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Remember when during Antennagate (ugh, I hate typing that) Apple showed us that impressive room they use for testing RF things?  If I remember correctly it was a huge white spherical room like something out of X-Men (where Professor X goes to scan for mutants.)  If there is an upside to this latest "scandal" maybe we'll get to see some impressive equipment that Apple uses to test the durability of their designs.  Personally, I have no doubt that Apple engineers know...
How "easy" is that exactly?  An Internet dude breaking something intentionally is not evidence of a flaw.  It's suggestive but certainly not conclusive.  But I do look forward to a bunch of follow up videos of people bending phones and laptops and other random things.
"A video posted to YouTube on Tuesday confirms Apple's iPhone 6 Plus can be bent using a moderate amount of force"   Shouldn't that be "significant effort" rather than "moderate amount."  Look at the strain on his fingers.   I'm pretty sure I could snap my 5s with my bare hands if I felt like it.  And my MacBook Pro as well.  La de da.
I wasn't a big fan of Fallon before he got the Tonight Show gig, but I have been very pleasantly surprised.  I think it's fair to say that he has completely revitalized that franchise and is in his way to becoming a Johnny Carson-like figure with cross-generational/cross-demographic appeal.  He's edgier than Jay but nicer/more empathetic than Dave (and I'm a life-long Letterman fan).  I expect that these ads will please more people than they turn off.  And the "oh wait is...
Yes, they should invest more in planning and training to deal with these predictable crushes of people.  This is basic "Black Friday" stuff (to an extreme degree).
If you change "planned" to "predicted" or "expected" I'd agree with you.  Could Apple have done more to ensure that almost everyone got their phone on "Day 1?"  Sure, they could have pushed Day 1 back to say December 1 so they would have 40 million phones on hand, and between now and then they could just be stacking up in a Warehouse and no one would have one.  How does that makes sense?
You're full of rational and insightful thoughts today.  I know that sounds sarcastic, but I'm completely serious.  I agree with both your posts on this topic.  A. Who cares who's buying the phones and if they are reselling them.  B. Protect the integrity of the line to prevent chaos and unfairness.
Agreed.  Some people were probably turned off by those ads because they are irrelevant to how they use a phone.  Is Apple saying I'm not worthy because I don't use my phone to create "art?"  Gotta mix it up.
Wasn't that months ago?
Nice ads.  JT and Jimmy F. are extremely popular/likable stars and people who care will quickly recognize their voices.  Those who don't will probably think the ads are pretty weird, but there are a lot of people in the first camp.  Well done, Apple.
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