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Are you being sarcastic?
Well, I do cut apple some slack as I know, that THEY know, content is an issue. As with music, it's the content owners who are clueless and not listening to Apple. People will just keep pirating...\
This is a good feature but as a new ATV2 user, seeing the rollout of TV Shows in Canada has highlighted some HUGE disappointments... So few people who love shows could ever afford to purchase all from iTunes. It's just too expensive to get people to stop Pirating. Even with cutting cable and saving $ that way. For example: The Comedy Network in Canada has The Daily Show @ 1.99/episode. They do have a multi pass. However, FULL episodes are available on their website with...
.. lol
WOW. What a downfall. Yikes. I personally love my Netflix (Canada streaming) and never understood why people complained so much about the price change and cancelled. Netflix is still so cheap. I like the company as a online pioneer in providing me content at a price that usually makes me skip the pirate bay. In fact, it was the first online content provider I ever paid for outside iTunes. I wonder if any company will snatch them up now that they're relatively cheap?
WHAT A MESS!!!! Having just bought a LED TV & and Apple TV, I was finally motivated to get my iTunes videos organized... It is wonderful to use and I'm slowly but surely converting everything. The crappy part is converting to Apple TVs 720 limitation and not being/wanting to delete 1080p files, knowing they'll be needed in the future. But studios just don't friggin get it. If I can't get my movie easily online for a fair price in HD - the eyes wander to a place called...
I'm excited about this. However, I do sure hope that 50" is the bottom-to-middle of the size range. Prices for 50+ inches have dropped so much. I just bought a Samsung 55" for 1400 and would have no interest in anything smaller. Plus, 70" are starting to be sold at Best Buy for less than 3k!
Ultraviolet will fail. As far as movies on iCloud... The studios better listen up. The only way I'm going to start paying for anything (like I pay for music) is if the pricing improves and the ability to stream across devices is enabled without extra cost. Most movies in iTunes are a complete rip off and I doubt that has more to do with Apple than the studios.
Sorry to the android fans and also apple fans who think Apple should just have let this go... But I'm actually happy for Apple.
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