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Aw, so sad.  Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks.
 Are you implying that measures of financial performance literally signify nothing?
From investopedia.org (with a name like that, it has to be a good source, right?):   Definition of 'Blue Chip' A nationally recognized, well-established and financially sound company. Blue chips generally sell high-quality, widely accepted products and services. Blue chip companies are known to weather downturns and operate profitably in the face of adverse economic conditions, which helps to contribute to their long record of stable and reliable growth.   Sounds like...
They don't get much bluer.  AAPL is a significant part of pretty much any balanced portfolio on the planet.  I'm overstating that for emphasis, but seriously, look at the component stocks of a random sampling of large cap, general market, and balanced funds and AAPL will be at or near the very top of most of them.
I'm just (pleasantly) surprised that AAPL is slight up this morning.  It was down a smidge overnight and usually the day after earning reports is a sell-off day.   I hope that when AAPL finally hits $100 sometime soon the doesn't nosedive like when it cracked $700 momentary a few years ago.  It's tempting to put in a sell order for $99.99 just to lock in some gains.  (Of course it's thinking like that that causes stocks to crash after hitting some arbitrary psychological...
There is no way a large corporation could every make an assertion like you wanted to put in their mouths without having a high likelihood of being "caught in a lie."  If I told my wife "I've never had an inappropriate sexual relationship with another woman"  in response to a question about that.  Is she going to assume that I'm covering up a relationship with a man or be reassured that I addressed a particular concern of hers.  If instead I said "I have never done anything...
Because it was simply a typo in the original email by the Apple PR guy?  Seriously, what would "products of services" even mean in that context?
Mine came back to life after 5-10 minutes.  I was a bit worried when it didn't boot up after the mandated reboot, but apparently it just wanted a nap.
Agreed.  If you're a household name, why not take advantage of it?  I wouldn't, but that's only because I'm an introvert who doesn't relish conversations with strangers.
I was right there with you until the end.  I wear a watch 24x7 except when I'm in the shower or pool.  But there is NFW I'm going to wear two watches.
New Posts  All Forums: