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 Stop letting this nerd troll you. Seriously. It's ruining the thread.
 Right. So when T.V. networks put their shows (which cost millions to produce) on their websites and you BLOCK their revenue stream... You're not doing anything morally wrong because it's not labeled as "illegal." Zzzzzzz. Anyway, my point is to get off your high-horse. It's boring and nerds this convo way more than it needs.
 I don't see how they can get people back to an advertising model like what's currently on cable television. I could see a PBS "Sponsored By" type of thing but 20mins of commercials per hour... Good luck. So many of us have gotten used to the luxury of commercial-free. It's so nice. Netflix is great. I buy Downtown Abbey off iTunes because I feel it's priced reasonably ($14.99 for some previous seasons and less when it first started) compared to some U.S. cable shows that...
 In the history of your internet use you've never downloading a file (video, photo, song or document) without permission. You've also never used an adblocker or gone over the speed limit while driving. LOL. We get it.  Now, please stop nerding this discussion to death. Thanks.
I'm just looking for a better deal than cable to lure me back to pay for television shows.   Currently in Canada it's a MESS. Just 1 example:   - iTunes has The Daily Show @ $1.99/ep (imagine being a regular viewer!) - Online at The Comedy Network it's FREE with a single commercial (none with adblock) between each segment. - Can't play it from iPhone or iPad but we can Airplay to AppleTV from MacBook.  - lol   Media rights are so convoluted... Hoping Apple can...
 I get a lot about what you're saying and as an investor, I hope your sentiments are more correct than mine. This is the first Apple product I've had doubts about since the HiFi. Seriously. But I disagree on you saying checking your phone for the time is stupid. Millions upon millions of people do this. That's not to say I'm resistant to change! But, at the moment, I can't see myself paying $900 for that and its other functions. I'm always on vibrate so I can't say...
I've got my popcorn out and watching from the sidelines.   Curious to see how this will all play out. I'm sure it will be a success to an extent, at the least! But, for the first time in years, I have NO CLUE which way this will swing!
It's hard to get a sense of scale on the wrists in the photos but the watch looks too big.   I was hoping to get my girlfriend one but I think I'll have to take her to try on one in case the small one is even too big.   This might be a wait until next year type of thing for the thinner/faster/etc one
I don't see why anyone cares about the pricing of this watch. If people want it, they'll buy it. Simple.   As an investor, I do hope lots of people buy the whole range of watches!   As an Apple fan and mild-tech-geek, even after this event, I still don't understand the appeal of the watch.   I haven't worn a watch in over 12 years. My circle of friends and family are all in the middle-to-upper income bracket and none of the men under the age of 60 even wear...
I would love to see Apple buy Tesla.   Being a petrol-head I watched over the years as Tesla got made fun of incessantly in the automotive press. That is, until... the Model S was released.   I never thought I'd drool over an electric sedan so soon in life.   They've revolutionized so much about cars and manufacturing. My hope would be that the two companies could come together.
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