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If the EU is going to start cracking down perhaps it's time for Apple to take the warranty lead and offer 2 years to all countries. If there's any company who could do it, it's Apple. I liken it to when car manufacturers want to stand out... Usually it's the up-and-coming brands (Hyundai/KIA) or ones trying to re-establish reputation (GM, Jaguar/Land Rover). Apple doesn't really fall into those categories but I say they should do it and market it.
Meanwhile the stock keeps annoyingly stagnant... Ugh...
Hi all,   I know elements of this topic have been covered but I'm curious about hearing from iOS users who use all Google services.   I do not, so I can't really venture an opinion to a friend who is thinking about buying a smartphone.   He uses Gmail, Google calendar, docs, etc. and has been told Android is the way to go.   Does anyone rock iOS and use mostly G services? What is your experience like? Have you been told you're missing out on anything not...
Reorder home screen icons! FINALLY! WIN!!! Updating now!
Apple's grudge against Google > Apple's users Competitors are right to hit them for this. GMaps was soooooo important in my daily life and Maps doesn't cut it AT ALL where I live in Canada. I'm not a jailbreaking type of person but I most definitely will now, to get GMaps back.
      These are GREAT points (despite the fact that traffic data doesn't even work properly in Ottawa & Montreal).   However, if its MOST BASIC functions aren't up to snuff, I don't care about any of that!
  No, they could have just PAID for the license or whatever it's called from Google to use GMaps again.
  I completely agree with you... but...   To me, as a customer, I read this whole Maps debacle as: Apple's grudge against Google > Apple's users    Apple should have come out of the gates MUCH MUCH stronger. Let's face it: our iPhones are modern swiss army knives and so many of us rely heavily on GMaps.   Even if it meant holding off Maps until iOS7... For a company so rich, there are few excuses. They KNOW this isn't up to snuff but they release it anyway. 
If these reports are true.... Anyone else starting to feel bad for Sharp???   Seems like we've been reading/hearing about LCD production problems from them constantly. Company must have serious internal issues!?
Pinch to zoom, double-tap to zoom web browsing, rubber band, etc: These software features are really what will set the iOS user experience apart from others and I hope Apple wins them.   The exterior design, despite the side by side comparisons, aren't as strong of a case.
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