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I expect part of the timing (assuming that's what they announce on the 9th) is that the iPhone 6 is ready to go.  It could be that if they weren't announcing the iPhone 6 they wouldn't be holding an iWatch event this soon (assuming it's not ready to be sold until next year).  But if Apple announced the 6 and said nothing about a watch, the news would be "no iWatch from Apple" rather than "new iPhone here; iWatch coming soon."
If we don't get a product for sale this year that tells me that Apple isn't ready to sell a product until next year.  How is that tautology interesting?
In an ideal world, I suspect Apple would have liked to have this ready 3 months ago so that they could have done exactly that. Having said that everything about the iOS release and the Xcode changes points to unusual and changeable screen sizes and making your apps work no matter what.  I'm sure there are plenty of developers who could have their apps working in a small-screened device within days of any announcement.  Once Apple announces the hardware specifics, they can...
Succinctly said.
I agree, but ... people are waiting anyway.  Basically the current market for smart watches is currently non-existent, so I find it unlikely that Apple will demo a non-quite-ready watch on the 9th.  If the rumor of not being ready to ship them until next year is correct, Apple is at least likely to demo a feature-complete, ready-to-be-mass-produced prototype.  Right?  There is no way Apple is going to just going to waive their hands around and announced "we've just about...
uh, what?  I think smartphones already exist and aren't wearable.  And what does one do when it's not sunny outside?  Wearing glasses sucks in general.  If people complain about "having" to wear a watch, wearing glasses is even less appealing.
 "iPlaybill.  What Garage Band did for music creation, iPlaybill will do for theatrical productions.  Now anyone can write, direct, and act in a play while at home or on the go.  Imagine the possibilities.  We think this will be our most revolutionary product ever.  And today we're announcing a partnership that we are so excited about.  We have arrangements with all the major community theaters in the United States--and we're expanding this list as fast as we can--so that...
 Looks more like 9:30 to me.  I'm calling BS on the whole sundial theory.
What's the over-under on how much AAPL would drop on 9/9/14 is the iWatch isn't unveiled? Just for fun (at the cost of billions of dollars of market cap temporarily) they should do a fake presentation announcing a new iPhone without a bigger screen ("in new colors!"), a modestly upgrade Apple TV ("now even thinner!"), new ear buds and iPad covers ("with a clicky keyboard!"), and ... one more thing ... a re-rollout of the iPod nano that can be used as a watch.  "Thanks so...
They couldn't just rent one of Google's mysterious barges?Or perhaps the new iPhone is too big to squeeze into the Flint Center.
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