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Huge misfire- not making him score the reservation... does seem rushed but I do give the basic premise some credit... It was just executed poorly. I wish carriers in Canada fought like this. LMFAO heartily watching this play out
This probably won't get a ton of attention compared with other Apple news but this stuff is HUGE. A hospital in Ottawa Canada where I grew up has ordered hundreds of iPads for doctors and nurses to facilitate new programs/apps that help with their jobs... This is the type of stuff that makes you realize how deep a penetration these devices are having.
I think they should have made more... or hopefully there's more in the supply chain. I understand the "sold-out" headlines are great but who cares now that the iPhone5 is coming out by summer.
LMAO. Great history reminder. This is one epic reversal.
As an APPL investor, I think this idea is beyond moronic. Apple has said they wouldn't release that info for strategic reasons and that's good enough for me. They're not morons. Steve does not want his company to crash and burn when he passes... This is his legacy! As an investor for 5+ years, they have earned my trust. A proposal like this makes me think they: Just. Don't. Get. Apple.
HUGE CONGRATS to all the Verizon customers getting the iPhone! I've honestly read so much about this for SOOOOO long that I've been brainwashed to feel solidarity with you. lol. Enjoy it!
Took the words out of my mouth but forgot to add stubborn men who are clueless to experiment with something new... Seeing anyone press physical buttons on a smart phone looks SO old fashion!.. reminds me of someone still using a rotary phone! The fact is the iPhone is a DREAM to type in landscape mode even if you're some fatty with sausage fingers.
Great news
For it to work i think it needs... Subscription Service just like print/yr Auto Updates Ad supported (Free) Ad Free (Paid) And potentially one option in between Free & Paid.
LOL. Netgear CEO... what a dope.
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