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Ugh... No other words..
 Yeah, Im hoping the next ATV will be a big jump. I always think about Steve's words about having "cracked" TV every time my parents call me to "fix" their television. (Fix = having pressed a button and now they can't figure out how to get back to cable. lol)
This isn't meant as a shot at Apple but I really hope they learned something about colors with the 5c.   I don't know anyone who has looked at the colors and said "that looks so good!"
Well, that's nice to hope for but at the moment I think it would be terrible to put the #3 (in quality, imo) search engine as default.
 I still agree with his point. You can't be constantly pushing to the cloud. The iPhone captures full HD Video! I think my 32GB is good but an 8GB iPhone is a bit silly in 2014.
Yeah, the fact that the storage sizes haven't really changed much since 2009 is sad.   Although this move doesn't telegraph it, I'm hoping Apple will take the lead and start being a bit more generous. Memory is so cheap. 8GB borders on pathetic in 2014.
I think this is a good move. At the same time, my enthusiasm starts to wane when I remember that Apples shares dipped below $400 last April... Then hovered in the $400s for months. With that in mind, this move strikes me as more necessary than bold. Bold would have been last summer. Either way, I am happy as an APPL long.
If Apple Maps had street view, I think my Google Maps usage would drop to about 15% of the time.
 I essentially agree with you. Apple likely knows through research whether or not a watch would fly. I mean, so few people wear watches anymore. The younger people are it seems the less likely they care to wear one.  I'm not sure what a watch could do to enhance my life/experience. iWatch could really be the television.
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