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APPL investor here. This article = LOL all over the place! All those stupid reports saying Android tablets were making huge gains... By the way, I'm not clueless... I understand Android will make gains, I'm laughing more at the media.
"They charge too much" "They're gouging!" "Apple's ripping us off!" Zzzzzz. It's called Value. Never ONCE have I bought an Apple product and felt ripped off. I bought my dad an iPad for xmas (most I've ever spent on him). Seeing a guy who could barely use a mouse doing email, surfing the web, using netflix, playing games with my mom, using google maps, showing friends his photos and doing regular One to One lessons (ie back to school) at 68 years old = almost...
This white iPhone thing is just a snooze to me. Though, I am curious to see if Apple kinda has to introduce more colors in the future... How many 10's of millions can you sell of something before the market is over-saturated and dull-looking? I will personally always like black because it suits my style. However, it's always cool seeing bright colors out and about!
Absurd. Thanks to this post below for saving me typing time Felt it merited a 2nd highlighting. People sound so clueless when they talk about Apple like asdasd did.
I'm thinking the same thing... If that's true, hopefully the manufacturing will ramp much higher than that after Q1 (APPL investor here, lol)
SD card slots are simply a must. Big thumbs down if Apple doesn't include one. I totally understand Apple's drive for simplicity but this is a no-brainer. SD cards are everywhere and nearly everyone has a few laying around. They're super handy. SD Cards & LightPeak (NOT usb, firewire, hdmi and minidisplay) are all you need Two ways of connecting to Rule Them All!
I actually love Adobe products. PS and AE the most. What I don't understand is flash. I recently bought a Macbook Pro to act as the mobility my Mac Pro lacks. It's a wonderful little machine but when flash is running (in chrome, safari or firefox) it becomes almost unusable. It's horrible. I won't even get into battery life. I'm not a programmer. I'm a bit of a tech-geek. I love Apple but love lots of different tech companies... Can someone explain to me why...
Love, love, love that they showed Hitch-22 in iBooks
As long as ASSange didn't make the cover, I'm happy.
Not to jump on the bashing wagon here but how on earth will someone choose this over an iPad or iPad2? Imagine if Apple keeps producing the 1st Gen (a-la iPhone 3G) and drops its price to 399-ish while introducing the iPad2 at the same price points we see now with the iPad?... The fact that Apple will be releasing iPad2 so shortly (<12mths after iPad1) seems say they are really going for the jugular.
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