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What a piece of junk. And for those touting "multi-tasking" go here: http://lifehacker.com/ or Google "Single tasking" The human brain CAN'T actually multi-task.
Good thing it's the one area of Apple's balance sheet that's not quite as important... In other thoughts... I've always wondered why Apple seems friendly to Netflix? Is it a sense of digital streaming solidarity or a possible acquisition?...
Oh no! I guess this means Apple isn't making any money in the smart phone world! lmao bigwoodenhead is right- they'll need to give these things away.
APPL will just keep on going... Most find it hard to believe but they'd really have to screw a lot of things up for this to be thrown on its head. Even if growth slows, they'll still be a solid investment for many years. So excited to see what 2011 brings!!
YEP! AND The 16:9 aspect won't work as well. We can even thank Netflix for shedding light on that: they're finding people are streaming to AppleTV more that iPads. I know I'm stretching here but that could show some indication that these companies are betting on the wrong size thinking it'll be a major movie viewer... when it won't. My parents only used their iPad to watch movies when their LCD TV broke and were waiting for their new one to be delivered. Is this new...
Huge misfire- not making him score the reservation... does seem rushed but I do give the basic premise some credit... It was just executed poorly. I wish carriers in Canada fought like this. LMFAO heartily watching this play out
This probably won't get a ton of attention compared with other Apple news but this stuff is HUGE. A hospital in Ottawa Canada where I grew up has ordered hundreds of iPads for doctors and nurses to facilitate new programs/apps that help with their jobs... This is the type of stuff that makes you realize how deep a penetration these devices are having.
I think they should have made more... or hopefully there's more in the supply chain. I understand the "sold-out" headlines are great but who cares now that the iPhone5 is coming out by summer.
LMAO. Great history reminder. This is one epic reversal.
As an APPL investor, I think this idea is beyond moronic. Apple has said they wouldn't release that info for strategic reasons and that's good enough for me. They're not morons. Steve does not want his company to crash and burn when he passes... This is his legacy! As an investor for 5+ years, they have earned my trust. A proposal like this makes me think they: Just. Don't. Get. Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: