page and Sergey Brin as being in on it at the highest level. No longer will they be able to hide behind the notion that they had no knowledge of the sleaze going on around them.
The point is that Microsoft has reached out to Google as a potential partner for these patent pools. That seems to fly in the face of Google's paranoid claims that everyone (including Microsoft) is out to get them.Where I'm from, we would tell anyone acting that way to "put up or shut up". Companies aren't going pay billions of dollars to secure patent pools and then happily share them with Google who, despite being flush for cash, always seem to be tapped out when it's...
Microsoft tried to team up with Google recently on patent portfolios and Google turned them down. This whiny letter from Google is apparently a fiction being circulated for PR purposes, at least according to Microsoft executives who have posted copies of the email between Google and Microsoft:http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/...ccusations.ars
The solution is in blocking ad domains. Then it doesn't matter what containers they use.
"Skate to where the puck will be..."Adobe could've easily been the premier (small "p") developer of leading-edge HTML5 tools. They probably still can be, with the right amount of focus and effort.IMO, it's risky on Adobe's part to ignore a developing market with a huge upside, but it's sheer hubris to ignore it over a spat with Apple over Flash on iOS devices.
New Posts  All Forums: