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Who said anything about banks not needing to support it first? Please enlighten me.
LOL. Tons of the terminals (where you tap a physical card) in Canada are ready for Apple Pay.Most people could surmise that's what I was saying without replying like a child. 
 Tapping is absolutely everywhere. Canada started the transition quite a while ago. This is why a lot of Canadians were surprised that Canada wasn't one of the first countries. WOO APPLE PAY!!!
I'll also say it would be great if AA could contact Apple and ask them why no version for a numeric keypad?   So many professionals use them!
 You didn't watch or listen to anything he said in his videos.
I love me my iPhones.    But the battery life issue just seems like corporate stubbornness at this point.    It's my (and millions of others) ONLY complaint. 
Sounds good but my hand falls in the desperate for a bigger battery camp.   I'm always plugged in but my wife (who can't plug in during her workday) usually arrives home with no juice left. I had to buy a battery pack for safety. It's not a deal-breaker but this shouldn't be my problem.   Bigger battery please!
You're mixing up your fights. I was the one that you attacked and attempted to belittle for no reason whatsoever.  I'm enjoying seeing your post # now. Explains SO, so much.
 I love how you are questioning me and attempting to change my simple story. Hilarious. What purpose would it serve that I lie? Sitting next to you at a dinner party must be a nightmare.   This story isn't difficult to comprehend even though you're having trouble with it: I gave a watch to a guy who works for me and an option for cash if he didn't like it. He didn't. Instead of returning it I kept it for a little less than the return period so my girl and I could it, in...
 Ive owned, 3 Mac Pros, 2 iMacs, 1 Macbook Pro, 2 iPads, 1 of every iPhone full redesign, have an Apple TV, have an @me.com email address... I bought the following:  Delivers 13 May, 2015 via Standard Shipping  Track Shipment    Signature required   Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band               It...
New Posts  All Forums: