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If these reports are true.... Anyone else starting to feel bad for Sharp???   Seems like we've been reading/hearing about LCD production problems from them constantly. Company must have serious internal issues!?
Pinch to zoom, double-tap to zoom web browsing, rubber band, etc: These software features are really what will set the iOS user experience apart from others and I hope Apple wins them.   The exterior design, despite the side by side comparisons, aren't as strong of a case.
I've liked nearly every ad Apple has produced over the years. This could be right up there as the worst... I even re-watched them to give them a second chance.   Not funny. Too dorky. Doesn't feel special...  BAD, BAD, BAD.   3/10
Cool. No complaints from me.   I actually really like the simplicity and purity of Twitter in comparison the "lets jam as many features as possible" mantra that seems to be prevailing in most social networks.
  I'll second this!   55" should be mid-range. I'm ready for 60"+!
As long as they don't update their software anymore... because the 3Gs is now barely usable speed-wise. It's terrible.
Here we go!!!!!!!! lol
Potentially dumb question but hoping someone more informed could explain: Could Apple offer a dividend AND do a stock buy backs at the same time?.. To offer value to shareholders without decreasing the value of shares? :?
Yup! Not going to happen! only 1.7" smaller than the current one?! LOL The best chance of anything remotely close to this would likely be a larger iPod touch.
A lot of interesting comment in this thread. I think the real issue is: News / Sports / Current events. Having used my ATV2 extensively for a few months, I don't covet a fully "live" 24hr NBC, CBS, etc. I already get the shows I want when I want by downloading them various ways (The Office, Dexter, etc.). The only time I find my ATV lacks is when I wake up and just want to have the News on. The WSJ Live is okay but too business focused. I'm there with a 55" + ATV and...
New Posts  All Forums: