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Clearly what Apple needs now is a stand-up double followed by a sacrifice fly and a bunt to score the runner for a 3-2 win in the bottom of the 11th.  That'll show Wall Street that Cook knows how to play small ball.  It's all about the Ws.
Agreed.  The "law of large numbers" mention in the summary is complete BS.  On the other hand, the overall point is correct.  Not everything Apple does is going to be a world-changing success.  They are similar to Pixar perhaps: for years every one of their movies was simply incredible (no pun intended).  Nowaways most of their movies are still great, but some are just really good.
April fools!  LOL.  Good one, AI.
 We have to tread very lightly if changing anything about IP law.  I expect "the little guy" gets royally screwed if patents are devalued.  The bigger companies with the resources to exploit the patent can swoop in and bring a copy cat product to markets worldwide before the inventor gets any momentum.  Likewise non-practicing entities are a means for the little guy to monetize his invention without attempting to start a multinational corporation.  The problem with...
Ugh.  Next can you point me to the best implementation of ... um, something else that really sucks.  Sorry, I thought I could up up with a good metaphor when I started that sentence.  Apparently my complete and utter distain for the ribbon menu and its unique ability to misplace and hide commands in plain sight threw me off.  I'll try to do better next time.
Apple is absolutely, positively not looking to "create a great watch."  And with the iPhone they weren't trying to make a great phone.   They very well may create a compelling product that people wear on their wrists that a) happens to tell the time and b) happens to crowd out watches from that real estate.  Watch companies should be a bit nervous.
Then what does this say about Google selling a device in the same category for 1/3 the price?
 If you watch much Japanese anime you'd assume that all Japanese people are white.  It's kinda weird actually.
And no one believes Newtonian physics either, except the 99% of every day problems for which it is incredibly useful.  Same goes for Econ 101 (assuming that you're referring to Intro to Microeconomics and not Intro to Macro, which I'll agree is bunk).
Whatever Apple does in this area, if it's not controversial, they aren't trying hard enough. The original iTunes music store was controversial for quite a few years.
New Posts  All Forums: