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When you see someone using Windows, your mind must explode.
I hope he attends! \ (I mean, to give us some indication that he's kickin')
Hi Mr. Stephenson, Welcome to the world of software and hardware. Glad you can join us. lmao.
Good for Microsoft! Next up, MS Office!.. even though I'm sticking with iWork. But the App versions of movies look weird and possibly full of fail. 1 App = 1 movie = fail.
3 of my friends in the U.S. are waiting for iPhone 5
Agreed with many above! YES- DROP THE USELESS OPTICAL DRIVE!!! More Battery! More HD Space!!!!!!!!
Gotta do better than 500-700k. Com'on APPL/VZ! lol
Fact: You're guilty of common sense and basic logic! And I hate you for that!
GOOD POINT! I had forgotten that Apple iTunes/App Store is a credit card company and not actually a "store"!
I did there. But your argument is essentially that Apple is being mean... abusing their position... etc.Considering the markups and fees in TONS of other industries, I don't think they're being meanies.I'll quote what someone wrote in the latest thread about this:LMAO. Tell that to the whining "Not fair" people in the previous thread about this. Poor Amazon! Poor Netflix! Poor Hulu!Meanwhile WONDERFUL developers, who I gladly support, are soaring with wonderful...
New Posts  All Forums: