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LMAO. Tell that to the whining "Not fair" people in the previous thread about this. Poor Amazon! Poor Netflix! Poor Hulu!!!Meanwhile WONDERFUL developers, who I gladly support, are soaring with wonderful opportunities in iOS.
Apple DOES say it's magical quite often
Thank you for agreeing it's a store. Now, if you don't want to sell your goods or shop in it: Kindly go away.
So the whole "iTunes/App Store" name is just a massive cover up for their rentier operation? They planned from the beginning to use the word "store" to fool the public into thinking they offer some types of goods... online goods... for people to... purchase... But they've fooled us all!!! Apple Rentier: You should start a conspiracy site.
Please, elaborate for me. I would love for someone to explain to me how the App Store isn't a store.
Ah! So say when I go to buy Angry Birds in the App Store, there actually isn't even a page there. There's nothing. It's actually just an empty page that states nothing. Actually- you don't even see the name Angry Birds because Apple doesn't host any of that. "They don't host any content." according to you
Agreed! After having had success in the entertainment/arts field in conjunction with new media, I entered into the consulting world a little over a year ago. I've worked with many successful retail stores, some who have margins that range anywhere from 40-55%.To someone who doesn't understand anything about business, this goes through their mind: "OMG! What a rip off!! That's disgusting how much they mark up!!!!"To someone who DOES understand how business works, this goes...
Wow. iTunes/App Store is NOT a credit card processor. IT'S A STORE. They are SELLING their PRODUCTS to their customers. Does anybody in this thread know anything about the retail business? Apple takes a cut- it's THEIR store. Apple is the one who pays the credit card processing fees to Visa/MC/Amex.
QUESTION TO THE PEOPLE SAYING IT'S "UNFAIR":How many of you work in, own or have ever owned, a business?.
I know there will be tons of bashing in this thread but I'm happy with Apple's response and believe in their sincerity to make things right. I think these incidents are the last thing Apple wants and they'll spend the millions (small sum) to make sure this shit doesn't happen.
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