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Sure, but not in the next 13-and-a-half months.  That's just crazy talk.
$1T eventually, sure. But "next year"? You have to be outrageously bullish on AAPL to expect it to increase nearly 50% over the next 13.5 months. (Not that I'd complain.)
Personally, I would never go back to using a mouse after using the Magic Trackpad with my Macs for a few years. Except for gaming.
I hope Apple does offer that, but I'm doubtful.  They have a serious SKU aversion (Apple Phone exception notwithstanding).
But that's the evidence that He did intend that.  Without padding a wallet would be noticable.
Ah, I missed where you defined "dirt poor people who are looking to save pesos" as western world cheapskates.  And I was really just making fun of your colorful language in the light of being a "first world problem."
There are so many elements of this that make no sense to me.  What key costs $60 and would break if you sat on it?  Why put anything in your pockets "only when you're standing"?  What do you do with your keys if you, say, go to a movie? Obviously God intended us to carry wallets in our back pockets (or breast pocket when wearing a jacket) and keys in front pockets.  But yes we agree on where phones belong.  Maybe our critical, life-altering difference of opinion...
 I'm sure that's correct.  A "phablet" is at the base of the pyramid of need along side food, clothes, and shelter right?  That's why Sub-Saharan African (and the "global south" in general) is such a huge market for Apple products.
I think you missed the moral of "Goldilocks." 
I would argue that some people buy expensive watches as status symbols, but plenty more (maybe most) people buy them because they find them attractive/beautiful/elegant.  I was at a conference last week and noticed one guy's watch, and thought "wow, that's a cool looking watch, I wish I had that."  I expect it's a multi-thousand dollar watch, but that wasn't why I wanted it.  I guess I'm trying to say that plenty of people buy nice things because they are nice things and...
New Posts  All Forums: