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In Ottawa, Canada when I was buying my iPhone 6, the Apple store employee was telling me they constantly run out of both the iP6 & iP6+   He said it's really spotty. People come in all the time and can't get the exact one they want.   APPL investor music to my ears.
 That's fantastic.  AI should really do a BIG summary/article on all those idiots.
 THIS. Apple gets constantly beat up in the media... that was a bad time overall for shareholders. I like the fact that he wants more buy-backs. From what I understand it also helps put a floor under the stock's value to help it better weather times like that.
 As a shareholder as well, my worry is that it will give those 1st time customers a "not-great" experience with the phone. However, I imagine Apple has better analysis on this: They likely know that people will love the phone but think they made the wrong storage choice... Therefore they'll just be sure to upgrade to a higher storage next time.
 Give me a break.  As a fan and investor, Apple should do better at providing better battery life. It shouldn't be the customer's problem!  As a light-medium user who doesn't use a battery case, I've never seen so many iPhones in the wild WITH battery cases. Seeing so many out there clearly points to the fact that the current phone doesn't have an adequate battery for a lot of people. For me, I would say it's 'okay.' But I would love to stream more and not have such a...
Ten thousand thumbs up. That would be epic!!!
lol. I like how I mentioned that it was a crazy acquisition and that somehow baited you to comment something useless... You do realize they paid back the government loan WITH interest EARLY, right? Also, I assume you don't claim any "government welfare" credits writing down your income, right? lol. Want to elaborate on the U.S. national security relating to fossil fuels and why a company like Tesla, according to you, is a step in the wrong direction? 
I'm sure the margins on the headphones are huge considering speaker tech hasn't majorly leaped over decades.    However, I'm skeptical of this like most here... Honestly, i'd rather see them buy Tesla if I were to concoct a *crazy* acquisition for Apple.
Hahahhahaha Chaos!.. But done quite nicely!
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