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I'd like to go back in time and "discourage" whoever coined the term "phablet" from doing so.  It's such a bad term to refer to "large smartphone."  If anything it should refer to tablets with street cred (phat tablets) or perhaps ironically fashionable tablets (fabulous tablets).  Or how about we just stop using the term all together?  Thanks in advance.
If that's true, this could be a great way to funnel money from Amazon to authors and publishers.  Pay $10 and then download 600,000 books.  Hmm.
Elon "I put all our patents in the public domain" Musk might not be culturally compatible with Apple.
"According to Apple, Wagner will juggle responsibilities at the Cupertino company while continuing..."   Somehow I doubt that's how Apple characterized this.
Huh? Why would I need to go to a store to add money to my iTunes account? Is this just for people without credit cards?
I think you're confusing Apple with Google.  Apple is the company who implemented biometrics with specific controls to keep everything encrypted on the device and completely at the option of, and under the control of, the user.
This will be an excellent way to guard against (or at least retroactively detect) mind control or possession. But the alerts should probably go to a loved one or the authorities instead of the compromised individual.
Probably not a coincidence that this was announced in the middle of Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference http://www.digitalwpc.com/Pages/Home.aspx   This will likely be the talk of that conference tomorrow.
Anyone know how many employees Apple has (to compare to MS's 130,000)?
What article did you read?  I see 4 paragraphs that lay out some facts about the size of MS's workforce and some reports that thousands of them are due to be let go--after pointing out that 30,000 were added recently as part of an acquision.  Where is the hyperbole and fact statements?
New Posts  All Forums: