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This is so fucking sad.
THIS IS INFORMATION INCLUDED BY APPLE AS A..... Anyway...I REALLY want a new design and larger screen. Com'on Apple! Don't let me down.
Elle-Oh-Elle. I'd love to get the reactions of all the "Android is open!!! iOS sucks because it's closed" people who have regularly chimed in over the years on gadget sites....
holy crap this is amazing!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know! I've casually followed this but one of the first things that came to mind was their HUGE Apple-like media event! I'm not a gloating APPL fanboy... I just thought: "How embarrassing..."
You can! I've done it! No clue what the hell tallestskil is talking about...
Love the hyperbole!!!
Im open to change but there's some truly idiotic changes and exclusions in X. I think it's a almost complete misfire.
iChat, Facetime, iMessenger = Unzen Am I the only one who feels these should be 1 app? Unzen = Unapple!
Oh man, I'm hoping for a whole new design!
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