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Oh man, I'm hoping for a whole new design!
Totally agree that APPL is wayyy under valued. But licensing OS X? No. I agree on the manufacturing side of things as long as they don't get too ahead of themselves as Levis once did. It nearly killed them. I'm surprised there hasn't been more rumors of a stock split. Historically (doubt it counts for much) there about due for one. Any investors know what is holding the stock up? The floating around 330 is driving me nuts. ha
Having used FCP for 9 years, I still am a bit hesitant on the interface. Excited to give it a go though...
\\ Can anyone (preferably a programmer or someone who understands that realm) explain to me in relatively simple terms WHY does Safari feel like the weight of Final Cut Pro but Chrome feels like the weight of TextEdit in OS X? btw, im running a 2 x 3.2 Pro w/16GB ram so that's clearly not the problem.
Sorry, I'm wiping the investor drool off my face.
You win, Sir Nerdlington!
LOL, I had been waiting all morning for "last minute" leaks/reveals The side-by-side is quite the shot!!
@ entire article. A brilliant rebuttal by pointing out a solid chunk of hypocrisy and mixing in some common sense.
"throws its hands up and gives in" It took me a bit too long to realize it wasn't me when that shit happens. I TOTALLY know what you're saying!
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