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  My biggest objection is the requirement to have a computer LOGGED IN.  No reason this couldn't run as a service of some sort.
  Yes, I was trying to make a subtle point that only US-based cash/cash equivalents are available to pay dividends.      Won't that just drive up the transactional costs to the small investor?  Hurting the people it was ostensibly meant to help?
  The reason MagSafe would be bad for the phone connector is that magnets can erase the magnetic strip on the credit cards in your pocket.
It would be a more interesting chart to graph what cash/cash equivalents are in the US vs. what is held in foreign accounts.  
At least this week's Facebook settlement required real changes to how Facebook conducts business.  This settlement between Google and the FTC is nothing but a farce.
  Yes, there may be other companies that supply a similar service but, no, Google is not your friend.
Chump change.
  Hopefully Cupertino is listening.
  And lock out all mobile devices from YouTube?  Including Android phones?   Or did you miss the news nine months ago that Adobe officially killed Mobile Flash?
New Posts  All Forums: