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Producer / Video Editor here- I WOULD LOVE a more powerful Air with more STORAGE!!! I know it's coming but it'll never be soon enough!!!
I think it's premature to write-off Windows phone and to say that iOS and Android are cemented success. MS and Nokia are huge companies that won't leave this market laying down. Who cares if Elop is a Trojan horse. Let's see how this all plays out!
Just because I laugh doesn't mean I think it's a terrible thing!As an APPL investor I actually want MS & Nokia to succeed as I feel they'll erode more Android market share than iOS. On top of that, I kind of think the Windows phones look cool in their own right whereas Android phones look like a cheap version of iOS. Best of luck to MS!
Throw copious amounts of money Gotta love Microsoft's solution to everything!
As Tim Cook has stated: so much of the success surrounds the manufacturing. As an investor, I'm hoping Apple has secured components and is producing iPad 2 at an astonishing rate. I don't think 33 million would be enough for 2011 but we'll see!
I think this is good for Apple... but not necessarily for RIM and Android. I don't think MS is going to let the smartphone market go laying down... They still generate a ton of profits and can keep pouring money into this until they have a decent market share. And, if that turns out to happen... They'll likely be eating away market share from RIM and Android not iOS. As an investor: Yes, PLEASE fragment the non-iOS market space!!!!!!!! That's my take, at least
Ah Yes! I've been really hoping AI would update us a bit more on the patent wars. I'm hoping for an article update on multi-touch (fingerworks) patent lawsuits sometime soon!
Your comments might have a bit too much logic and common sense in them for some.
\ WOW! Thanks for that reminder! Man, is it any wonder why everyone doesn't give a shit about labels??!!!!!!I N C R E D I B L E : 3.50 for rented files! Those were back in my 100% Kazaa days.Now that I'm a bit more grown up (ie- not student poor) iTunes makes it sooo easy for me to buy music that I'm too lazy to even open up the Pirate Bay to find stuff. As someone else mentioned in this thread, I'm also a Shazam click-to-buy on iTunes person as well!
As a tech nerd response, sure. But for the general public and me as an investor: True Multitasking: Zzzzz Proper Notification: Zzzzz Phone - Tablet Integration: Never once have i needed this Device web page transfer: Zzzzzzz Time Magazine vs The Daily: Sure. PC - Tablet Integration : probably coming soon.
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