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Moreover, "Get" has the advantage of parallelism with "Open" whereas "Free" did not (i.e., now they are both verbs).  This is an improvement.
They didn't patent "a pager" they patented a number of solutions that allowed them to make (at the time) a state of the art pager.  Like Steve said when Apple rolled out the iPhone, it was/is protected by hundreds of patents.  I'm sure plenty of them apply well beyond smart phones.  So to take your silly pencil/typewriter example, it's like if a pencil maker patented a new way to apply paint to wood and a typewriter company used the same trick in its new factory.  Yes, the...
I agree 100%, and I would also add that patents expire (perhaps not soon enough, but that's another debate), so after a while everyone is free to use the original invention.
Don't forget the last $75K!  I appreciate your explanation, but at the end of the day it's still a jury of random Joes off the street (who couldn't come up with a good excuse to blow it off) who had to digest that information and come up with a single answer.  I was on a criminal jury and getting everyone to agree on two guilty/not-guilty decisions was hard enough; I wonder if it's easier or harder when you have to come up with a number instead.  (I expect easier because...
I wonder how the jury came up with $23,575,000. Did they apply some formula the judge provided? Did each member just throw a number out and they took the average?
I realize that you're just reposting what someone tweeted, but that's a really poor way to compare two fonts.  And I would bet any amount of money against the notion that Apple copied Roboto.  It would be interesting to see samples of the same text side by side (vertically) rather than superimposed on top of one another.  But even with this example, you can see differences.
I assume the original poster was simply referring to the name choice. "San Francisco" is now being applied to a core font rather than a silly junk font from the original Mac. And, might I add, the new font is a nice improvement over the sans serif fonts can came before.
This morning I was thinking about my pet peeves with AI and at the top of the list was the obsession with using the word "bespoke."  I never see that word anywhere else, and it's slipped in at every opportunity here.  And right one cue: "Apple also revealed that the bespoke system font on the Apple Watch."   Also, the description of Dynamic Type in this article is off.  It refers to the Apple's system for accommodating device-wide font size preference.  If the user...
Good point.  It is easy to forget the days when that market assumed that Apple's fortunes would rise and fall with Steve's health.  Hopefully we're completely past that now.
 If reminding people that over the past decade there have been at least 4 instances when everyone was bullish on AAPL right before massive (30-50%) drops in AAPL share price makes me a "really bad investor" then guilty as charged.  Or, since I wasn't actually making a doom-and-gloom prediction or giving advice, I could just be someone providing some historical context.  And if you read what I said, the price could be anywhere from $60 to $180, so even that statement...
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