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I don't think my "ilk" is what you think it is.  I happen to be a libertarian and don't believe the force of law should be used to require companies to communicate in strictly prescribed ways.  I also believe that people and companies should be honest and forthright and that it's good customer service to provide clear, useful information about products.  E.g., I would prefer that Apple clearly point out that X GB of their advertised capacity (where X is a number like 3) is...
It's like we're having a discussion about advertised fuel economy in MPG and someone is wigging about about miles per gallon versus kilometers per liter.  I don't get it.
Ok, I'm going to try to understand whatever point you are trying to make because, unlike in this thread, you usually come across as a reasonable discussant. Apple does state that 1GB  = 1 billion bytes.  Ok, who cares.Apple then states that "actual formatted capacity less."  To me this means, that a 16GB hard drive will have somewhat less than 16GB of storage space because of how drives are formatted.  Ok. What they don't say is "of that somewhat less than 16GB of storage,...
Likewise.  I suggest you read the complaint.  They are not making the case that Apple is misrepresenting anything by using GB versus GiB.  Their claim is that iOS 8 takes up a "unexpectedly" large portion of the advertised "16GB."  My point in showing Apple's language from their tech page was to highlight what they don't say.  In my opinion they should include the disclaimer that myself and others in this thread have been discussing.
That's not the issue in this lawsuit.  This isn't the hard drive lawsuits of the 1990s.  This is about the fact that a significant portion of the storage space is taken up by the OS and non-deletable Apple-installed apps. Look at the table at the top of this article. Device: iPhone 6+.  Represented Capacity (GB): 16.  Capacity Available to User (GiB): 11.8.  Capacity Available to User (GB): 12.7.  Capacity Unavailable to User (GB): 3.3. Looks like 3GB+ to me.
Thank you.  That's a much better analogy than my flawed gas tank capacity one (for a few reasons). Apple tends to be very good about under promising and over delivering (see how they talk about battery life).  This storage capacity issue is an exception.
 In case someone else needs help with math.  16GB - 12.6GB = 3.4GB and 16GB - 12.2GB = 3.8GB.  And 3.4 > 3.0.  Does someone need a timeout?
Whoa, chill out dude.  I don't know what you're referring to, but the image that Rogifan posted (and the table in the court filing) shows that more than 3GB is unavailable for end-user use.  Seriously, what are you talking about?
 Like it or not, there are consumer protection laws and truth in advertising rules.  That's how things work.
I've read the entire brief and they seem muddled about iOS 8 versus the devices.  I can't explain that.  
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