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Huh.  I wonder why the Gartner report doesn't reflect that.  My guess is that the bulk of Nokia's sales are outside the US and are still branded as Nokia, but that's just a guess. Edit: actually it looks like MS still supports the Nokia brand name.  See http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/mobile/phones/all/  Nokia is the label at the top of the page.  If MS wanted Gartner to have them listed as Microsoft in that report, they would be.
(Assuming/pretending that you're a well-off professional who owns a nice home.)  Since you're making lots of money do you pay your lawn care guys 50% more than they charge your neighbor, just because?  Do you decline to take the mortgage interest tax deduction (saving thousands in federal income taxes each year), just because?  And if, so that's your own money, so good for you.  But I don't see anywhere that Apple shareholders have asked Apple to pay more taxes than they...
There have been a lot of stupid things said in this thread, but this one takes the cake.  Apple is doing great, Cook is flying around the world attending to Apple business, and you're using this trivial local protest as an excuse to dismiss all that?
Those jailbreak percentages seems incredibly high to me.  Over half of all 3GSs??  Who are these jailbreakers?  Is the answer something like "Everyone in India and China because..."?  Because the percentage of iDevice owners who are risk-tolerant teens/college kids and hacker nerds can't be that high.  Most of the people I know with iPhones would have no idea what I was talking about if I said "jailbreak."  (And I'm not that old.)
Right.  I wasn't aware of this, but the same logic holds.  Better to be ready for events like that than to miss them.  Some of those sales are lost forever and others are deferred.
He seems to be saying that a VD launch is irrelevant.  Perhaps you're arguing with someone else? I think it's obvious that being available before a major gift-giving event would be better than not being available.  Just like debuting your blockbuster movie over Thanksgiving weekend would be better than debuting a week later.  A) All things being equal sooner is always better than later ("real artists ship").  B) If I'm going to be buying something for my wife for VD and I...
"Decoupled" isn't an all-or-nothing proposition.  When the iPod came out, you couldn't do anything with it until attaching it to a Mac (a little later: or a PC).  That was tightly coupled.  Now you can buy an iPhone or iPad and not even own a Mac or PC and have a very complete experience.  My wife has and iPhone and an iPad and she has never futzed around with iTunes.  When she gets a new device, I copy her stuff to the new one, and she's good to go.  If you asked her if...
You're just jealous that they selected me instead of you.  Oh wait. :) (see 2006 if you don't know what we're talking about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Person_of_the_Year)
Agreed.  Frankly it would have been a PR nightmare for Apple if Time had selected Cook (while mentioning all the other runners-up).
Any data to back this up?  The media are basically click-whores.  If there were any infected people within 1000 miles of the US they would be back to scare mongering. But suppose your media conspiracy is true.  What's the theory behind it?  Who did it help to get people anxious about disease before the election?  Was it a (very subtle) way to suppress the minority vote somehow?  Or was it a failed attempt to get people to support the Democrat's healthcare agenda?
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