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I have heard that there's just about a 100% chance it's because of developers, developers, developers, developers. Too easy, I know. Sorry.
Positive news! I'll take it! It's crazy to think that with everyone in that room I bet nearly ALL were really interested/curious in Steve... how he is, if he'd show up, etc. I would love to know what went down but I think this event will obviously stay pretty hush!
It should almost be a requirement that everyone works in the service/retail industry at some point in their lives. lol My dad loves his One to One appointments... he's a gentleman and thinks "all the young kids there are great" So, if any Apple store employees are reading this- know there's plenty of us who appreciate you! On the negative side.... After reading this article- I FEEL TERRIBLE that one time I got into a lot of speculation talk with a business phone...
Sometimes you read political posts and think: "I disagree but he does have a point." Then sometimes you reach a part where the person is waiving a pirate flag at the rest of us, having missed the boat to intellectual maturity and you think: "Damn, he was so damn close!"
When you see someone using Windows, your mind must explode.
I hope he attends! \ (I mean, to give us some indication that he's kickin')
Hi Mr. Stephenson, Welcome to the world of software and hardware. Glad you can join us. lmao.
Good for Microsoft! Next up, MS Office!.. even though I'm sticking with iWork. But the App versions of movies look weird and possibly full of fail. 1 App = 1 movie = fail.
3 of my friends in the U.S. are waiting for iPhone 5
Agreed with many above! YES- DROP THE USELESS OPTICAL DRIVE!!! More Battery! More HD Space!!!!!!!!
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