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Mine came back to life after 5-10 minutes.  I was a bit worried when it didn't boot up after the mandated reboot, but apparently it just wanted a nap.
Agreed.  If you're a household name, why not take advantage of it?  I wouldn't, but that's only because I'm an introvert who doesn't relish conversations with strangers.
I was right there with you until the end.  I wear a watch 24x7 except when I'm in the shower or pool.  But there is NFW I'm going to wear two watches.
You have a point, but I think you're overstating it.  Yes it's nice to be able to replace a band when it fails, but 95%+ (maybe 99%) of watch buyers never replace the watch band except in that case.  Are there really people who lay down $500+ on a watch and throw away the band it was designed for?  Most people who like watches and want different styles simply buy mutiple watches.  Personally I would hope that these watches have a reasonably lifespan of 5+ years rather than...
I didn't carry a phone with me everywhere until the iPhone.  This thing will be as much as "watch" as the iPhone is a "phone."  In other words it'll be a connected app platform that seemlessly fits into your iOS/Mac OS X device ecosystem that makes everything better.   My question is, how do grab-bag patents like this one work?  From the article it sounds like there are tons of different characteristics mentioned, many of which are trivial on their own.  So does the...
I'd like to go back in time and "discourage" whoever coined the term "phablet" from doing so.  It's such a bad term to refer to "large smartphone."  If anything it should refer to tablets with street cred (phat tablets) or perhaps ironically fashionable tablets (fabulous tablets).  Or how about we just stop using the term all together?  Thanks in advance.
If that's true, this could be a great way to funnel money from Amazon to authors and publishers.  Pay $10 and then download 600,000 books.  Hmm.
Elon "I put all our patents in the public domain" Musk might not be culturally compatible with Apple.
"According to Apple, Wagner will juggle responsibilities at the Cupertino company while continuing..."   Somehow I doubt that's how Apple characterized this.
Huh? Why would I need to go to a store to add money to my iTunes account? Is this just for people without credit cards?
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