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CHAOS!! CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! News / rumors overload !!!!!!!!!!
Okay, where are all the idiots who claimed: "APPLE ISN"T HOSTING ANYTHING!!" Implying the cost of the App Store was nothing and Apple was just sticking it to the publishers... FAIL.
I love FCP as is so I'm excited and nervous about this update. And, yep, I'm in the **PLEASE don't be like iMovie camp- for the love of fucking life!!!**
FiNALLY! One connection type to RULE! Please catch on and make our lives easier!!!!!!!!!! Die, die, die, hurry up and die: USB, Firewire (i still love you), 30pin connector, Display port, HDMI,etc! Please!!!
Happy investor here... as long as the placement is subtle, I think it's effective. It's hard to quantify but, whether we like it or not, there's no doubt that there's a "cool-factor" at play with Apple products. People and businesses want to be seen with them with or without product placement deals. When I see Alienware in movies I think . The worry is how to keep that cool factor as the products become saturated in the market. Yes, I know, iPods. But the reality...
I love film, studied it and worked in entertainment... that combined with being a gadget freak I probably should be touting BluRay. But I honestly can't understand some peoples unwillingness to let go of BluRay...The people still hanging onto this dying technology isn't that bad of a thing considering it'll only push pure-digital to move forward faster...But the idea of owning discs, one per film, is just so unappealing. It's such a waste! Have people forgotten how good it...
I've used a couple Mac Pros over the years and just last August bought a 13" for travel/portability,etc. I've used the optical drive once: To install iWork. lol. thats it. It would be great to ditch but it's probably too early. Apparently people still use DVDs.
Interesting! iPlay is a great name but i think it would likely remain: iPod ______ ...there's no room in their website header baar for "iPlay" haha The developers using iPad size would be genius.
New Posts  All Forums: