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You're mixing up your fights. I was the one that you attacked and attempted to belittle for no reason whatsoever.  I'm enjoying seeing your post # now. Explains SO, so much.
 I love how you are questioning me and attempting to change my simple story. Hilarious. What purpose would it serve that I lie? Sitting next to you at a dinner party must be a nightmare.   This story isn't difficult to comprehend even though you're having trouble with it: I gave a watch to a guy who works for me and an option for cash if he didn't like it. He didn't. Instead of returning it I kept it for a little less than the return period so my girl and I could it, in...
 Ive owned, 3 Mac Pros, 2 iMacs, 1 Macbook Pro, 2 iPads, 1 of every iPhone full redesign, have an Apple TV, have an @me.com email address... I bought the following:  Delivers 13 May, 2015 via Standard Shipping  Track Shipment    Signature required   Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band               It...
As someone who returned my watch but who is a long APPL investor I'm glad to see people love it.   Whatever sales are I'm hoping the margins will help :)
That is an absolutely astronomical amount of phones and money generated. WOW.   You still have to wonder about growth opportunities but I'm hoping Android market share slowly drops and Apple picks up the switchers.
Thanks but I know that. I should have mentioned that I'm the "techie" in my family so dealing with these changes with the parents (65+) & siblings is a whole-thing. lol
Yeah, I hate to beat a dead horse but iTunes is disappointing.    I threw "all-in" with iTunes 6 or 7 years ago and feel like I've only been rewarded with worse and worse user interface. There were some performance issues... I don't feel those now but perhaps more likely do to my new Mac Pro.   What I don't get is, sorting & storing media can be messy but we need it to be simple... I hate how the newest version buries the "list" views. I have all my movie artwork set...
WHAT A MESS!   I honestly have nothing else to contribute. I hope this can all come together.    Although I don't want local stations, my parents would... and they need a simple solution to their t.v. viewing.
Does anyone know why Apple didn't put a higher-capacity battery in the watch? Theories or what have you..   I can't remember where I saw it (maybe ifixit) but it was mentioned that there are larger capacity batteries that size that would fit.
Have been waiting a long time for this and really hope Apple delivers.   I know it's not very "Apple" but even an old-school PBS-style ad ("This program is brought to you by...") supported one I would consider.   Digital rights are a mess right now. In Canada, for example:   - You can watch the Daily Show on cable tv (with a package) - With commercials. - You can buy it on iTunes for $1.99/episode - Ripoff but with no commercials. - You can stream it from that...
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