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Thanks for sharing that article!
For some reason I get a good feeling from this offering that I don't get from Android tablets. Apple rip-off presentation: CHECK! Apple rip-off tablet: CHECK! Apple rip-off laptop design: CHECK! Apple rip-ff phone design: not quite. lol. Overall Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I think what Murdoch said is the way this will play out... I think part of Apple's strategy is taking this larger cut at the beginning but knowing there's a chance they may drop it in the future. Apple makes so much money on hardware and I'm sure they'll be wanting to keep content producers happy. The real question is how much does it cost Apple to serve content (iTunes, storage, etc.) and what profit margin is reasonable on top of that? any ideas? lol
Hat trick fail.
Calm down Sir Nerdlington. If you had actually taken a minute to read up on single-tasking you would have quickly learned the difference between trying to "multi-task" and singing while in the shower. Read on, dear sir.
What a piece of junk. And for those touting "multi-tasking" go here: http://lifehacker.com/ or Google "Single tasking" The human brain CAN'T actually multi-task.
Good thing it's the one area of Apple's balance sheet that's not quite as important... In other thoughts... I've always wondered why Apple seems friendly to Netflix? Is it a sense of digital streaming solidarity or a possible acquisition?...
Oh no! I guess this means Apple isn't making any money in the smart phone world! lmao bigwoodenhead is right- they'll need to give these things away.
APPL will just keep on going... Most find it hard to believe but they'd really have to screw a lot of things up for this to be thrown on its head. Even if growth slows, they'll still be a solid investment for many years. So excited to see what 2011 brings!!
YEP! AND The 16:9 aspect won't work as well. We can even thank Netflix for shedding light on that: they're finding people are streaming to AppleTV more that iPads. I know I'm stretching here but that could show some indication that these companies are betting on the wrong size thinking it'll be a major movie viewer... when it won't. My parents only used their iPad to watch movies when their LCD TV broke and were waiting for their new one to be delivered. Is this new...
New Posts  All Forums: