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My son will be disappointed that B&N didn't follow his (unsolicited) advice to call their post-Nook device the Cranny.
Text from Nadella to Ballmer last week: "ok, it's been 6 months you know what you agreed to do. k thx."
Agreed.  If nothing else Swift support is still in flux from week to week.  I would expect that at iOS 8 launch apps written in (or with components written in Swift) will be available for sale.  But every two weeks we have to update our Swift code based on changes to the language.  And there are core APIs that are still on the list to be modified in the coming weeks.  They are going to be cutting this very close.
They could just do away with printing altogether.  That would be even bolder than the no-floppy move 15 years ago.
Xcode 6 beta 6 is available now (again).
 Why wouldn't the printer icon be an inkjet?  Sure laser printers are cheap now, but I expect that the vast majority of homes have an inkjet printer.  Right?
Agreed, buAgreed, but Apple has to balance the benefits and costs of doing public beta releases.  For whatever reason, they are taking it slow.
I don't doubt that Apple could do more frequent beta releases and get more feedback, but I don't see why just doing 1 would be a "waste of time."  If something is reported as a bug based on the beta and is fixed in the final release, it's all good, right?  Why is it essential that it be observed as fixed in an intermediate beta?
The presence or absence of a canal (i.e., a large man-made ditch) doesn't determine continental connectedness (any more than a bridge would).
Personally after using a wireless Apple trackpad for a few years, I would be extremely unlikely to go back to using a mouse.
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