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Does anyone know why Apple didn't put a higher-capacity battery in the watch? Theories or what have you..   I can't remember where I saw it (maybe ifixit) but it was mentioned that there are larger capacity batteries that size that would fit.
Have been waiting a long time for this and really hope Apple delivers.   I know it's not very "Apple" but even an old-school PBS-style ad ("This program is brought to you by...") supported one I would consider.   Digital rights are a mess right now. In Canada, for example:   - You can watch the Daily Show on cable tv (with a package) - With commercials. - You can buy it on iTunes for $1.99/episode - Ripoff but with no commercials. - You can stream it from that...
I'm still a bit in the "doesn't get it" camp with the watch but his comments do help me understand.   "..we started on the iPhone it was because we all couldn't bear our phones."   ^That sentiment makes complete sense to me and I'm hoping the next major product helps with television. There's no way Apple designers/engineers, etc use their televisions without some level of frustration. To me it's a disaster which is why I cancelled my cable.
 I agree with you. I would say 5 million would be a low for worldwide sales though. Honestly, as an investor I'm happy it seems to be doing well. As a consumer/Apple fan/moderate tech geek: I still don't get this product... Good thing success doesn't depend on me! 
$20! LOL all over the place.  This has to be the most guilt-free, free download of my entire life. I'm surprised so many people will (because they will) pay for this.   Having owned the original trilogy on VHS 3 times (1st release, letterbox & special editions, LaserDisc once (the special editions), the entire series on DVD and having seen the entire trilogy in theatre about 4 times each... Not including the endless SW crap I bought throughout my youth......
The only thing that will shock me isn't if they'll make a 6c but if they keep the same colors. Am I alone in this thinking? The majority of the ones I've seen in the wild are white. Seen so few colors that I started assuming white is also a vote/pass on the existing colors.
 That's just it. They don't read the bible which is why they're so ignorant of it.
 Stop letting this nerd troll you. Seriously. It's ruining the thread.
 Right. So when T.V. networks put their shows (which cost millions to produce) on their websites and you BLOCK their revenue stream... You're not doing anything morally wrong because it's not labeled as "illegal." Zzzzzzz. Anyway, my point is to get off your high-horse. It's boring and nerds this convo way more than it needs.
 I don't see how they can get people back to an advertising model like what's currently on cable television. I could see a PBS "Sponsored By" type of thing but 20mins of commercials per hour... Good luck. So many of us have gotten used to the luxury of commercial-free. It's so nice. Netflix is great. I buy Downtown Abbey off iTunes because I feel it's priced reasonably ($14.99 for some previous seasons and less when it first started) compared to some U.S. cable shows that...
New Posts  All Forums: