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Because it's not an elegant solution.  I'm sure there are lots of people like me (who use both an MacBook and an iPad) and my wife (who just uses an iPad--except when she has to log into the crappy school portal what doesn't work properly on iOS Safari).  I have zero interest in running iOS apps on my MacBook nor do I want Mac apps running poorly on an iOS device.  Two OSes on on device is not the Apple way (and yes I know that Macs can boot as Windows boxes, but that's...
Sigh.  I will point out once again that a company that did nothing other than sell 10 million devices with an average selling price in one year would make the Fortune 500 list. Maybe I should be the Anti-Frost:  "If Apple sells at least 1 million Apple Phones the first year (and I am certain they will), it will be the most earth-shattering business success since the Model T.  Frankly everything Apple has done before that will pale in comparison.  We'll be trying to...
Your definition of "sucking" is being up 12% for the quarter?  Good thing you don't work on Wall Street.
Many, many people could do without a physical TV set (and still enjoy TV-like programming).  My teenaged kids almost never use "a phone."  They text and Skype and whatever, but never "talk on the phone."  You need to update your thinking to the 21st century.  A smart device on your wrist isn't just a watch any more than a phone in your pocket is a "phone."
My household has purchased at least 10 iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads.  The money I've saved on not buying Apple Care would pay for 2 more devices.  No, Apple Care does not add $100 to every purchase.
Oh come on.  I agree that it's lazy to call someone stupid based on one or two stupid statements, but I don't have a problem calling someone stupid if they consistently make idiotic comments.  Using your logic, no one is ever a troll, they just make trollish comments.   In fact, I think it's pretty well understood that calling someone "stupid" is the same as saying "that person says (or does) a lot of stupid things" rather than meaning "that person is literally mentally...
I assume you're not serious.  As a shareholder, I would be quite annoyed if they wasted their money doing that.  There would almost certainly be a shareholder lawsuit since it violates the principle of apportioning benefits proportionate to shares.
But that's Slurpy's thing: saying something that's right on in a really rude way. It's his schtick.
At least you're consistent. If the Apple Watch fizzles out in a few years, you'll have earned years of I told you sos. On the other hand, I expect your comments will be remembered as downright Ballmeresque.How many people had "smart phones" before the iPhone. Fewer people than wear watches today. I'm confident that Apple will have another hit on their hands.
But Amazon isn't the only seller in the eBook market, so I absolutely no worries about that happening--now that Apple has a foothold. The bizarre part is that the Feds went after Apple rather than just sitting this out.
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