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 I essentially agree with you. Apple likely knows through research whether or not a watch would fly. I mean, so few people wear watches anymore. The younger people are it seems the less likely they care to wear one.  I'm not sure what a watch could do to enhance my life/experience. iWatch could really be the television.
Good. This is exactly what Apple should do. At this point, I'm just excited to see the old way broken up. Also, iTunes has not been the solution... Most shows are way too expensive to buy.
Being a huge petrol-head, this makes me LOL so much.   iDrive, DESPITE "fixes" is still TERRIBLE compared to the simplicity and ease of use iOS brings. Dumb on BMW's part and kinda hilarious.
This is just sickening to supporters and investors.
My thoughts are simply that watches are just jewelry now... Cell and smartphones have made that happen. I would LOVE to be proven wrong (as an APPL long) but this sounds like a bad route to go down.
Yeah, this is a problem. It's like this in Canada as other posters have said. I have a friend who works at Future Shop (Best Buy) and he says all the wireless people push ANYTHING but Apple because of the higher commission.
Would anyone like to share their APPL plans?   I got in quite low, luckily so with the approval of my advisor. I do have an extended family member who jumped in at just over $600 in a big way... over 50k.   What are some possible outcomes?   If APPL doesn't like the way the market is treating it, should it just increase the buyback program and issue more dividends? They seemed to hint that was possible on the conference call but restated they're happy with...
The sales of the 4 & 4s really show that people what iDevices even if they have to wait a bit to afford the older models. Won't it be great to watch all the positive news dumped on after earnings? UGH... I feel lately like the company valuation mimics the negativity/flack the products used to get years ago despite all the evidence to the contrary.
New Posts  All Forums: