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Synching using a cable? Who still does that? I wouldn't be that surprised if the only option for synching an iWatch is wirelessly.
Tell me about it.  My family has maybe 9 iPod touches, iPhones, and iPads and we're still waiting for one of the home buttons to fail.  We're getting impatient.
Hopefully this will get Apple out of the middle of this.  They are in a lose-lose situation at the moment.
I think this was a clever move by Samsung.  Weatherproof/waterproof is a nice feature.  While an iPhone 5s might "survive" this challenge (and would almost certainly survive after drying out*) there is no way Apple would show an iPhone 5s being dunked because it's not designed to do so.  So good for Samsung for highlighting one legitimate edge one of their phones have over the iPhone.   *my boss's iPhone 5s died after being included in a load a laundry.  After spending a...
Free advertising for you then.  I expect you'll see a spike in downloads as a result of this.  You should figure out how to capitalize on this (preferably non-deceptively :-)
I've mistakenly plugged the other (male?) end into my printer's Ethernet port more than once. Almost makes you wish than all sockets were on the front (and well illuminated).
My son will be disappointed that B&N didn't follow his (unsolicited) advice to call their post-Nook device the Cranny.
Text from Nadella to Ballmer last week: "ok, it's been 6 months you know what you agreed to do. k thx."
Agreed.  If nothing else Swift support is still in flux from week to week.  I would expect that at iOS 8 launch apps written in (or with components written in Swift) will be available for sale.  But every two weeks we have to update our Swift code based on changes to the language.  And there are core APIs that are still on the list to be modified in the coming weeks.  They are going to be cutting this very close.
They could just do away with printing altogether.  That would be even bolder than the no-floppy move 15 years ago.
New Posts  All Forums: